RCS messaging: Google is still trying to convince Apple

Nowadays, communication via smartphone takes place instantly, through dedicated applications. Among these, the ones that have been most successful in recent years are Meta's Whatsapp and Apple's iMessage. Thanks to their wide diffusion and ease of use, they have conquered the market by stopping the competition: Google. But the Mountain View company has recently returned to the office by proposing once again the adoption of the RCS messaging protocol at the top of Cupertino .

Big G launched the campaign with a dedicated web page, Get the message , the title of which reads: “It'time for Apple to fix texting” . In other words, translated into Italian, “it's time for Apple to fix the messaging”.

RCS messaging: the reasons for the dispute

The discussion between the two tech giants has been going on for some time now. Last January, Google accused the rival by pointing out the discrimination of Android users through the green color of the text bubbles . Color that contrasted with the blue of iOS users and that according to the accusers, would be difficult to read.

But as emerges from the site created specifically for this, it is not only this that creates problems and leads to bad messaging experiences. Google focuses on the lack of all the most important features and innovations that we take for granted on instant messengers today .

RCS messaging

In fact , Apple, outside of its users, uses the old technology of SMS and MMS to communicate with those who use Android . In particular, Apple's servers, received messages from an iPhone, mark them as iMessage (in blue), while the others as SMS (in green). All this leads to the disadvantages mentioned above: no reading ticks, text over Wi Fi, message encryption , group chats or voice messages. Not to mention the poor quality of photos and videos due to MMS technology.

Google's proposal

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and many consider it an “SMS 2.0” protocol, ie an evolution of the old standards. In Mountain View they would like to adopt it because, in addition to guaranteeing those typical features of applications such as Whatsapp, Google messages fully supports it. In fact, more than 500 million Android users have chosen the RCS protocol through Google messages.

The GSM Association proposed the RCS in 2007, but Google took it to the news only recently, in 2018. Its intentions were the development of a competing application to Whatsapp (Google Allo), which was then abandoned in favor of new standard.

The site created by Mountain View invites you to participate in the social campaign by writing the hashtag #GetTheMessage . In this way he hopes to reach the consensus of the opponent after the last attempt entrusted to a song by the artist Drake.

The Senior Vice President of Google also expressed his opinion on the matter, who used twitter to clarify the position of his company.

We don't ask Apple to bring iMessage to Android. We ask Apple to introduce support for the RCS industry standard on iMessage, as it already does with the old SMS and MMS standards.

Hiroshi Lockheimer

RCS messaging, conclusions

This communications war waged by Google does not seem to come to a halt. Apple has every reason to keep its share of users on iMessage and not please the competition. In fact, he has not yet uttered a word on the matter.

Almost all people in America still use pre-installed applications on their device to communicate with other users. Asia and Europe have overcome the problem with the adoption of special messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram. And it is indeed strange for those outside the stars and stripes country to see such a dispute. A dispute that all in all is based on technologies that are not really new and that have valid substitutes.

But one thing is certain: Knowing Apple, it is more likely that it will eventually give in due to the intervention of the Antitrust Authority than for a social campaign. Even and only for a simple request such as the adoption of a universal standard, instead of moving a proprietary application to another platform.

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