Razer Popular RGB mask review: wear it, I am the brightest boy

At the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in January this year, Razer exhibited the concept version of the Razer Zephyr RGB mask, which won this year's "Best of CES" award in one fell swoop.

The concept mask that combines coolness and practicality has been on display, and it has won the praise of Razer fans, and they all look forward to Razer's ability to make this product from the future a reality as soon as possible, and I am no exception.

After 10 months, I finally got the production version of Razer Zephyr-Razer Fengxing RGB Air Purification Mask (hereinafter referred to as Fengxing Mask).

I can’t wait to unpack, light up the RGB, put on a face mask, and take a deep breath. When all my fantasies have become reality, even the air has become less real.

In the following time, I spent my most "bright" week of the year.

Regrettable imperfection

Conceptual products are called "concepts" because they can ignore some imperfections for the sake of design.

When these conceptual products are put into mass production, these neglected "imperfections" often become difficult problems that must be faced during production, and designers must make a choice.

Comparing the popular mask with the almost perfect concept version, this trade-off is particularly obvious: considering the volume and weight of the mask, the speaker function is abandoned; for the internal space of the fuselage, the volume of the fan and the mask must be large. Last lap…

The most disconcerting thing is that the UV sterilization box in the concept has been replaced with an ordinary drawstring cloth bag. Fortunately, the rope is still the iconic green color. In addition to the cloth bag, the attached accessories include a bottle of anti-fog spray, an A to C charging cable for charging, and three sets of replaceable filters.

The most important RGB lighting, active ventilation system and N95-level air filtration of the concept version are all retained on the windshield mask. From these trade-offs, it is not difficult to see what is the real soul of the "light factory".

Since it is an air filter mask, the filtration system should be the key to the popular mask. The filtering work of the fengxing mask is completed by three pieces of N95 filter. The cover of the filter adopts a magnetic design, which is easy to disassemble.

Fengxing mask has passed the mask standards of the United States and the United Kingdom, and the bacterial filtration rate has reached 99% after testing.

Razer recommends that the filter be replaced every 3 days. The matching three sets of filters can provide a total of 9 days of effective protection. If the filters are used up, they need to be purchased separately.

There is a small fan on the left and right ventilation chambers of the windshield mask for active ventilation, and a small slot for placing the filter.

The bottom filter is more troublesome to install, because it has a certain curvature and the area of ​​the filter is the same as the opening. It takes a little patience to put the filter tightly and close the lid.

The inside of the mask is a soft silicone sealing ring, which forms a seal around the mouth and nose. As long as the strap is fastened tightly, the sealing effect is still very good. As for its comfort level, I will make more changes in the experience part below. detailed introduction.

The bottom of the mask is the Type-C interface for charging. Yes, the Fengxing mask is for charging. When RGB and low wind power are turned on, it can be used for about 7 hours with a full charge.

The good news is that the Fengxing mask can be used as a normal N95 mask when it is out of power (but it is not so ventilated), so I hardly feel the battery life anxiety caused by electrification when using it.

The Fengxing mask uses a transparent panel design. Razer said the purpose of this is to allow people to see your expression and lips clearly when communicating, and not to miss your every smile.

It sounds very romantic, but the actual experience is another matter. Since the sealing rubber ring is close to my face, the muscles of the smiling face will become unnatural because of being stretched, whether it is talking or speaking.

Razer also thoughtfully added an RBG light inside to illuminate the small mouth that was almost stretched. Under Razer’s iconic green light, my mouth became even more weird (colleagues said I was in disguise. Geek).

Fortunately, you can control the light to turn on and set the color of the light on the mobile app, but believe me, if it is not a rare lipstick for a hundred years, it is better to turn off the light.

For the sake of comfort, Razer changed the ear-hook design of Project Hazel to two upper and lower adjustable headbands, which can be adapted to users of different head sizes by pulling the elastic cord.

Although the headband design is not so easy to wear, it is indeed much more comfortable to tie such a large piece to the head than to strangle the ears.

The switch of the fengxing mask is hidden under the ventilation fan on the right. Long press can be paired with the mobile phone by Bluetooth. Click to adjust the fan speed. There are three levels of "high", "low" and "off".

The wind power of the two fans is quite strong. Generally, when used indoors, setting the speed to "low" is cool enough and ventilated, and it is also relatively quiet.

"High" speed is more suitable for outdoor walking. On the one hand, it is because you can breathe more air during exercise. On the other hand, it is also because the noise of the fan is too loud at the "high" speed. Opened the 3A masterpiece in front of him at the same time, and immediately "take off".

In the mobile app, you can control all the functions of the mask, including the fan and the two sets of internal and external lights. The two groups of lights also have a variety of effects to choose from. If you don't like the default RGB conversion, you can choose to change a softer spectral color effect or customize a pure color.

After setting the color you like, you can take it out happily (with courage).

Breathing is not a problem, communication is

The first time I wore the Fengxing mask, I was a bit uncomfortable. It was a bit like the tight suffocation feeling when I wore the N95 mask for the first time. However, after the fan operated for a while, the "suffocation" slowly faded.

Compared with ordinary masks, the strict Fengxing mask is still slightly inferior in breath permeability, but compared with the N95 mask, the Fengxing mask is like a "transparent mode", not only the inside is much cooler , Breathing should be easier.

If you feel that your breathing is not refreshing enough, you can solve it by increasing the fan speed, but another problem that Fengxing Mask can't solve is communication.

As mentioned earlier, Fengxing Mask has cut off the speaker design of the concept version, and the seal of the rubber ring is very good, which greatly hinders the spread of sound.

Even if I deliberately increased the volume of my speech, the voice always sounded like it was coming from a can, and I was the little can (or Bain in Batman).

After putting on the Fengxing mask, my friends will avoid talking to me because they don't want to ask me again after listening to a period of "whooping". "What did you just say?"

I very much hope that Razer can add the deleted built-in speaker function. After all, the cool RGB appearance is matched with the cool electronic sound, so that the sense of cyberspace is more sufficient.

No rival product

To be honest, it takes courage to take the Fengxing mask out.

When I first put on the Fengxing mask, I felt ashamed to even go to the next office to fetch water.

Although RGB is every boy’s dream, typing on an RGB keyboard at home, watching the RGB memory in the case glow, and walking on the street with a dazzling RGB mask are obviously two different things.

But after I plucked up the courage to wear it and took the first step, my mentality quickly changed: I thought that the attention of passers-by would be focused on me with "light in the mouth", but in fact it really Few people stared at me.

After the baptism of various small crowds wearing circles, passers-by are not surprised at this kind of personalized decoration. Most people just glanced at me, and then continued to walk their own way.

The black mask gave me more courage. In the spirit of "No one knows who I am", I took the Fengxing mask to the supermarket to buy things and eat in the restaurant more freely. Only the gaze of some children passing by reminded me. I am now wearing a luminous mask.

Will such a big popular mask affect face recognition? I tried to use it for face payment, and the magical thing was that I was able to pay successfully under the "unrecognizable" situation.

After the experience, Fengxing Mask still has some imperfections in my opinion.

It is too big, and wearing it will basically block my view of one third of my eyes. When typing on the screen, I will not be able to see the keyboard, and the lights covered in the dark night will interfere with my vision.

Its weight is not light, and there is always a feeling of falling with it. After pulling the rope tightly, there will be a red mark on the face because it is too tight, and it will inevitably be embarrassing after being taken off.

However, none of these will be my reasons for rejecting it. Fengxing mask is unique. It is not the first actively ventilated mask, nor is it the most comfortable mask, but it is undoubtedly one of the "most individual masks". There is no rival in the battle for fame.

▲ PS: The model is himself

When a mask becomes a part of our lives, it will naturally derive a "decorative" meaning like clothes, and it will also become a carrier of human emotions.

The popular mask satisfies the needs of niche groups for RGB personalization. It is not a common function-oriented product. Therefore, it is not applicable to measure it by simple "value is not worth buying", and any criticism of "not practical" is also lost.了 meaning.

For this niche product that corresponds to the needs of the niche, the people who choose it know what they want better than anyone — if you also want an RGB mask, then this is the only choice currently available.

After a week of experience, I lost the initial shyness and started to accept the gorgeous life under RGB lighting. However, when I saw the 10 sets of filter package for US$29.9, I decided to take it off and breathe the hard-to-reach air. .

Stop talking nonsense.

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