Ransomware: A woman dies in an attack on a hospital

We often hear that cybersecurity is never too much, and unfortunately it is still underestimated around the world today despite the continuous increase in attacks. In recent years, ransomware attacks on very wealthy public structures or private companies are on the trend, which allow the hackers involved in the attack to obtain a large return of money. In this case, we're talking about a ransomware that (accidentally) hit a hospital , causing (possibly) the death of a woman.

Exactly, the attack in question was not aimed directly at the hospital in question, we are talking about a university hospital in Düsseldorf , but at the adjacent university. Due to some error, however, 30 servers of the hospital in question were hit, consequently encrypting the data contained within them.

hospital ransomware

The consequences of the ransomware attack on the Düsseldorf hospital

Immediately, the Düsseldorf police got in touch with the bad guys, explaining to them that they had hit the wrong target by attacking the hospital and not the university , putting the health of all patients at risk. The hackers, realizing that they targeted the wrong target, withdrew and sent a decryption key in order to disable the guilty ransomware and restore the correct functioning of all servers without any significant loss of data.

It is for reasons like this that for years cybersecurity experts have been trying in every way to make themselves heard, pointing out that most hospitals are absolutely not prepared against different types of cyber attacks , especially because they are very vulnerable to them. Just think of the fact that they heavily use devices often connected to the internet, and without them they would not be able to be effective in treating their patients.

Following the attack, the hospital went completely haywire , forcing doctors to transport the woman, who was being rushed to hospital at the time, to another hospital 32 km away. If, after the necessary investigative analyzes, it would appear that the woman died due to this transfer and therefore due to the delay in starting treatment, we will be faced with the first death caused by a cyber attack .

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