Randonautica: the app that depopulated on TikTok with disturbing implications

Randonautica app tiktok

It is popular among young people and is making a lot of talk about itself. We are talking about the Randonautica app, which depopulates on TikTok and promises to make users live an adventure never experienced before. All you need is to set a goal and follow the direction indicated by the app .

If in most cases you arrive in normal places such as gardens, small ponds or parking lots, it is the exceptions and strange discoveries related to the wanderings of users that catalyze worldwide attention on the new application.

Randonautica: the app is very popular on TikTok

Searching TikTok for the hashtag “#randonautica” you will find thousands of videos in which users share their adventure outside the home. In several cases, however, the discoveries made during the walks were quite disturbing. But what does this app consist of?

You start by sending your position to the app , the starting point from which the next steps will be calculated. The position , as described in the terms of use, is deleted after 24 hours . The user then has to decide the type of destination he wants to reach: an attractor, a void or an anomaly . These are the 3 fundamental concepts of the application: the first indicates a dense group of random points; the second indicates the opposite; the third indicates an undefined point, described as “the most powerful of attractors and voids”.

Randonautica, the app that depopulated on TikTok. Ready for adventure? Credits: randonautica.com
Randonautica, the app that depopulated on TikTok. Ready for adventure? Credits: randonautica.com

At this point the source of entropy is chosen , which can be the camera , a storm or the Australian National University . The user must then concentrate on their desires and intentions , "influencing" the calculations: the app , after a few seconds, will send coordinates indicating the point identified based on previous choices and the user's will . The points identified are always within a radius in which the user is, to allow them to be reached on foot (or by vehicle).

From the point reached, you can continue to other destinations, always specifying the type of goal you want to reach and the source of entropy. In this way you become the protagonist of an adventure in your own city, breaking the routine and having fun with the illusion of a journey to discover the unknown.

Randonautica really follows our wishes?

The answer is obviously no . As specified in the conditions of use of the app: “ Randonautica uses truly random coordinates . It is the user's responsibility and totally at his own risk to decide to physically travel to the point indicated in the real world ”.

While it is funny and suggestive to think that the coordinates are influenced by our desires and that the point where we will arrive will show us what we want, it is completely false. It is up to the user to interpret the app as what it was designed for, that is, a simple exploration game in compliance with the rules and safety, both personal and others.

The idea behind the app itself is interesting and fascinating, but as always, you have to use your head. On TikTok there are videos from the Randonautica app in which users break into private properties, steal objects or reach dangerous places . There have also been cases in which disturbing things have been discovered: famous is the video of some boys who have found a suitcase with a corpse inside .

It is obvious that the discovery was not driven by a murderous desire, but the result of a nasty fate. A user on reddit said instead of having found a path in the woods that started from the point where he had arrived, and following it he had found himself near a dog grave. Not far away he found a letter which he later discovered was that of a suicidal boy a short time before.

All this is the result of unfortunate coincidences that could have happened to anyone . The generation of such random points inevitably leads to places you wouldn't normally go to, and where you are more likely to find situations that are out of the ordinary.

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