Radar RD6 Test Drive: Confirmed! It’s not a pickup, it’s an SUV that understands “fitting”

I did one stupid thing about driving a long, wide car.

On the 10th day of Xiti Xiaopeng P7, I galloped in the garage and turned confidently, boom! The right rear door hugs the concrete pillar tightly. It is also from this day that I am in awe of the long and wide car.

After two and a half years of practice, I gradually became familiar with it. But when I heard that I was going to test drive the Radar RD 6, there was still one word: imaginary.

For one thing, it will be the first pickup truck I drive. Secondly, the word pickup means larger tonnage and longer body, which also means a larger turning radius and more difficult parking spaces.

I didn't realize it until I got into the driver's seat of the radar, it's surprisingly easy to drive! Even on the first day of experiencing it, I drove it to a campsite 80 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou.

Opened a pickup truck, but didn't seem to

Radar RD 6 is the first model of MAP, the first pure electric pickup truck platform in China, with a CLTC cruising range of up to 632km. The car we drove was the Startup Edition, and the official claimed battery life was 410km.

From the parking lot, we took the highway and the country lanes.

Along the way, whether it is driving or riding experience, this pickup truck does not behave like a pickup truck at all. We all agree: "This is an SUV with a pickup truck coat."

The length, width and height of Radar RD 6 are 5260/1900/1830mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3120mm. It's not a full-size pickup on paper, but it's a big car.

But when driving on a very narrow country road or a pristine wild road, my most intuitive driving feeling is that it is not as bulky as imagined.

During our driving, we walked through a wild road that can only be passed by bicycles. There is a Xiaopeng G9 leading the way ahead, followed by an ideal L7. At the turning and climbing section of this road, the radar RD6 is not restricted by the word pickup.

It has a turning radius as small as 6.1 meters, and with the not-so-long-tailed cargo box, I can make precise and light steering like driving an SUV.

Here I want to mention its steering wheel experience. I am a girl, and my arms are a little strong when I play outdoors every day, but I still hate the heavy steering wheel. Radar RD 6 gives me a very relaxed driving experience, and it doesn't take too much effort to pass U-shaped curves and make U-turns.

When the car is driven on the road, the power of the Rado RD 6 is also worthy of praise. This electric pickup is equipped with a three-in-one electric drive system with a maximum power of 200kW/384N m. The official 100km data is 6.9 seconds.

My most obvious feeling is that the reaction speed of changing lanes and overtaking on the high speed is very fast, and after driving on the high speed for a long time, I will even forget for a short time: I am now a pickup truck driver.

The only problem is that the power of the Radar RD 6 does not keep pace when it starts, and there is a relatively large power lag.

Pickup trucks usually have strong tool attributes. In order to better adapt to heavy-duty, off-road and other extreme environments, they generally adopt simple structure, high reliability, and strong rear axle and multi-blade suspension. system.

However, this radar RD 6 uses the front McPherson rear multi-link that is common in SUV models, which shows that this pickup truck is not born to do heavy work.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Compared with traditional pickups, this suspension improves the comfort of the occupants and is more calm when facing potholes.

At the same time, the interior of the car is also covered with a large area of ​​soft material, which further improves the ride comfort. Visually, Radar RD 6 also subverts the traditional impression that the interior of a pickup truck is just a little bit more elegant.

The center console adopts a symmetrical layout, retaining some physical buttons, which can more flexibly and quickly complete the mode switching in different environments during operation. However, limited by product positioning, these knobs and buttons do not look delicate to the touch.

It is also the positioning that is different from traditional pickup trucks from the inside to the outside. Radar RD 6 reveals a sense of youth from its appearance.

The large-area air intake grille is canceled on the front face, and the headlights and fog lights are surrounded by black decorations, without the tackiness of a tool cart, and more hard-core off-road temperament.

Since it is not a tool cart for pulling goods, and it does not purely expand the seating space like an SUV, then what kind of car does it want to be, in other words, who is it suitable for driving?

Free external discharge to make it more fun

In terms of model selection, Rado RD 6 is named after the Venture Edition, Maker Edition, Yuexiang Edition, and Yueye Edition, and it is equipped with different paints, frames, and tires. No matter which configuration, it is aimed at people who like outdoor life.

So to find out whether it is good for outdoor use? Can it be used? It became our first goal of this camping trip.

When camping outdoors, it is very important to have external discharge equipment.

Because it means that this camping can have continuously frozen beer drinks, uninterrupted supply of hot water to make tea, and even a full meal, your speakers, projections, monitors, these devices can also be set up outdoors for entertainment.

The maximum discharge power of this radar RD 6 has reached 6kW, which has become the most solid logistical support for this camping operation.

In fact, before getting this car, several of our colleagues who participated in the camping discussed the question of "who is this car sold to?".

After a trip to camping, the question of who to sell to is still unresolved, because outdoor players are a big and vague concept, but our unified view is that the high-degree-of-freedom discharge function of the radar RD6 greatly expands its usable scenarios.

The discharge position of the radar RD 6 is on the right side of the rear bucket, close to the tailgate. It is equipped with four sockets (two for 220V/10A and two for 220V/16A), and two 12V weak current interfaces. Plug it in and use it normally.

Driving discharge can also be set in the car, that is to say, the car can also maintain the power supply of refrigerators, ovens and other equipment while driving, which is very useful for people doing outdoor markets. Although driving discharge is a test of battery life, in order to ensure the remaining power for the return trip, the central control panel supports setting the discharge power. Once the power used by the device reaches the set limit, the car will automatically stop discharging.

Fellow ideal L7 owners especially appreciate this feature. Because there is only one interface for external discharge of L7, and a conversion device is required to use it. If you want to use electricity outdoors, you must first insert the power transfer device, and then connect the power strip to use it.

In contrast, the Radar RD 6 has enough interfaces, and the power supply can be used directly without the trouble of reconnecting the interface.

Another aspect of expanding its usage scenarios comes from its loading capacity. The cargo box volume of Radar RD 6 is 1200L, and there is also a 70L hidden front trunk. Just like the owner of the outdoor market I just mentioned, it is enough to load the items needed for setting up a stall.

As for us, as a shooting team, we often need to move products to the set for shooting. Taking advantage of this test drive, this car also served a set transfer.

As big as a dishwasher, as small as a shooting lamp, a car is enough to load. Compared with a pickup truck starting at 300, colleagues expressed that they prefer the service of Radar RD 6. Of course, it does not mean that the handling fee is saved, but it can not only load equipment, but also can sit comfortably.

Next stop, or electric pickup?

In March this year, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, said that passenger pickup trucks have shown huge market potential with their excellent comprehensive performance, and the first pure electric pickup truck brand under Geely Holding is RADAR radar.

However, although Radar RD 6 has a certain first-mover advantage in this segment, it is still in an embarrassing situation in the market.

The first is that pickup trucks are prohibited from entering the city. Early pickups used diesel engines and were classified as light trucks. Because of the loud noise and substandard exhaust emissions, travel restrictions were imposed in some cities. Although pure electric pickups have achieved zero emissions, the relevant laws and regulations have not been perfected, and they are still treated equally with traditional fuel pickups.

Secondly, the radar is not suitable for commercial cargo. Counting the battery, the curb weight has reached 2 tons. It cannot load too heavy cargo without overloading, and the rated load is only 430kg.

For those who take this as a profession and have a strong demand for cargo, this is undoubtedly a fatal injury.

pic 17

The good news is that cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou have begun to gradually release restrictions on the right of way for pickup trucks. In the future, the market demand for pickup trucks will be further released.

The zero-emission characteristics of pure electric pickups are of course a big plus for "pickups entering the city". In fact, more and more potential customers are looking forward to car companies launching similar models.

When a user asked BMW whether it would build an electric pickup, BMW Design Director Domagoj Dukec responded: "If you want to launch a pickup, then this car must be a practical car."

When BMW was still waiting and watching, the radar was ahead of BMW. It means that if you calculate 145,800 yuan, you can own a car that can be equipped with wild energy, which is not that expensive.

In addition to pure electric pickups, Rado will launch five models in the future. In addition to larger medium-sized/full-size pure electric pickups, the power form and models will not be limited to pure electric and pickup trucks. There will also be new energy off-road vehicles, pure Electric Terrain Vehicle.

This means that our vehicle selection in outdoor scenes will become more and more interesting.

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