Rabbit R1: the mobile device that uses apps instead of users thanks to AI

A device has been launched that promises to be innovative: the Rabbit R1. This mobile device, presented by the startup Rabbit, marks a significant turning point in the use of smartphones. Using advanced artificial intelligence, R1 is able to perform actions for the user, interfacing with apps autonomously. The combination of technologies like OpenAI's ChatGPT and a Large Action Model (LAM) allows R1 to understand and replicate human actions, delivering an unprecedented user experience.

Rabbit R1: Simplifying mobile use

Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu explained how R1 and its operating system, Rabbit OS, are designed to make smartphone use easier. This philosophy results in a device that eliminates the need to learn how different apps work. For example, instead of navigating an app to buy a train ticket, users can simply ask R1 to perform the action for them.

Innovative technology: union of LLM and LAM

R1 uses two key technologies: a Large Language Model (LLM) to understand and generate human language, and a Large Action Model (LAM) to perform actions in the physical and virtual world. This combination makes R1 extremely efficient at understanding user intentions and acting accordingly, surpassing traditional voice assistants in speed and versatility.

Features and accessibility of Rabbit R1

The device features impressive technical specifications, such as a 2.88” color touchscreen, MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. It also includes a microphone, a speaker, and a unique camera, Rabbit Eye, which can rotate 360°. With a Wi-Fi connection and 4G SIM support, the R1 is offered for pre-order at an affordable price of $199, also available in Italy.

Practical use and versatility of Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1

Despite its revolutionary nature, R1 does not completely replace a smartphone. It has been designed to offer a more relaxed and intuitive user experience, reducing reliance on traditional apps. During the presentation, Lyu demonstrated how R1 can answer general knowledge questions, organize trips, suggest recipes based on the contents of the fridge, and even make video calls .

Rabbit R1 stands as a pioneer in a still unexplored sector, combining hardware and software to create a completely new user experience. Although it compares favorably with products like Humane's Ai Pin voice assistant, R1 stands out with its innovative approach and competitive price, marking an important step forward in the evolution of mobile technology.

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