Quickload: the European hub for gaming startups in Turin

Quickload is born in Turin , a 4.0 acceleration program for European gaming startups . Funding and supporting the project are OGR Torino , 34BigThings and Microsoft with ID @ XBOX, the program for independent developers . The will is to promote young talents in the videogame sector by creating a support program at European level. The gaming market has undergone strong growth in recent years, and with Covid-19 it has pressed on the accelerator to bring many innovations to gamers' homes.

The gaming sector has not always enjoyed the necessary attention, even being "snubbed" to focus on markets considered more important. In the year of the gaming revolution , when Netflix also threw itself into video game development , young developers will finally be able to get the support they deserve .

Quickload: the acceleration program for gaming startups

Quickload is open to startups and enthusiasts from all over Europe: anyone with an idea to develop can apply for admission to the program. Those admitted will be followed by a mentor for the 6-month duration of the initiative and will have access to all the resources necessary to realize their ideas. The candidates will be selected by an international commission made up of experts selected by official supporters.

One of Quickload's goals is to help new talents develop their business idea in the gaming field, be it a video game, a demo or the pillar of a new entrepreneurial culture. It will be essential in the selection process not only to demonstrate that you have a valid idea with good potential, but also the professional and personal characteristics suitable for facing a challenging growth path, but full of great satisfactions.

Valerio Di Donato, CEO of 34BigThings

OGR Torino kicked off Quickload to support gaming startups.
OGR Torino kicked off Quickload to support gaming startups.

Applications are already open and there is time until September 20 to register. Participants will be announced in November in a dedicated event, while the program will start on December 6 and run until May 27, 2022 . The startups considered the best will then be able to continue for another 6 months, with the possibility of being chosen by Microsoft for Startups to access additional resources.

The gaming market is constantly growing

OGR Torino has decided to focus everything on the gaming market with Quickload, favoring startups in the sector and anyone with a valid idea to develop. The videogame sector is constantly expanding : its value has risen in recent years, and an ever greater growth is expected over the next few years. A report published by Mordor Intelligence shows how the gaming market was valued at $ 173.70 billion in 2020 alone , and is expected to increase in value to $ 314.40 billion by 2026. The Covid-19 pandemic has strongly affected on the growth of the sector: in addition to the "veterans", who have also increased the duration of the game sessions, the world of video games has welcomed many new recruits, forced home by lockdowns on a global scale.

The mobile gaming sector, in particular, has experienced a real boom, being more accessible and usable by most people. The convenience of being able to play directly from the smartphone, without having to buy additional devices or expensive consoles has guaranteed this portion of the market a huge success (64.4 billion dollars in earnings in 2019 alone). In the wake of the consensus gathered by gaming on smartphones, many large videogame houses have transposed their most famous titles into a mobile version .

The mobile gaming industry has experienced a huge boom over the past couple of years.
The mobile gaming industry has experienced a huge boom over the past couple of years.

As we know, the natural evolution of the videogame market is oriented towards cloud gaming . The new game mode has now left behind the "experimental phase" to become reality, and will soon replace the classic gaming experience. Among the currently most popular services are Google Stadia , Sony's PlayStation Now, Amazon's Luna and Nvidia's GeForce Now.

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