Quantum Computing: knowing its secrets by following the SIDI course

In recent years, we have heard more and more about Quantum Computing, and how it could open new horizons for computing. Quantum computers have begun to attract more and more interest to them , although this branch of computing is not yet considered central. A topic that is still little dealt with, therefore, so much so that at the beginning of the month the thesis of Leonardo Baciottini, the first to have dealt with the issue in his final report, made headlines.

The fields of application are very numerous, so much so that the world of quantum computers could replace that of classical computers and offer better results. Why then is there so little interest in the matter? In reality, the world of quantum computers is very fascinating to computer scientists, but unfortunately it is still little covered in university courses. Anyone wishing to deepen the subject should deal with it independently, however finding it difficult to identify the correct sources. Fortunately for fans, it is Swiss Institute for Disruptive Information (SIDI) offers a very valuable course on Quantum Computing , which allows you to discover the technology and opportunities behind the new frontier of computing.

What is SIDI?

SIDI, founded in 2015 by researchers and innovators, has innovation as its goal, studying its potential and risks to grow and develop companies, institutions and public administrations. From this fixed point comes the idea of ​​creating a real school, defining on-demand courses on the most innovative topics of the modern world.

quantum computing sidi
Source: Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Thus was born the School of Disruption , whose motto is " Everything you need to know in the shortest time possible ": a clear expression of the school's will to go straight to the point and provide all the necessary knowledge on a given topic. At the center is always her: technology, with all its pros and cons, but the only one capable of creating a significant rift between present and future.

There is no such thing as "good technology" or "bad technology"; opportunities and risks are two sides of the same coin. It is up to us to transform its enormous potential into something positive.

SIDI – Swi ss Institute for Disruptive Information

The courses of the School of Disruption boast the presence of experienced international researchers with years of practice and experience in the field. The lessons, targeted, clear and concise, allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in a short time, all on-demand .

The importance of Quantum Computing

The SIDI course on Quantum Computing aims to provide the foundations of this emerging technology, with an emphasis on the applications of quantum computers and their potential. The use of quantum computers is able to revolutionize every aspect of our life , starting from the security of personal data , passing through the development of innovative medicines and materials, and also arriving at predictions on climate change or on discoveries in the space field.

Quantum Computing SIDI
Source: Swiss Institute for Disruptive Information

Quantum computers go far beyond the capabilities of classical supercomputers , limited by the duality of states (0-1). Quantum computing, on the other hand, considers the qubit as a unit of information. It extends its states to a linear combination of the binary system: 0, 1 or a superposition of them. In this way, parallel computing is enabled, allowing an exponential growth in processing speed. Resource optimization and prediction of the evolution of events such as the Covid-19 pandemic are just some of the complex problems that classical computing cannot adequately cope with.

The quantum computing course

The SIDI course deals with the importance of quantum computers and how they can redefine our future. In addition to a more theoretical introduction, necessary to fully understand the potential of the quantum world, there will be lessons in quantum programming to get to the heart of the topic . The course, consisting of 31 lessons, is suitable for both students and professionals and researchers, and anyone who wants to understand the advantages of quantum computing.

The teachers of the course are Fabrizio Renzi, director of IBM for 30 years, and Francesco Sinisi, nuclear physicist and active in the field of quantum computing since 2013. The physicist, author of several scientific publications on the quantum world, is the mind behind the computational model used to process the data collected from the experiments conducted by Samantha Cristoforetti. The researcher is the principal teacher of the course.

The two teachers of the SIDI course on Quantum Computing. Credits: School of Disruption
The two teachers of the SIDI course on Quantum Computing. Credits: School of Disruption

If you are curious to discover the topics covered, here is the program of the course:

  • Introduction and history
  • Classical world and quantum world
  • Fundamentals of quantum computing
  • Quantum gates
  • Types of quantum computers
  • Start planning
  • The future of quantum computing
  • Tips for getting started

The lessons will be available during the month of October and at a very advantageous price for our readers.

The other courses

The School of Disruption courses are completely on-demand and with unlimited access . At the end, each of them issues a certificate recognized by SIDI. The lessons are downloadable, and the school offers a private LinkedIn group to promote discussion among students and provide support.

In addition to the one on Quantum Computing, SIDI offers other on-demand courses on various fields ranging from Space Architecture, 3D printing for building and parametric architecture.

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