Purple iPhone 12 Picture Tour: Luxurious and simple, elegant and warm

Who would have thought that at Apple's spring conference on April 21, the purple iPhone 12 series did the best job of confidentiality.

All of its newly released hardware products have appeared in our previous forecast articles. Only this purple iPhone 12 makes people feel like an easter egg.

The newly added purple color scheme is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. There is no update plan for the iPhone 12 Pro series.

The new purple version has the same price as other colors. Pre-orders will be accepted on the evening of April 23 and will be available for sale on April 30.

It may only be half a year before the next-generation iPhone is released. The launch of the new iPhone 12 color scheme at this slightly awkward point in time also shows Cook's importance and confidence in the product line.

This confidence is confident. According to data from Gartner, a third-party research organization, Apple shipped close to 80 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2020, becoming the world's number one again after a lapse of four years.

This achievement is inseparable from the arrival of iPhone 12. According to statistics, the launch of the iPhone 12 series made Apple's sales soar by about 14.9%. This also complied with our prediction in the summary article of the iPhone 12 conference: "This will obviously be the best seller."

The back cover of the purple iPhone 12 is still made of shiny glass, the camera area is frosted with AG, and the right-angle frame is also made of aviation-grade aluminum of the same color.

The hardware part is also consistent with other color schemes, so I won't repeat them in this article and focus on the appearance.

▲ Appearance: Li Xinyuan, the champion of the 68th Miss Universe Guangdong Province

Compared with the tender lavender of the previous iPhone 11, the purple saturation of the iPhone 12 series is slightly higher, and it is more lively and youthful.

The male and female colleagues around me, whether born in the 80s or 90s, all unanimously expressed their liking for this color. Purple is not only elegant, high-end, but also very attractive.

After the new color scheme was unveiled, netizens gave this purple a variety of names. For example, "Yahoo Purple", "Black Panther Purple", "Sony Purple" and so on. But compared to these kinds of purples, the purple on the iPhone 12 is a bit more rustic and less ostentatious.

Do you think this kind of purple looks good? Give it a name in the comment area.

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