Programmers also have reality shows? It turned out to be very popular at station B

Hello, World!

This is a computer program that many beginners will write when they first come into contact with a programming language. It will also be used to detect whether the development environment is properly installed and whether the relevant operators understand the relevant environment. This is also a well-understood part of the code, but if it hadn't been told by my computer department friend, I might never have understood the relevant knowledge. After all, code knowledge is very difficult for most people. Many people may enjoy the services they provide, but they will never know what it is.

So when I knew there was a variety show that recorded how programmers typed code, I couldn't help but watch it with curiosity.

Let it burn! Genius programmer

This file is called "Burn it! Strictly speaking, the variety show of "Genius Programmer" is just a contribution, and fans jokingly call it "Creation Camp 1024". Although this program is broadcast at station B, its producer is an up master, but this up master has a strong net worth and can do independent variety shows by himself. As long as you see the name of @蚂蚁安全Lab, you know that the producer is not short of money.

This is a reality show that records the Inclusion | A-tech Technology Classic. The millions of prizes have attracted outstanding college students and programmers who have worked for many years at home and abroad to participate in the competition. The up to more than 600,000 views can be regarded as out-of-the-box compared to the other submissions of the up host.

But this variety show is still fundamentally different from the other twelve-season variety shows because of its shortness. Compared with only four episodes of this show, other variety shows are too slow. "Let it burn! The content of the "Genius Programmer" variety show itself is divided into two issues, which add up to less than 108 minutes. Even if the preview and the closing summary are added together, it will not exceed 2 hours.

However, since it is a variety show, there must be some approachable content. The initial stage of this program is very good. The barrage of station B users is obviously denser in some interesting clips, for example:

A plump programmer has the dream of having a small waist. He established his ID as a "small waist". As a result, it was regarded as a female programmer by other players and received many likes.

▲ Barrage molested thinking that “little waist'' is a girl programmer

Some contestants labeled themselves "male god hacker" and "Korean business dialect" when filling in their personal labels. When asked if he felt like Hanshangyan, he replied: "I think it's all the same, with noses and eyes."

Some players are accustomed to carrying their own backpacks all the time. When they go home and dress like this during the Chinese New Year, he usually receives similar requests from his family for help from his family.

There were also contestants who wrote XSS statements after submitting their basic information to test whether the system provided by the organizer had any loopholes.

The rule of selection of the competition system is that the players vote for the most popular player. When voting for the players, some AI players choose to manually like, and many more want to use F12 and other special methods to make the players want to pick. The player directly has the highest praise.

▲ The programmer's first reaction is to use the program to solve the problem

There was a player who participated in the competition with the department leader. One second before he said that he didn't want to team up with the leader, the leader pushed in the next second, which is a tragedy on earth.

At the same time, the team that is the first to enter the server will not focus on scoring points in the shortest time, but will delete packages and change permissions first, setting various traps for the opponent. After the programmers who focused on giving others "trouble" got the first point, one of the blocked programmers jokingly said: "Too angry, can I call the police?"

Of course, in this variety show with high per capita education, the audience will still be extremely excited for the 25-year-old Tsinghua doctoral student and the contestants from Carnegie Mellon University. This is the unpretentious power of academic dominance.

If the first half of the paragraph is suitable for all ages and makes people who do not understand technology find it interesting, then the second half of the content is that there is a technical term in two sentences that you don’t understand. There are too many elements, so it’s slightly persuasive to leave. . Even variety shows always have explanations of related professional terms, which are very difficult for ordinary users to understand.

The programmers gave high evaluations to some parts of this program, and the other part felt that some players were not programmers, and the AI ​​+ offense and defense system felt unreasonable.

Burner than "Bo Ren Biography", Chinese majors have also seen it here

I can't understand it at all! But watch with relish!

The good guy couldn't understand a word, but he learned it.

The undergraduates of the department of this paper insisted on this, it feels very interesting!

Isn't this burning better than "Bo Ren Biography"? The blood is rushing to me!

The influence of this program is indeed not limited to programmers, it succeeded a little bit. At some stage, there will be people lining up to check in on the barrage of the program at station B, "XXX major students are here, very interesting." However, in the second half, most barrage can see the shadow of professionals, they will discuss the players' practices, barrage also has a lot of professional vocabulary.

▲ Barrage professional report

The competition broke through a certain circle, allowing more people to understand a little bit of programmer work. The 60W+ broadcast volume is far more than the discussion and spread of an ordinary game, and similar attempts may be more and more in the future. One of the contestants said to a fan who said that he hadn't watched enough when he answered his questions: "There will be another one this year."

The game operators who have tasted the sweetness in this attempt will continue to try, but the next game may have less professional knowledge battle links, and to enlarge the programmer's life communication links. After all, this program was unexpectedly out of the circle by the programmers in the early stage. The concentration of professional knowledge in the later stage was too high, which meant that there were a lot less bullet screens that they could not understand. Instead, many programmers persisted.

If you just want to do a variety show for programmer audiences, wouldn't the draft be bad? Is e-sports not popular? In view of the discussion atmosphere of Zhihu and Station B barrage and the case of "peer-to-peer" among programmers, it is destined that when you do a programmer variety show, its main target users are not programmers, but those who do not Users of professional system code knowledge.

Due to the fact that the outside world does not know much about programmers, and most of these understandings are stereotypes, the first half of this section has made a big update to the image of programmers. Self-introduction, team selection, and voting are content that ordinary audiences can directly understand when they read it. At this time, adding two professional vocabularies can be accepted by the audience. However, there is too much professional content in the later stage, and the density is too high, which will have a strong dissuade effect.

▲Image from: Tencent

It can be said that the things that ordinary viewers can understand or are willing to see are actually far from professional. In a variety show with the role of programmer, the audience actually doesn't want to see how they work, because they don't understand either. But programmers' unique way of getting along, programmers working overtime, programmers dealing with product managers, programmers 996's talk show, these are the content that the audience will also want to see.

But in addition to these non-threshold content, professional content must not be absent, otherwise it is easy to be attacked: "If you do variety show, do variety show, what do we programmers do?" In short, too professionalism is not friendly to the audience, professionalism Too weak and easy to be criticized by the industry.

Variety shows in all walks of life on the road? Industry threshold is still a big problem

However, variety shows have become more and more people’s daily pastimes and choices for meals. As "Thanksgiving Offer" has allowed more people to understand the legal industry, all walks of life have found variety shows to be a good track, More people are willing to learn about a new industry, as long as you present something interesting enough.

▲ Exciting offer

It's just that how to maintain the professionalism of the industry is still a problem. The threshold of the programming industry is too high to understand. Financial professionalism is also very strong. Although everyone reads the peachy news in the financial industry, everyone may not care about how they work. In the same way, the legal profession is boring and difficult to back up provisions, but it is very eye-catching to watch a lawsuit against the parents. If you only think about ratings, then this program is likely to be boycotted by industry celebrities.

After trying a crossover at @蚂蚁安全Lab, many audiences also made suggestions for programmer variety shows that are both professional and interesting. Some people think "Burn it! After the game in "Genius Programmer", you can come to a live offer link. It is also a good experience to watch big factory HR fight each other in order to compete for programmers. There are also variety battle programs that customize products according to needs, and documentary variety show surveys after programmers delete their libraries and run away. A variety of fusions can definitely meet the needs of audiences.

Of course, everything is not limited to programmer-style variety shows, finance, government and enterprise, law, administration, e-commerce, fashion, public relations and other industries can join them. As long as the variety show director has a plan that can be combined with the proven variety show model, then this variety show has the possibility of getting more attention.

After Ant Safety Lab’s attempts, more and more brands want to try their own variety shows and spread it themselves. It is rumored that Didi's Lilicheng Media Co., Ltd. will self-produce variety shows and skits for broadcast on Didi's car screen. Is this variety show aimed at the online car-hailing industry? Reminiscing that there was a spitting event in the form of "Spitting Out", using variety shows to output opinions may become the choice of more and more brands and industries.

▲ Liu Qing, President of Didi, personally came to the court to complain

Creating professional content with an entertaining mindset certainly poses greater challenges for creators and brands. But there will be more and more brands and industries willing to try to tell stories with variety shows, perhaps to get more naming fees, or perhaps to make their own content updated, anyway, variety shows are moving towards diversification Ran in the direction of

When the papermakers, code farmers, and lawyers all have their own variety shows, maybe in the future we can really see the editorial department battle writing and the advertising company battle proposal.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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