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When a person enters a prison, many people think that "this is their life." After all, for a long period of time, prisoners live without internet, and they can only communicate with relatives and friends on the phone. Living in such a closed environment for several years, it is easy to fail to keep up with the development of the times, let alone meet new friends.

But some products just like swordsmanship, and what they want to do is help the prisoner find the other half.

Help the murderer find the other half, this site is not grandstanding

If you are a lover of crime suspense and are interested in investigating suspense murders in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad, then you have probably heard the killer names of "Montreal Butcher" and "Canadian Ogre". The murderer cruelly mutilated the victim, sent his body to all over the world, and uploaded a video of the entire crime process to the Internet.

Interpol issued a red warrant for the murderer, arrested the malicious murderer within a week and sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole for 25 years. Then what?

Then this person completed a series of steps of love and marriage in prison.

▲ Montreal Butcher

In 2015, the "Montreal Butcher" posted a dating advertisement on a Canadian dating site, and he got to know another male inmate who was sentenced to life imprisonment. The only difference is that his other half of the inmate was originally a prisoner who was sentenced to 6 years for armed robbery. Later, the other party was sentenced to life imprisonment again for murder in prison.

In 2017, two murderers sentenced to life imprisonment got married. Even if there is no wedding, such a marriage has received a lot of media coverage.

It is worth mentioning that although the two married after two years of acquaintance, the two have never met or even been alone-because this violates the requirements of Canadian prisons. It sounds like there is a feeling of "Platonic love". Two strangers rely on the communication between letters to identify each other and become partners.

▲ The Montreal Butcher's introduction on Canadian Inmates Connect

But the story of two murderers getting the other half in prison does not comfort the victim’s family, and even makes them feel more painful. Canadian Inmates Connect Inc., which helps prisoners make friends, has also attracted a lot of controversy and doubts.

The creator of this website is not a prisoner herself, nor does she have any criminal experience. Her original purpose of establishing this website was to make money. This website was officially launched in 2012. Founder Melissa Fazzina built it out of his own pocket, believing that it can make money.

I saw an article in a local newspaper that introduced an American penpal website. I realized that there is no such website in Canada. This is a business opportunity… Of course, it didn't take long for me to realize that it was difficult to make money from it. It's just that it doesn't matter anymore. Because I started to receive phone calls from prisoners, I started to get to know them.

Fazzina believes that reading prisoners’ stories can help people understand why they committed the crimes that sent them to jail. In her opinion, prisoners should not be defined by their past stories. Kind and kind people can get to know those lone prisoners who are eager to communicate through this website, and find friendship and love with them.

▲ Picture from: "Prison Break"

The founder also does not admit that this business has received negative feedback. In an interview with the media, she stated that she had only received a negative comment from a prisoner’s family, and all other voices were encouragement. "It doesn't matter what they did. It doesn't need to be judged by me. I just believe in the power of salvation. I believe everyone deserves a second chance."

Of course, the power of salvation is also priced. Prisoners must pay an annual fee of $35 to post their photos and biographies on this website. Because they can't access the Internet, they can only send letters directly to Canadian Inmates Connect Inc., and they don't know what the other party will do with the content.

In less than a year and a half after it went online, more than 40 prisoners joined the site, and they made friends or made friends with each other. The founder sometimes receives an application to remove someone’s profile because they have already found the "friend" they are looking for through this website.

▲ Personal introduction page on the website

More men and fewer women are the characteristics of this prisoner dating site. Initially, the ratio of men to women on this site reached a staggering 300:1. As we write this article, the number of female prisoners who make friends on the website has increased to 7, but there are still more men than women.

The personal introductions of prisoners on the website are also very "artistic." They love sculpture, music, painting, baseball and other different activities. However, just one line of these poetic personal introductions recorded their crimes-murder, forcing others into prostitution, robbery, drug trafficking…

These crimes are not necessarily true, because Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. is not responsible for the true information provided by prisoners. Its homepage reminds users that all information has not been verified. Users who want to make friends are best to Google by themselves. It is also important not to send money to strangers on the site.

▲ Tips on the website, this website is actually very rough

This may be the only case of "slow socializing" with the help of social platforms in the Internet era.

For users of this website, all the slow social interactions can be described by the sentence "Now the sentence is very long and letters are very slow, so all changes are pleasantly surprised."

Not the only one? "Prison Matchmaker" was originally a vertical rigid demand?

Seeing this, would you be wondering, maybe only Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. is the only product in the prisoner dating app, and most of the other products are still ordinary social products, just some prisoner users.

But this is not true. In the 1990s, when the Internet was not so common, vertical prison dating sites appeared.

INMATE in 1996 provided a 100% free social network for singles serving prison sentences; Meet An Inmate in 1998 was also a dating platform for prisoners, and Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. was probably its imitator; it was born in 1999 It’s the same with Friends Beyond The Wall. Members can get the addresses of prisoners for free and make friends with them. The personal pages on this website may also be run by the prisoners’ relatives and friends.

▲ Meet An Inmate

In addition to being born early, there are many products that are very special.

Women Behind Bars is one of them. Unlike other sites where there are more men than women, this site only provides online dating services for female offenders. In all online dating services, whether a service application has enough female users is an important factor in determining the success of the service, and the same is true in more vertical fields.

Since there are fewer female criminals who are willing to make friends publicly, the profile information of each female criminal has become the key to Women Behind Bars in attracting users to pay. The operation process of this website is more like "shopping". Users browse information about female criminals. If they want to get the information immediately, they will add the information to the shopping cart. After purchasing, they can check the address of the female criminal.

The whole process is really like shopping. Even the pictures of prisoners on this website are more attractive than others. The mode of operation of this website will also make people feel more like a transaction.

▲ Photos on Women Behind Bars

Another special one is Inmate Passions. This is not only a dating site, but also an online social network. Prisoners, former prisoners, and admirers of prisoners can talk through forums, groups, photos, and private emails on this website. The website also provides a large number of virtual gifts to meet the social needs of users, and the only profitable model is a large number of banner ads.

The similarity of the above services is that they basically cannot provide prisoners and the outside world with online real-time communication methods. This is related to the prison's restrictions on the Internet. These services cannot solve this problem. Therefore, although online services are provided, most people can only use letters to get to know others and walk into each other.

▲ Banner ads of Inmate Passions are also dating software

Just do so many people really want to know the robbers, rapists, and murderers in prison? This may be a two-sided requirement.

On the one hand, there are too many people in the prison, and the increasing number of users of this part is an important reason for the emergence of services such as "prison matchmaker". The United States, which provides the most online websites for prison dating services, also has the largest prison population in the world, and 200W+ people also have social needs. These user environments are blocked and there are no rich choices. It is not difficult to provide vertical services to make a profit.

On the other hand, people outside the prison walls also yearn for prisoners. Many notorious murderers have a large number of fans. These fans will write letters, send photos, confess, and propose marriage to their "idols." Not only are well-known cult leaders like Charles Manson given such treatment, many prisoners of vicious crimes can receive confession from strangers for their evil deeds.

▲ Charles Manson's young wife is also his avid fan

Sheila Isenberg, author of "Women Who Love Murderers," believes that dating and marrying prisoners may help a person become famous quickly. There is no better topic than this in a society that needs an explosion. Young women who want to become famous will marry a murderer who has received much media attention. This is a quick way to become famous.

Of course not everyone wants to be famous. The desire to be loved and the need for control are also very important. In Sheila Isenberg's investigation, she found that women who are willing to come into contact with serial murderers have a characteristic-they were subjected to external sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse when they were young, which made them need a sense of security and control. .

There is nothing safer than associating with someone who cannot be touched. You can only have Plato's love. In this relationship, you are the leader and can be stopped at any time. You can choose whether to visit the other party on the day of the prison visit, or you can refuse the other party's pay call. The other party has no way to control you.

The feeling of being loved is also important. When you start a relationship with someone in prison, many people outside will have such a perception that the other person is only you, and you are everything to him. This may be an illusion, but there are indeed many people who are willing to sacrifice everything for this kind of hopeless, promised, and incomplete love.

Not everyone can accept such chase and worship, and similar online services are still facing a lot of moral pressure to this day. But more and more criminals and criminal chasers have proved that similar services are just needed, and there are people on both sides of the prison walls who have social and love needs.

Many years ago, "the world's most handsome criminal" Jeremy Meeks swept the Internet by relying on a photo. After he was released from prison, he became a model. The news of his relationship with Chloe Green, the heir of Topshop, made many people exclaimed, "Can it be like this?" The fact that Brazilian prisoners obtained a large number of Tiktok fans by taking pictures of their prison life on their mobile phones continued to make many people wonder "How can this be done?"

▲ “The World's Most Handsome Criminal'' Jeremy Meeks

The prison itself is the "outside the Internet" of the Internet, but with the development of technology and the changes in people's lifestyles and aesthetics, it may also create new topics and celebrities for the Internet in a few minutes, and arouse more extended discussions.

Whether you like it or not, it is already there.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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