Price reduction of 70,000 yuan in exchange for daily sales of 7,000 yuan, Huawei Yu Chengdong: Asking the world to come back to life!

On the last night of the National Day holiday, you start to feel anxious about the next day’s work, and so do I.

Yu Chengdong was very happy, so happy that he posted it on WeChat Moments.

Since the new M7 was released on September 12, the first sales volume has exceeded 50,000 units! There were 3,500 units yesterday, 7,000 units today, and more than 10,000 units in these two days, which is a miracle!

You talk about sales data, I have big data to back it up. Seeing that the new car can perform like this, Yu Chengdong even shouted, "It's not easy to bring it back to life!"

This time Yu Chengdong was able to mention the loudspeaker in the circle of friends, he had to start from the 12th of last month.

There is no "little vacation" in the world

On September 12, Huawei officially released the new Wenjie M7. Compared with the pre-sale price of 258,000 yuan, the official starting price of the M7 was reduced by nearly 10,000 yuan to as low as 249,800 yuan. In addition, the price can be determined during the first sales period. Get a cash discount of 6,000 yuan, and the actual price is more than 15,000 yuan cheaper than the pre-sale price.

At last year's Huawei summer flagship new product launch conference, the starting price of the Wenjie M7 was as high as 319,800 yuan – a drop of 76,000 yuan.

The price drop of the M7 is certainly an important reason for its sales to take off, but it is also accompanied by an overall improvement in configurations.

Seat ventilation, heating, massage and other functions that were once only available on high-end M7 models have all become standard features on the new M7; after adjustment, the center of the new car has been lowered by 15mm. Not only that, Wenjie has also upgraded the strength of the A and B pillars, and the safety strength of the body has been increased from 1600 MPa to 2000 MPa…

If you were originally hesitant about Wenjie M7, would you place an order immediately at this time? you will.

What's more, what Yu Chengdong values ​​​​more now is "mass delivery."

According to PowerOn, in order to complete sales delivery as soon as possible, Cyrus urgently recruited about 1,000 workers and required the factory to produce at full capacity 24 hours a day. However, even so, orders after October 7 may still have to wait 3 months to be delivered. car.

On the other hand, the success of the new Wenjie M7 is inseparable from the Huawei Mate60. This phenomenal model, which was sold for 10,000 yuan, attracted batches of consumers during the 8-day double holiday. Visitors come to Huawei stores.

You're here, why don't you take a look at the car next to you?

I’ve seen it all, so I might as well give it a test drive.

After this try, the 5,000 yuan of deposit money in my pocket was gone. (However, if you regret it, the money can be refunded.)

Mr. Pan was one of the people who took his family to look at the car during the National Day. Unfortunately, there were too many people in the store who wanted to test drive the car, so he had to come back another day.

Who would have thought that Huawei's mobile phones, which are "far ahead", can have such a big impact on Cyrus's stock price.

▲On September 28, Thalys’ stock price rose by 10%. The stock price after the opening of next Monday is unimaginable.

Buying Huawei will open up the world?

Such an astonishing number of orders makes people curious, who are buying Wenjie M7 ?

What is certain is that most people are not the ones who want to buy ideals.

In the third quarter of 2022, the release and operation of Wenjie M7 directly disabled Ideal ONE. We have never encountered such a strong opponent, and for a long time we were unable to fight back.

Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, mentioned in his product course that the Wenjie M7 forced Li Auto to end the production of Li Auto ONE early and was the "culprit" for Li Auto's huge losses in 2022.

▲Wenjie M7 in Huawei store, picture from: Daily Economic News

However, after Ideal updated its L series models, the sales of the Wenjie M7 began to plummet, shrinking from the original 5,226 units in a single month to less than 1,000 units this year. Starting from April this year, the sales of the old Wenjie M7 have dropped sharply. There are no more than 1,000 vehicles.

At that time, Yu Chengdong did not dare to mention AITO in his circle of friends. In fact, since this year, the AITO brand has rarely taken the initiative to disclose its delivery data. It only announced the delivery volume in May and August, which were 5,629 vehicles respectively. and 5018 vehicles.

Nowadays, the price range of the Wenjie M7 has deviated from that of the Ideal Car . The tit-for-tat rivals at that time have become just strangers meeting on the road, which is quite a bit like the final direction of the relationship between lovers in youthful and sad literature-from stranger to familiar. , and then from familiarity to rawness, the process may be abrupt or gentle.

There are certainly some consumers who have given up their orders for Li Auto and turned to the new M7, but the obvious price difference has indeed created a separation zone between the consumers of the two models. At present, Li Auto is facing new problems. The influence of boundary M7 is not apparent.

The reason is that price is one aspect. In addition, Li Auto still has great advantages in terms of space, configuration, intelligence, and direct sales system. In addition, the customer group targeted by Wenjie M7 is relatively older, while the main consumer groups of new car-making forces are those born in the 80s and 90s .

Will AITO give up on the post-80s and 90s market?

Wang Hesong is a "post-95s" who has been working for less than three years. Like many of his peers, he has not extended an olive branch to new brands such as "Weixiaolit". His favorite car is a Wenjie M5 .

When asked about the reason, he immediately emphasized:

First of all, appearance is not what attracts me.

▲Wenjie M5

In his opinion, compared with new power brands that have gone through a round of product iterations, the Wenjie M5 has no advantage in exterior design. What really fascinates him is the cabin quietness, interior fabrics, and HUAWEI SOUND features of the Wenjie M5. Create a sense of quality and a humanized car-machine interaction experience——

Yes, he is a Huawei mobile phone user.

In the past, we may have never thought that a small mobile phone would one day influence our car purchasing decisions , but today, the rush of entering stores brought by Mate60 and the user pain points caused by car-machine collaboration are forcing us to accept it. This fact.

What makes Wang Hesong even more excited is the OTA upgrade provided by Wenjie M5 in July this year that includes the HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system. "It was fine to drive before, but the ride was worse. After OTA, it felt like a different car," he expressed surprise that the suspension could be upgraded OTA.

As for the Wenjie M7, he is not interested at all. The reason is still the "too mature" appearance of the M7.

Middle-aged people around 40 years old or above will probably prefer it.

Wang Hesong expressed his conjecture, and he was not the only one who thought so.

▲Wenjie M7

On October 7, car blogger @ Liu Di_6D described the Wenjie M7 as "the first smart car for middle-aged and elderly people" on social platforms, and said that intelligence is not the exclusive need of pioneering young people.

Putting aside the "minutiae" brought about by the platform such as the higher floor and the passenger firewall being closer to the legs, the Hongmeng cockpit used in the Wenjie M7 satisfies the needs of a large number of middle-aged and elderly people for large screens, smart cockpits and driving assistance. Consumption demand, and this group of consumers has two major characteristics, one is their large number, and the other is their high spending power.

For them, the Huawei brand not only brings "intelligence", but also has a sense of "decency."

The life of "extended range" may be longer than we think

It is an industry consensus that extended-range hybrid technology is lagging behind. No matter how loud your mouth is, you can't talk nonsense.

These words from Great Wall CGO Li Ruifeng made the outside world question the range extension throughout 2022. "Transition" and "lag behind" have become labels that cannot be removed from the extended-range hybrid. However, the vitality of this "backward technology" seems to be more tenacious than we thought.

Following pure electric models, Xiaomi Motors is preparing to develop extended-range electric vehicles.

36kr recently reported, quoting people familiar with the matter, that Xiaomi Motors has determined to develop extended-range electric vehicles, "has already planned related extended-range products, and is also looking for product breakthroughs for extended-range vehicles."

On the recruitment platform, Xiaomi Motors has also released relevant R&D positions, including: range-extended system design and development engineer, fuel system engineer, exhaust system engineer and other positions related to extended-range electric vehicles.

Judging from the known information, Xiaomi is currently advancing the research and development of multiple generations of platforms simultaneously. The first-generation platform will be launched next year, the second-generation platform is planned to be launched in 2025, and the extended-range platform will probably follow the second-generation platform.

In other words, Xiaomi believes that in the next 10-15 years, internal combustion engines and fuel tanks will still be necessary. On the other side of the card table, Li Auto will also continue the L series.

In last year's China Automobile Blue Book Forum, Yu Chengdong held the microphone tightly with an expression that was half-smiling but not smiling.

Does the addition of a range-extended engine to a pure electric vehicle mean that it is falling behind? The battery always needs to be charged. What if there is no charging station in a certain scenario?

It is true that if the Wenjie M7 currently in the store was purely electric, how many people would be willing to make a big purchase?

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