Prada entered Shanghai’s vegetable market, and the big names are all for the dishes

On one side are the top luxury brands that are as cold as an iceberg and lead the fashion trend.

▲ Picture from: Prada

On one side is a crowded vegetable market full of human fireworks.

What kind of strange chemical reaction will happen when they bump into each other?

In the last few days, Prada went to Shanghai and "opened" a vegetable market across the border.

Prada ✖ Vegetable market

The day when the Prada vegetable market opened was September 27.

Urban hipsters came to punch in one after another, and won the first Prada within reach of young people.

▲Picture from: Screenshot of Xiaohongshu

The vegetable market is located in the Wuzhong Market of the Shanghai "net celebrity" vegetable market. Prada cooperated with them to wrap this vegetable market with Prada's brand pattern and logo.

Before entering the door, you can see a large piece of bright Prada printed wallpaper on the façade on the side of the road. If you pass by, you may think this is a high imitation Prada store.

▲ Picture from: Weibo @ PRADA 普拉达

I took a closer look and found that the logo at the door was neither Prado nor Proda. It turned out to be Prada.

After walking in, every bunch of vegetables, every fruit, every small bag, every shop stall, has become the "queen wearing Prada."

▲ Picture from: prada

If you have been paying attention to Prada's recent developments recently, these printed patterns wrapped on fruits and vegetables are actually the clothing patterns of the autumn and winter series.

▲ Picture from: prada

In general, in this vegetable market, Prada neither produces vegetables, nor is it a vegetable porter, they just want the vegetables to be replaced by a set of Prada.

This 900-square-meter vegetable market has two floors. The first floor is for fruits and vegetables, and the second floor is for meat and cooked food. Although it has been "jointly" with Prada, the prices of these dishes have not increased.

Every day between 10:00-15:00, people who come to buy food can get Prada hand-printed packaging bags, and there are many Prada printed papers on site to wrap fruits and flowers.

▲ Picture from: prada

When the voices of the people are bustling, the large-scale vegetable market becomes noble and gorgeous for a while, and then it becomes quite grounded.

Being in the intersection of this kind of contradiction makes people feel the excitement of repeated trial and error on the edge of wealth and poverty.

It is this sense of gap that attracts more people to visit the store to check in.

▲Picture from: Screenshot of Xiaohongshu

It is often said that there are no young people in the vegetable market.

In fact, the current vegetable market is actually more and more "playing" with young people.

As early as 2017, MUJI opened a vegetable market , with the same indifferent style, and convenient and easy shopping methods, allowing its products to enter people's lives more widely.

The vegetable market itself has different innovations in various cities.

The Sanyuanli Vegetable Market in Beijing is very good at "communication" with young people. In the past few years , the exhibition "The Vegetable Market Meets Economics" was held on the Internet. The exhibition presented economic theory through chicken, duck and fish. In a relaxed way, knowledge of economics has been popularized to the general public.

In 2019, BMW made the Sanyuanli vegetable market a new and cool place for young people to take pictures by changing the trend .

The unique scent of fireworks in the vegetable market is very popular in the art field.

Now, three sources in the vegetable market from time to time will offer some exhibitions, Guangzhou Fei Art Museum through a wall also has a food market field, the wall here is curator "break", made a "vegetable market Museum" project , Let citizens and more young people come to visit and exchange.

▲ Picture from: Official Account Fei FEI

In the vegetable market, there is more vivid art and a wider range of voices.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the vegetable market is targeted by luxury brands.

Not only the vegetable market, these luxury brands have already extended their tentacles to all corners of the city.

▲ Picture from: prada

Luxury brands walking into the corner of the city

The Prada x Wuzhong Bazaar project will last until October 10.

This is actually part of the new theme of "Feels Like Prada" and a new action of Prada "invading" city life.

In addition to Shanghai, Prada also has corresponding projects in Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

▲ Picture from: prada

But not only to enter the vegetable market, Prada has already "renovated" a bakery in Milan before the Shanghai vegetable market project.

Baguettes, croissants, pizzas, various desserts and napkins have all become Prada style , repackaged in three different patterns and geometric shapes.

▲ Picture from: vogue

Prada also stepped out of the store and shined on Via Spallanzani in Milan, creating the first black and white flower mural that envelops the entire building in an attempt to reshape the city's streetscape.

It's hard for people passing by to stop looking sideways.

▲ Picture from: WWD

In creating urban street scenery, another luxury brand Gucci actually has more say.

Because they originally designed a whole Gucci art wall in Corso Garibaldi, Milan. This idea was put forward by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele in 2017. They gave up using traditional mediocre billboards for publicity, but directly changed the whole wall. Into a huge billboard.

▲ Picture from: Gucci

Gucci's creation of urban architectural murals is a fish in the water, creating multiple art wall works every year, so that the culture and brand aesthetics of different ages are integrated into the urban texture.

The 2018 autumn and winter series Gucci painted the Paris student movement 50 years ago and the French New Wave on the walls of cities such as New York and Hong Kong.

▲ Picture from: Gucci

Later, Gucci became more wild and wanton, incorporating the spirit of freedom popular in ancient Greece and the 1970s into the murals.

▲ Picture from: Gucci

Gucci is now younger and more interesting. This year's Largo Foppa's latest Gucci art wall turns the wall into a kaleidoscope. The brilliant lines and bold design make the atmosphere of this city become more active.

The "Gucci Art Wall" series of works have become iconic attractions around the world, as well as a model of the combination of branding, street art, and advertising and marketing.

Other luxury brands, such as LV, Dior, and Tiffany, are also eyeing a spot that highlights the characteristics of the city-a coffee shop.

Cafes of different luxury brands all convey their own brand's temperament and philosophy in design, style and surroundings.

Although you drink coffee for more than 100 yuan at the LV coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, and look at the same scenery as the people in the fast food restaurant on the big terrace, the brand culture is already in the shop, and it is the same as yours. Life is "bundled" together.

When these luxury brands "invade" various stores, commodities, and buildings in the city, what they really want to enter is people's lives.

The big names on the ground: Are you really close to the people, or are you doing things?

Prada said that the purpose of "Feels Like Prada" is to convey an emotional experience.

This kind of emotional experience connects and conveys the emotions that are closely related to people's daily life through entering bakeries, vegetable markets, and urban buildings, allowing people to re-feel the magic of life and subtle things.

Then, buy it.

▲ Picture from: Prada

What Prada did not say is that when "high-level" luxury brands collide with "civilian" mass venues, this conflict is the biggest point of communication.

Luxury goods enter the vegetable market? Luxury goods enter the bakery? Luxury brands open cafes? Luxury brands are on a huge wall?

The greater the contrast, the more unexpected the crossover, and the easier it is to become popular.

In recent years, Balenciaga has won a lot of attention and enthusiasm for its bold and pioneering designs and products that challenge the aesthetic limits of ordinary people .

High-heeled shoes, Spring Festival woven bags, Chinese style bags… Each new product has caused heated discussions across the Internet, and there is only one reason-outrageous.

This is a contemporary "ugly marketing" as well as a "contrast marketing."

On the other hand, contemporary young people are also a generation that challenges the mainstream, advocates individuality, and is tolerant of diversity. These innovations can actually attract more potential consumers of the next generation.

In recent years, luxury brands have also paid attention to direct dialogue with consumers (DTC mode), bringing brands closer to mass consumers and gaining more sales.

▲ Picture from: Prada

Café is also a form that allows people to feel and experience brand culture invisibly for a period of time.

Of course, smart luxury brands will not lose sight of one another. For those exaggerated marketing, topics and enthusiasm are always temporary.

When the traffic and the brand culture itself are properly combined, that is the effect of "1+1>2".

Gucci’s "Gucci Art Wall" is actually a good example. When people see Gucci’s huge art walls in more and more cities, people will pay attention to Gucci’s seasonal new products and series elements in the art wall. Take photos and record, or go to check in specially, and then spread spontaneously.

▲ Picture from: Gucci

More importantly, every Gucci art wall metaphors social problems and expresses cutting-edge social views, such as gender equality, exclusion of violence, multiple aesthetics, caring for minorities, etc. People’s favor with Gucci will double. Gucci brand culture is also invisible and deeply rooted in people's hearts.

When people see the uniqueness, absurdity, and contrast in the dissemination of luxury brands, they can also feel the brand's culture and spirit, and see the positive power of the times behind consumption.

▲ Picture from: Gucci

If you really want to be close to the people, then lower the price.

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