Poste Italiane: after sixty years, the red box becomes smart

Poste Italiane continues its run with innovation and technological transformation and does so by transforming the traditional red box into a “smart” hole . Its function will remain that of a letterbox, but also transforming itself into an intelligent antismog control unit with sensors and display.

The red mailbox: a true all-Italian icon that becomes smart
The red mailbox: a true all-Italian icon that becomes smart

It was 1886: while Pemberton patented Coca Cola and the Statue of Liberty was inaugurated, the first red mailbox arrived in Italy. The installation was made possible thanks to the agreement between the General Post Office and Ettore Calzone's Mechanical Workshop. Sixty years have passed and the mailboxes have seen the transformation of Italian society . The birth of the republic and the arrival of the economic boom, a symbol of correspondence and national communication, were there during the two world wars and they are still today in the midst of the technological and digital world. In the midst of this transformation they continue to be protagonists and will not retire: the famous red parallelepipeds will now be the witnesses of the new technological era of our country.

Poste Italiane: the red box becomes smart

The red mailbox no longer has the simple role of a letterbox: from today it becomes a smart and environmental control unit. Poste Italiane has equipped the famous cassettes with e-ink displays and sensors . Thanks to these devices, it is possible to collect multiple information relating to air quality, such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and the quantity of fine dust present. The installed display instead becomes a city bulletin board where you can read announcements and be constantly informed. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a mechanical sensor and a passive infrared sensor, the mailbox informs about the presence of correspondence, optimizing the withdrawal phase, reducing time and costs. The next step could be the insertion of a vibration sensor capable of detecting earth movements. The setting boxes, as they were called in the past, are modernizing by adapting to our increasingly smart cities.

Poste Italiane towards innovation with red boxes
Poste Italiane towards innovation with red boxes

The smart red box spreads throughout Italy

Milan will be the first city that will immediately see the arrival of smart cassettes. Precisely you can find them in via Cordusio, via Orefici and piazza Duomo. But there will also be in the rest of Italy, they will arrive in Naples, Rome and Turin and in 347 municipalities. In total there will be the first hundred red control units and we will not stop there: by 2022 the Italian Post Office aims to place 11 thousand new smart cassettes. The company thus aims at a strategic evolution that leverages the development of innovation and the enhancement of technological assets. Gabriele Marocchi, engineering manager of Poste Italiane, said:

“In 2021 at the age of sixty, the mailbox is renewed and is no longer just a passive tool where the customer posts correspondence but becomes a 'talking' tool always connected to the internet. […] In 2022 the numbers will be increased to reach 12,000 cassettes in Italy ” .

Poste Italiane and innovation

Poste Italiane already has other projects in mind to innovate and digitize itself, and it has done so in the past as well. Already in 2019, Poste Italiane had joined the Hyperledger community , a consortium of the Linux Foundation that unites more than 260 global operators united in the development of an open source standard for blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). In a challenging scenario, it has created a strategic partnership with Microsoft that relies on the cloud platform. The Italian company will also guarantee an always updated view of its customers and the activities underway by users. These projects include the SPID or the Public Digital Identity System, which will increasingly become a point of reference for privileged access channels to Public Administration services.

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