Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC experience: 21 days of battery life and dual noise reduction, the most comfortable office headset

When it comes to having a job that requires the use of headphones, I usually think of professions related to sound or sound isolation.

For example, construction site workers who are exposed to high-noise environments for a long time, singers who sing on stage, and production staff who do audio and video work in front of computers… These are all people who must use headphones at work, and they also have specific requirements and needs for headphones. people.

In addition to them, people who often need to conduct business meetings or whose main work is voice calls are all users who have been dealing with headphones for a long time.

However, anyone who has seen customer service headphones knows that the old-fashioned single-sided stem headset uses an in-ear earmuff design. In order to reduce the weight of the headset, the headband will be made very slim. If thinner ear cotton is used, , it is not comfortable to wear for a long time.

But if we use our commonly used true wireless earphones or headphones to meet this type of demand, problems such as insufficient sound effects, lack of professional software service support, and insufficient battery life will still pose obstacles. It is necessary to combine the advantages of both to achieve a balance between functionality and user experience.

And that's exactly what Poly is doing.

They connect professional functions and needs with commonly used true wireless forms, and create true wireless headsets that can be used in professional call scenarios.

If there is true wireless, there will also be headsets. For example, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC that I will try this time is a headset without stems that combines professional call functions and adaptive noise reduction.

Design most like everyday headphones

Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC uses a more traditional design. The ear cups have rotating joints to facilitate adjusting the wearing angle according to the shape of the head. Users can also place them flat on their chests.

There is no folding structure for storage on the fuselage, and the folding form cannot be used to reduce the storage space occupied. This results in the headphone storage bag also needing to be very large.

If you want to take it with you when going out, it is a bit troublesome to hold it with bare hands, so it would be better to have a bag.

The headband of the headset is relatively thick, but the buffer strips used to relieve the wearing pressure are only concentrated on both sides of the top of the headband. The rest of the headband is made of hard material with skin-friendly surface treatment. The headset weighs 275g, which is slightly heavier than the WH-1000XM4 (254g) in my hand, but the difference in wearing feeling is not big.

As long as you adjust it properly when wearing it, the wearing pressure will not be concentrated on the connection point on the top of your head.

The wearing structure is realized through a sliding metal piece. The sliding piece has relatively good damping and is relatively easy to adjust.

However, the slider cannot hide the cable inside, and the cable connecting the earmuffs can only be directly exposed. Poly has chosen a braided outer wire here to increase the durability of the headphones. In addition, this headset is mainly used in office scenarios. There are fewer external dangers in fixed use scenarios, and the problem of exposed wires is not that big. Just be careful in daily use.

The earmuffs use the popular full-wrapped oval design. The shape and proportion are similar to the WH-1000XM5. The size of the earmuffs is just enough to cover the entire ear.

The earmuffs are made of soft material, and when the headphone slider is extended to its maximum position, it will not feel awkward when worn with glasses. The four points are evenly stressed, and the earphones don't feel heavy after wearing them. Except for the fact that the earmuffs are fully wrapped and the earmuffs are a little warm, the earphones feel relatively comfortable to wear, and they can be worn for a long time at work.

The buttons and interfaces of the headset are concentrated on the right side. There are sliding switches that integrate power and Bluetooth companion mode, a USB-C interface, and custom buttons. Connections and controls are concentrated here. The headset does not come with a 3.5mm interface, but it can be converted into wired mode through the "USB-C to 3.5mm" cable included in the accessory.

The outside of the earcup is a matte black round plate. Poly has made grooves around the round plate with built-in light strips. After the headset is turned on, the status of the headset can be judged by the light effect.

The flat panel means that the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC also comes with a touch function, but the touch operation only supports voice call-related functions. To control playback, you still need to return to your mobile phone or computer.

In front of the physical buttons is a microphone opening. Compared with other earphones that only leave a small hole for the microphone, the opening of the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC almost fills the lower side of the earphones, leaving enough space for storage here. 6 pickup microphones.

This is also the biggest difference between the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC with its poleless design and traditional office headsets.

Although some headphones with pole microphones also support detachable structures, the removed microphones need to be stored and it is not convenient to assemble and disassemble each time. Without the pole microphone, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC can be used not only in the office, but also in daily life and commuting. Increased compatibility and conversion flexibility for multi-scene conversions.

double quiet

Business calls are the core usage scenario of Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC, and Poly naturally spends all its energy on this blade.

Let’s take a look at the core microphone configuration first. The Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC uses a 10-microphone structure, four of which are used for active noise reduction, and the other six are all used for calls.

For headsets that support active noise reduction, four microphones for active noise reduction are the basic equipment. However, there are six microphones for picking up calls. Compared with conventional headsets with only four or two, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC seems to use much more material.

We took the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC to coffee shops and roadsides, and then conducted call tests using phone calls and WeChat voice calls.

After testing, it was found that the headphones can still collect sound cleanly in a relatively noisy environment. The human voice is processed by the headphones before being output, and is brightened in the middle, making it sound more prominent and clear.

We also tried to move the chatter and background music in the coffee shop from the coffee shop to the roadside. The colleague who answered the call also said that the background changes during the process had little impact. Except for the occasional loudspeaker on the side of the road, calls in other statuses sound very clear as if active noise reduction has been added to the speaker.

In addition to call noise reduction, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC itself also supports adaptive active noise reduction. The headset is equipped with a dual-microphone system for active noise reduction. It collects environmental sounds through internal and external dual microphones, and then outputs active noise reduction effects suitable for the environment after obtaining the information.

Poly officials emphasized that the noise reduction algorithm used in Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC has been specially optimized for office scenes, which can ensure the noise reduction effect while also providing comfort for long-term use.

During the time I have been experiencing this headset, I basically wear it to work.

The noise reduction presence of Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is not particularly high. In daily conditions, the regular noise from air conditioners, fans, etc. in the environment will be eliminated, and the volume of mechanical keyboard tapping will be lower. But if someone is talking around you, the noise reduction effect is not particularly great.

The noise reduction presence is not high, which means it is not so easy to get tired when wearing it. With the same wearing time, I take off the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC less often than I do with the WH-1000XM4 for daily use. Considering the sound pickup effect and wearing time, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is indeed more suitable for people who need to make long conference calls.

In addition, the battery life of Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is also outstanding.

It is equipped with a 1100mAh battery that supports 21 hours of talk time and 21 days of standby time. Even if you forget to charge it because the standby time is too long, Poly also provides a fast charging mode that can charge for 15 minutes and talk for 10 hours. For those who need it at any time It is a stable guarantee for business users who are on call.

The headphones don’t require a charger, they can be charged even when connected to some PD chargers that support high power. Although it takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is still very reassuring thanks to fast charging and its own battery life.

Speaking of charging, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC also has a model called Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC, which adds support for NFC charging stands and can be wirelessly charged with a dedicated headphone stand.

However, the wireless charging time will be doubled. But if you just charge it before going to bed, it will be more convenient and elegant without wiring.

As for other accessories and connectivity capabilities, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC also provides a driver-free USB Bluetooth adapter BT700 that supports Bluetooth 5.3. The BT700 here uses the USB-C version, and a USB-C to A adapter is included in the package to adapt to different devices.

Under normal conditions, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC body can connect to two devices at the same time, and will broadcast when the connection is successful. If the device is accessed through BT700, it can also connect two machines. If you want to consider stability, Poly officially recommends using BT700 docking headphones.

In daily use, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC can ensure basic stability when connected to dual devices.

In an office with many devices and a complex wireless environment, Bluetooth is directly connected to the computer, and the headset will not experience disconnection or delay. I also tried walking to the position with the largest connection distance. As long as there is no wall in between, the headphones can still remain stable.

The most comfortable office headphones for listening to popular music

In terms of sound configuration, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is equipped with a standard 40mm dynamic unit. Compared with common noise-cancelling headphones, this size is still flagship-level.

When playing music, the encoding used by Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is SBC or AAC. Considering that this is a headset product mainly for business calls, it is reasonable that it does not have encodings such as aptX and LDAC. SBC and AAC are enough to connect computers and mobile phones.

Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC has a very special listening experience. It is essentially used for morning calls. It has very special processing of human voices.

Cleanliness and clarity are the core characteristics of human voice performance. Even if two people speak at the same time, as long as the sound source has enough clarity, the headphones can clearly display the two voices. If you listen carefully, you can hear the difference between the two. distance.

The vocal part sounds more realistic. Poly does not need to make the Voyager Surround 80 UC's vocals as rich and moist as Hi-Fi headphones. If it is so bright and refreshing now, it will be easy to listen to pop music without dryness or glitches. Phenomenon, you can pay more attention to the details of the singer's singing.

The restoration of the instruments is solid, and the drum beats are powerful and thick, but the rebound seems a bit short. The performance of high-frequency instruments is clear, but it is still a bit stiff, and the ending ends abruptly. It would be better if it could be made smoother.

The headphones have enough sound field space and don’t sound cramped. The instruments and singers are clearly positioned, and you can hear the distance between them. Even if the singer and one of the instruments overlap in direction, the headphones allow you to distinguish the distance between them.

All-weather headphones for workers

To sum up, I would say that Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is an office product suitable for full-time use.

From the ten microphone system to the signature Bluetooth receiver BT700, plus support for professional software such as Microsoft Team and Poly+ professional support, Poly has used technology and service equipment to prove that Voyager Surround 80 UC has the ability to replace rod-type headset products. A solid professional product.

On the other hand, Voyager Surround 80 UC uses large-sized fully wrapped earmuffs that are more comfortable to wear, and has active noise reduction performance optimized for the environment. Coupled with comfortable sound performance, Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC breaks our old concept of business phone headsets and is a product that can be used both in daily life and work.

Although the domestic price of 4,996 yuan is already close to wireless noise-canceling headsets from high-end audio brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, Beoplay, and Focal, considering the functional requirements, the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC still has its irreplaceable Sex, the uniqueness brought by professional configuration is here.

If you have special calling needs and want to put aside the traditional headset form and use a pair of products that are no different from everyday headphones, then the Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC is a good upgrade choice.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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