Pluto TV arrives in Italy: here is the new free streaming service

From today, Pluto TV, the free US streaming service, is also available in Italy . Owned by ViacomCBS, the platform requires no registration or subscription, and offers 40 thematic channels with movies and TV series. Launched in 2014 in the United States, in recent years Pluto TV has expanded its catchment area, reaching almost all over the world.

The service was already present in Europe, in particular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as early as December 2018. Last year, in October, ViacomCBS announced the arrival of PlutoTV also in Spain, France and Italy; for the first two, the service became available in October and February respectively, reaching more than 50 streaming channels.

Pluto TV, the free streaming service

Pluto TV has officially arrived in Italy. Unlike giants like Netflix , Prime Video or Disney +, the service offers its content without the need for a registration or subscription . At the moment the offer is 40 thematic channels which will become 55 by the end of the year. In addition to the linear proposal of the channels, there are also on-demand contents.

Pluto TV has arrived in Italy.
Pluto TV has arrived in Italy.

Pluto TV is based on the FAST model – Free Ad Supported Television : for every hour of transmission there will be 4 commercial breaks , a bit like what happens for good, old television. A completely acceptable compromise since the service is totally free and will offer lots of updated content.

For the moment the films and series on the platform are only in Italian: for the contents in the original language we will have to wait a little longer. Pluto TV has already confirmed that it is hard at work on adding subtitles and selecting languages.

The titles of Pluto TV

Pluto TV divides its offer into live channels and on demand content. Live channels are divided into thematic areas: featured content, movies, series, crime, entertainment programs, music channels, sports, documentaries, and children's programs. Each area is made up of multiple channels with a rich programming to satisfy all palates.

Among the channels dedicated to films there is one exclusively for Italian titles. The entertainment channels are currently the most well-stocked, and include titles such as Il Banco dei Fist , 16 and pregnant , Failarmy and an entire channel dedicated to the world of anime. Even children will not be disappointed: the programs dedicated to them are very varied, and include productions such as Spongebob , iCarly and Two Fairly Oddparents .

Pluto TV: the free streaming service arrives in Italy
Pluto TV: the free streaming service arrives in Italy

The on-demand section, on the other hand, also includes a subdivision of genres for films and TV series . You can search for movies and shows by main genre, as well as explore the content most viewed by viewers. While exploring the platform's catalog, you can still continue watching the live program thanks to the ever-present video player.

Where can you see it?

The streaming service is accessible directly from the website or from the mobile applications for Android and iOS. It is also present on Chromecast, FireTV Stick, Google TV, Apple TV and various smart TVs from Samsung and LG, as well as on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 stores.

Pluto TV anticipates the arrival of Paramount +, scheduled for 2022 . The platform will arrive in Italy in collaboration with Sky, and will be free for all Sky Cinema subscribers. The streaming service will bring all of Paramount Pictures' content to our country, including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and CBS. ViacomCBS will thus keep the two types of offer separate, continuing to provide free content on PlutoTV and at the same time allowing subscription to the original Paramount productions.

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