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Buying a computer has always been an annoying thing for many people. When you open a shopping website, the dazzling variety of products is always confusing. CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, the various hardware parameters that need to be considered when choosing a suitable computer is no easier than buying a car.

If you don’t know anything about the hardware parameters, then buying a computer is no less than going on a blind date. You are afraid of missing the beauty in front of you, and you are worried that the next one is better. No matter how you choose, it is difficult to find a partner that can be trusted for the rest of your life.

Recently I got a laptop certified by the Intel Evo platform-Asus Lingyao X Xiaoyao. If you are still confused about choosing a laptop that suits you, it is better to start from my actual experience and see how Pick a laptop that really suits you.

Before choosing a computer, you must first figure out what kind of computer you need.

My needs are also very simple. As long as a laptop with beautiful appearance, high quality, thin and portable, powerful performance, rich storage, long-lasting battery life, and convenient expansion, if you summarize it in one sentence, it is: "I want it all."

Intel’s new Intel Evo platform is aimed at consumers who are "greedy" like me. Therefore, notebooks certified by the Intel Evo platform have common characteristics: faster response speed, longer battery life, and more dazzling vision Experience and appearance.

This Lingyao X Xiaoyao is the first batch of products launched by the Intel Evo platform in cooperation with OEM manufacturers. Can it meet my needs? I tried to experience it as the main work machine.

First of all, I am very satisfied with the Lingyao X Xiaoyao from the appearance. The ZenBook family-style concentric circle design on the back is full of recognition, and the small curled legs that facilitate heat dissipation are retained on the Xiaoyao. The all-metal shell body is in hand Above, the texture is full.

The light weight of 1.2 kilograms and the 13-inch body size can be easily put into my bag. As a worker who has to carry a notebook for commuting every day, the lighter and smaller size can effectively relieve my hunchback symptoms.

Open the fuselage, the first thing that catches your eyes is the simple C-side. On the left is the brand new Intel Evo logo, and on the right is the Harman Kardon audio tuning certification.

Light up the screen. This 13-inch 4K OLED screen makes my eyes bright. I think it must be very cool to watch videos and fish at work. After playing it carefully, I can't wait to take it out to work.

Get up in the morning, easily stuff it into your bag, and go out on your back. Sit down and turn on the computer. In less than a second, the computer has entered the system from hibernation and can work. This extremely fast and detailed experience made me feel good about this computer.

Due to the nature of the content editing work, I open a large number of web pages every day to look for materials, and from time to time I also need to edit pictures and make picture materials, which requires a high level of smooth switching of multitasking.

Lingyao X Xiaoyao did not disappoint me at this point. Even if I open dozens of web pages and multiple office software at the same time, the excellent 11th generation Core i7 processor can still ensure that I have a smooth multi-task switching experience. When I look at the battery level again, there is still 70% left. It seems that the work in the afternoon is completely worthwhile.

After lunch, my colleague said that he would have a video conference with me in the afternoon to discuss how to adjust the video project being produced. When I looked at the video file size, the good guy would have more than ten GB.

However, Lingyao X Xiaoyao supports WI-FI 6 technology, which can make the gigabit network speed full easily. Looking at the fast download speed, it seems that I don't have to worry about being unable to keep up with the meeting.

After a day’s work, I still have 20% remaining in the battery when I get home. Thanks to the low power consumption of the new generation of Intel processors, the easy battery life of Lingyao X allows me to put the charger at home with confidence.

Of course, in today's outdoor use, I adjusted the screen resolution to 1080P to get longer battery life. If your work content has stricter requirements on vision and must work in 4K, then intermittent charging is still in Inevitable.

Fortunately, its charger is no longer the bulky power adapter in the past. It can be charged by picking up a GaN charging head that supports 65W PD fast charging. The improvement in charging convenience is not only a bit.

In addition to a more convenient charging experience, the charging speed is also excellent. It can charge 40% of the electricity in half an hour. That is to say, if the battery is in a hurry at noon, then the meal time Lingyao X Xiaoyao can handle another afternoon work.

Go home and then process the videos and pictures. With the support of the Iris Xe graphics card, the Adobe Family Bucket becomes smoother and the color display of pictures and videos is more realistic and accurate.

The small screen limits the efficiency of your creation? Can use high-speed Thunderbolt ™ The 4 port connects with an external 4K display to expand the field of vision. Lingyao X Xiaoyao equipped with 2 Thunderbolt ™ 4 ports, better than Thunderbolt ™ 3 Faster transmission rate Even if two 4K displays are connected at the same time, it can cope with this huge information throughput.

After a day of experience, Lingyao X Xiaoyao is indeed a computer that can meet my ideal needs. Is it the most suitable computer for me?

ASUS Lingyao X Xiaoyao can meet my needs for fast response, long battery life, and light gaming. However, due to the higher-end 4K OLED screen, the price of Lingyao X Xiaoyao is also relatively high-end. The price of 9999 yuan makes me already The wallet emptied on Double Eleven indicates that we may not be suitable.

In order to solve the problem of selecting computers, Intel, as an industry leader, gave a good solution. Intel cooperated with ASUS, Dell, HP and other brands to launch the Intel Evo platform. A notebook that wants to be certified on the Evo platform needs to pass a series of rigorous tests, including

  • Eleventh Generation Intel® Core ™ Quick response
  • Using Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt ™ 4 Faster and more stable connection
  • Wake up instantly from sleep
  • Long battery life, 9 hours of multitasking, full of energy at any time; can quickly charge for half an hour and work for 4 hours
  • Thin and stylish appearance, equipped with Intel Iris® Xe graphics

In other words, after passing hundreds of strict index specifications and certifications jointly developed by Intel and manufacturers, I have a faster and longer experience on the Lingyao X Xiaoyao today, and on another notebook that has passed the Intel Evo platform certification. The same can be experienced.

Although the computers that have passed the Intel Evo platform certification have their own characteristics, without exception, they can ensure that users have a sufficiently good basic experience, because Intel has set a sufficiently high lower limit for notebook computers.

If you still don’t know what kind of configuration will have a good enough experience, you can pay attention to whether there is Intel Evo logo on the computer tray when choosing a computer, and then you can easily choose the one that suits your wishes according to your other needs. laptop.

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