Playing roulette in 2020: how to do it right

Roulette fans are always looking for new ways to improve themselves . They learn strategies, study statistics, trying to make the most of their bets. But the reality is that the rules of this game are always the same, and make sure that the outcome – win or lose – is always determined by luck, or rather by chance.

Despite this, however, there are several ways your roulette games can improve in this 2020 . They do not have to do with the type of bets, their combination or the percentages, but with where and how you play.

Today, players who love roulette have the choice of playing in a land-based casino or playing it over the internet. This possibility, although very positive, can create a certain confusion in the minds of players, who no longer know what to choose: traditional version or online? Let's see the advantages of each option.

Playing roulette in a land-based casino

Being able to play roulette in a real land-based casino is clearly a special experience for every player. Finding yourself in this fascinating place full of people, lights and games, being able to interact with the other players and the croupier … the bets are cloaked in a particular and inimitable atmosphere. After all, casinos are part of our culture and our imagination, as evidenced by the many films, books and TV series that mention them. Furthermore, you do not have to wait to collect your winnings, the payment is made immediately, at the house of the casino.

Play online roulette

Playing in an online casino may seem risky at first glance , because you don't know who runs the site, if it's trustworthy, if there are no house-favoring scams, if it's safe for our sensitive data such as credit card number. for example, whether the casino will pay our winnings or will always find some excuse not to. But by now, the measures taken by the government to control online casinos through ADM (Monopoly Customs Agency) have made online gambling very safe . It is enough to always and only contact the casinos that show the license issued by the ADM on their homepage (until recently this authority was known as AAMS).

And we must not forget that on the net you don't have to play for a fee , which is clearly mandatory in land-based casinos. In fact, you can play for free both on online casinos that offer their games in demo version, and on sites like, which specialize in online roulette .

That said, playing internet roulette has enormous advantages over a land-based casino , including:

  • Intimacy: You can play without being surrounded by other people who see what is happening at your table.
  • Mobility: you can play at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or PC device and an internet connection.
  • No dress code: if to enter a land-based casino (at least in the part reserved for table games) you have to dress in a certain way, this constraint does not exist online. Whether you play in your pajamas or a tuxedo, nobody cares.
  • No waiting at the tables: on the net, you never risk having to wait your turn at a crowded table.
  • Bonuses: One of the great advantages of playing at an online casino is that they offer welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses or other promotions offered by casinos to new players to thank them for signing up.
  • Free version: another big advantage is the aforementioned possibility to play your favorite games for free. This allows you to have fun without spending real money and to learn the game before playing for real money.

And for those who can't make up their minds, there are live online casinos

So far we have talked about online and offline play as if they were the only two possibilities of play, but in reality there is a third one, which is a cross between the two. Let's talk about live online casinos . Born in recent years thanks to the development of technology , these digital casinos actually connect players via webcam with a real gaming room , where they find themselves in front of the classic roulette table and a real croupier in flesh and blood.

This version of augmented reality roulette is enjoying great success , because it allows you to combine the advantages of online gaming – the fact of playing anywhere and anytime, without dress code, waiting at the tables and so on – with those of traditional casinos, that is the involvement, the atmosphere and the relationship with the dealer.

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