Playing cards online: vadecum for fans

Card games are a truly iconic form of entertainment. A hobby that has entertained entire generations and which has represented, and still represents today, a perfect convivial occasion. Obviously, the world changes, and the "digital revolution" has overwhelmed many habits. Even some very traditional games such as card games are now “declined” in a telematic version; So let's find out what it is useful to know if you want to play cards online .

Play cards online

Card Games: Online, the opportunities are endless

It must be said that the opportunities to play cards on the net today are really many.
There is really plenty of choice for those who want to have fun, but it is essential to make a basic distinction.

On the one hand, in fact, there are the card games that are dedicated to pure pleasure . On the other hand there is the Gambling , therefore the game that foresees bets and winnings in money; the suggestions for one and for the other type of game are distinct, let's go and find them out right away.

Play cards online for simple fun

If you want to play cards without wishing to bet money, you can refer to dedicated portals and apps . These resources are completely free and allow you to enjoy all the most popular card games. The site for example allows you to play broomstick, trump and even the famous solitaire. Video game, the latter, which literally depopulated in the nineties becoming an inevitable icon of the desktop of Microsoft computers.

The first step is, of course, to download the application, be it Android or iOS, in relation to the type of device. Then you can start playing by referring to a wide range of options .

You can play against "the computer" or against other users; it is possible to take part in "challenges" with other players and you can customize the difficulty levels. This option is very useful to make the games more exciting and more "training". You can even choose the type of deck to play with: in Italy, in fact, there are many local variants.

Play cards online

To play in the field of Gambling

Card games related to the world of Gambling require more rigorous procedures, and it could not be otherwise. In fact, as mentioned, we are talking about games that involve stakes and cash winnings. First of all, it is essential to make sure you are referring to a site or an App of a company with a regular license . In this sense, the tax agency that issues concessions to gambling companies is ADM , Agenzia delle Excise, Customs and Monopoly .

Verifying the presence of the concession is very simple. The ADM logo must be present on the home page of the site in question, perhaps accompanied by that of AAMS. This is the body that was previously used to issue concessions; alternatively you can check directly on the ADM website if the portal in question is in the list of dealers.

Before starting to play, via computer or App downloaded on a Mobile device, you must complete a registration procedure by providing your personal data . But above all, a copy of your identity document . This is essential as in Italy gambling with stakes and cash winnings is strictly forbidden to minors.

Gambling sites offer vast opportunities when it comes to card games. They range from the classic ones, such as broom, trump and others, to the more niche ones. For these card games, of course, it is essential to approach them with all the appropriate attention. This without ever exceeding the established budgets and avoiding compulsive behaviors. Therefore it is important that the risk of gambling addiction is avoided with all the attention required.

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