Pixel 6 camera configuration exposure, Google may use self-developed chips

Android 12 has been released, will the new generation of Google Pixel be far behind?

Not surprisingly, Google will release the Pixel 6 series of mobile phones later this year. Recently, the news about this "Google pro-son" has also come one after another.

After Jon Prosser first exposed the appearance of Pixel 6, OnLeaks also announced the rendering of this phone, confirming the former's revelations.

▲Google Pixel 6, picture from: OnLeaks

Judging from the renderings, Pixel 6 still continues the previous distinctive contrast design in appearance design. The orange embellishment on the top makes the whole phone a bit more playful. In the middle of orange and white is the most recognizable black camera module of Pixel 6. The raised camera module is in the shape of a horizontal bar, which separates the two colors.

The camera module of Pixel 6 is not only visually eye-catching, but also tactilely, it may be the first time users who have just started to notice it.

According to the news, the body size of the 6.4-inch Google Pixel 6 is about 158.6mm*74.8mm*8.9mm, and the thickness of its camera module area has reached 11.8mm.

▲The camera module of Google Pixel 6, picture from: OnLeaks

However, this camera module is not white. On Pixel 6, Google finally replaced the Sony IMX363 that had been used for three years.

The camera module of Pixel 6 contains two cameras. On the right is an unknown sensor, as well as a flash and a microphone. The specific signal of the camera is currently unclear. XDA's Mishaal Rahman (Mishaal Rahman) previously broke the news that the phone may use Samsung's sensors. From the perspective of the size of the camera module, Pixel 6 is likely to be equipped with Samsung GN2 or HM3.

The other, larger Pixel 6 Pro, did not follow the previous "XL" naming rules, instead using a more mainstream naming method, with a screen size of 6.67 inches.

In terms of cameras, the Pixel 6 Pro is a three-camera combination, which has an extra periscope telephoto lens compared to the Pixel 6. This is also the first time that Google has used a periscope telephoto lens on a mobile phone.

▲Pixel 6 Pro, picture from: OnLeaks

So far, no one knows the specific configuration of this phone, and unlike most flagship products, the Pixel 6 series may not be equipped with Qualcomm's flagship SoC.

But the performance of Pixel 6 is still worth looking forward to.

According to a report from the foreign media 9to5Google, Pixel 6 will use Google’s newly developed "Whitechapel" chip. This chip seems to have been developed with Samsung Semiconductor's System Large Scale Integration (SLSI) department, which may mean that "Whitechapel" has a similar performance to Samsung Exynos 2100 or Exynos 1080.

▲Picture from: OnLeaks

In other respects, Pixel 6 is expected to be equipped with dual stereo speakers and support wireless charging. The screen uses a hole-digging screen with a front camera in the middle, and supports fingerprint unlocking under the screen.

However, it is worth noting that this display panel may not support a high refresh rate, and the specific performance still needs to be verified by a real machine.

The title picture comes from: Jon Prosser

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