Pick up the Huawei phone and swipe right to learn about the smart phone features

Swipe right, swipe right, and find the service you need most right now.

I'm not talking about life social software, but the "Smart Assistant Today" that Huawei has always had-swipe right to enter the negative screen and click to subscribe when you encounter useful content. This function that allows you to get the services you need faster is the "Smart Assistant Today" that Huawei has been working on for a period of time.

On September 11th, the smart business sub-forum of the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 released the slightly changed "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0. Compared with the previous versions, the new version adds more content presentation forms and more content access methods. Not only makes it easier for users to find services, but services can also actively appear in front of users according to scenarios and user needs.

People looking for service, experience upgrade

Originally, the mobile phone was the bearer of the app, and the app was the bearer of the service. People download new applications on their mobile phones and then experience different services in the new applications. However, as the mobile phone ecosystem matures, people have put forward further requirements for human-computer interaction. Can users experience a certain service without opening the app? Can the mobile phone know the user's needs in advance?

Mobile phone manufacturers were unable to answer this question, so they tried cautiously. Google’s Instant Apps, Apple’s App Clips, and fast apps jointly explored by multiple domestic mobile phone manufacturers represent a future possibility-even if the app is not downloaded, users can still use the services they need.

Among the many forms of exploration by manufacturers, Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" may be the furthest one among manufacturers. They have made more attempts on the basis of "people looking for services", allowing users to experience the most direct "direct service", helping you "through" multiple levels of pages to reach the end.

But in version 3.0, users can also look for services in "Smart Assistant Today" more actively.

In this process of actively seeking services for users, it is very important to "discover" the services that are most needed at the moment. In the past, users were often unsure of what types of services could be pushed on a negative screen, but sometimes swiping to the right, they could see express delivery, itinerary information, weather conditions or news. The emergence of services is not entirely predictable.

I don't know what the negative screen is, it has become a "blocker" in cultivating Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" user habits. The "Subscribe" button appeared to solve this problem.

Through the negative one-screen homepage, you can enter the "subscription" service market with one click, and users can choose the corresponding services in the four major sections of travel, life, entertainment, and efficiency. For users, a more obvious subscription service entry and a more vivid and detailed service introduction can allow them to see the information they need more quickly, and also allow them to reach the services they need more conveniently.

After the subscription is completed, users can see the service updates provided by Huawei "Smart Assistant Today" on the negative screen. The services you subscribe to will appear in the dynamics in the form of similar service billboards. This is the dynamics that you actively subscribe to, and you know what it contains.

If you booked a ticket where you went, your flight information will be displayed here. If you pay attention to the latest epidemic situation, swipe right to see the real-time update of the national epidemic situation of the "39 Health Medical Assistants" you have subscribed to.

In addition to the "Where to Go Air Tickets" just mentioned, there are also services available for subscription in the travel category such as "Easy Checking for Violations of Vehicles" and "Train Tickets for Same Trips"; entertainment categories include "Xiaoice", "Sports Events", "Hot movies"; life category includes services such as "Delicious, Don't Wait", "Guotai Junan Stock", "Alipay Ant Forest" and other services.

Although it has not yet covered all areas, Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" currently provides users with more service choices in terms of travel, life, entertainment, and efficiency. In the future, these services should continue to iterate and provide richer choices.

▲The service details page in "Smart Assistant Today" provides information similar to the app store

Below the news, in addition to the original graphic news and information, "Smart Assistant Today" also has more vivid short videos. Among the daily mass information content, the hottest information will be presented first in the morning and evening newsletters, allowing you to grasp the latest and hottest social trends in the first time.

In addition to service updates and news information, Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" also provides powerful smart search. In addition to quickly finding local apps, documents, and schedules, you can also search for web information and find services that can be accessed directly with one click, making it clear and simple to discover and use services.

Discover services through a simple subscription portal, learn about services through the vivid service market, and quickly find services through search. This is the first experience upgrade brought by the latest Huawei "Smart Assistant Today".

Find people for service, find the service you need most

In addition to the upgrade of the experience of looking for people, the bigger difference of "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0 is the overall upgrade of looking for people. As stated in the book "A Brief History of Information":

The existence of information is not enough; it must also be known.

There are many strategies to deal with the excess of information, but in the final analysis, they can be essentially classified into two categories: either filtering or searching. When information becomes cheap, attention becomes expensive.

The search for information is carried out by the user, and the filtering of the information is completed by the user's own "subscription" and the system's understanding of the user.

The search for information is carried out by users themselves, and how to present valuable information and attract users' precious attention requires not only the user's own active "subscription", but also the system's understanding of users.

Take the "nearby service" newly launched in "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0 as an example. Users can actively subscribe to start this service as needed. When a user walks into a business district, Negative Screen will recommend the most suitable services for the user based on the user's real-time location and consumption habits, such as shopping, eating, singing, watching movies, etc., to help users make the most sensible consumption decisions .

"Nearby service" allows suitable services to be presented to users at the right time.

Through "nearby services", offline merchants have new channels to connect with users; while online merchants can choose "service number" to present and recommend the content of services users most need.

"Service account" is the carrier of interaction between merchants and users. Users can use it to keep abreast of the latest developments of business services, and dynamic information that appears at the right time is the best promotional tool for businesses. Timely, effective, and non-disturbing "service number" can allow the most suitable service content to provide services to target users at the right time.

In "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0, the overall upgrade of service search is also reflected in the overall upgrade of the scenario-based recommendation service capabilities.

If you are a new user, when you enter the negative screen for the first time, you can see the most popular local service recommendations; if you are about to travel, the negative screen will show you travel reminders, destination introductions, and taxi rides. Service; if you live at home, a negative screen can also recommend drama service, surrounding food delivery…Different scenes, ever-changing combination of scene-based services, to meet a variety of demands.

▲The function of the "Smart Assistant Today" service account

City service, benefit the people's livelihood

People are looking for services, and services are looking for people. This is not the entire content of Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0 experience upgrade.

In the upgrade of version 3.0, "Smart Assistant Today" also pays attention to the low frequency of daily use by users, but it is a city service that is just needed. When users use this type of service, they always cannot find a suitable entry, and sometimes they need to search multiple times to find the correct service entry.

In order to meet the needs of users, Huawei "Smart Assistant Today" 3.0 launched the "city service" function that benefits the people's livelihood.

In "Smart Assistant Today", services related to government affairs and people's livelihood are aggregated in "city services". As long as you enter the "city service" through the negative screen, or search for the government service keywords you need to check, the local official government and people's livelihood services will be presented to you.

You can easily handle just-needed business without leaving your home.

Accessibility, service connection with AI participation

Swipe right to find service, easy and convenient. But for some special users, experiencing these services is not so easy. This is not because the service guidance is too complicated, but because the user's physical condition is restricted.

According to the second national sample survey and statistics from the World Health Organization, my country now has 27.9 million people with hearing disabilities and 17.31 million visually impaired people. However, it is difficult for us to see these users in our daily lives, because their needs are largely ignored.

Blind people want to "hear" and deaf people want to "see". These two basic needs in the eyes of ordinary users are difficult to achieve for them. After all, not all manufacturers will pay attention to this "niche demand" that has nearly 50 million users.

In the upcoming version, these special user needs have not been ignored. Through the improvement and supplement of functions, Huawei "Smart Assistant Today" has also become an important function entry for these special users. Swipe right to enter Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today", where special users can get the functions and services they need.

The hearing impaired can see that the mobile phone automatically adds subtitles to videos and other content for themselves, and can also automatically convert the content of the people around them into text and display it on the mobile phone. Blind users can also experience more customized functions through this portal, such as reading out the information users need, and using system functions to perform basic translation work for users.

For these users with more "different" needs, this customized feature brings them closer to smart life.

1+8+N, all-weather smart services not only rely on mobile phones

Since Huawei proposed the 1+8+N strategy, software applications such as Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" have begun to explore more possibilities for multi-terminal collaboration. Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" is able to provide services on Huawei's multi-terminal products and can obtain information from different devices bound to it, and can often provide users with more accurate information and recommendations.

Take the travel scenario that most users will face as an example. After the user is actively bound and authorized, this fast service can be pushed to the user through different terminals such as mobile phones, headsets, and watches in "Smart Assistant Today".

At the moment when the user's departure time is getting closer and closer, if the user has not used the mobile phone for a long time, the Bluetooth headset that the user is using will enable the reminder function to prevent the user from missing the flight. The watch can also complete similar reminders.

If this itinerary reminds you to encounter Volvo Cars that Huawei cooperates with, users may be able to navigate directly to the airport without losing the address. This is not because the driver recognizes the way, but because the "car itself" already knows where the user needs to go most next. After the user's active confirmation, the car can directly provide the user with navigation services.

▲ Picture source: Gearbest

In the entertainment scene, the videos and music played on the mobile phone can also be watched on the Huawei smart screen. The unified ecosystem cooperates with each other and can directly switch videos without stopping. The speakers in the home scene can also receive related video and music reminders, so that users can enjoy the content they need without holding their mobile phones.

Not only the content in the mobile phone can be used on other terminals, the information on other terminals can also help the mobile phone provide better services. For example, if the user uses GT 2 to record the menstrual period, the automatically synchronized data in the Huawei ecosystem can also be displayed on the negative screen to remind you that the estimated menstrual period is still a few days away.

From different categories to brand-new connection methods, from the scope of services for ordinary users to product planning to popularize more users, Huawei "Smart Assistant Today" provides enough conditions for similar attempts in each end of the service And consider it as appropriate as possible.

Let users know what's on the negative screen of Huawei phones, and what this service can do for me on other ends.

Let users take the initiative to find services from "Smart Assistant Today", and let the service automatically find users. Focus on low-frequency but just-needed urban services, and also care about people with lower voices. Through the understanding of the service, Huawei's "Smart Assistant Today" has opened up smart devices at different ends and painted a bright future for users.

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