Philips Home Theater Ambient Lighting Experience: Probably the best light to turn on at night

As a lazy RGB enthusiast, when I received this set of Philips Hue Sync home theater ambient lights, it was still a bit difficult: with so many boxes, do I have to disassemble it until the year of the monkey?

However, when I felt that the living room was really too cold and needed a little adjustment and started to unpack and assemble these lamps, the simplicity was slightly beyond my imagination. After all, Philips Hue lamps have been through so many years, compared to other complex smart home assemblies. It is quite mature and stable, as well as simple.

Unlike the previous Philips Hue smart lighting, the main function of the Hue Sync home theater ambient light today is not to illuminate, but to assist the home theater and provide atmospheric lighting effects. This is actually similar to the common RGB lighting effects of gaming computers, not for that lighting, but for that color.

In addition to the light bulbs and gateways, the secret to the sound and light synchronization lies in the new device, the Hue Syncbox sound and light synchronizer. This small box that looks like a TV set-top box can be understood as an HDMI signal repeater, which can transmit video sources, such as game consoles such as Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or games and video images from computers, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players to the TV. At the same time, it is also synchronized to the luminaires, so that the luminaires echo the content of the screen, emit corresponding colors of light, enhance the atmosphere of the screen, and provide a more focused and immersive viewing experience.

Philips Hue Sync home theater ambient light has many specifications to choose from. Now there are more than a dozen types of bulbs in the Philips Hue family. In theory, users can DIY on the bridge and Hue Syncbox sound and light synchronizer according to their own needs. lighting scheme. The set I received consists of three light strips and a roll of light strips, set in three directions on the left, right, and top of the TV.

With the self-confidence of a consumer electronics editor for many years, I directly ignored the instructions when installing. Although there are many examples of overturning due to this kind of self-confidence in the past, the installation and networking of Philips Hue lamps is not complicated:

  1. There are two ways to assemble the light bar, the vertical type and the horizontal paste type. This part can be assembled by hand.
  2. After the bridge is connected to the router, download the Hue app on your phone, and the bridge will automatically find the light bar that is connected to the power supply
  3. Power up the Hue Syncbox sound and light synchronizer, download the Hue Sync app, connect the sound and light synchronizer to the bridge, and take over lighting control
  4. Connect any HDMI input source to the Hue Syncbox sound and light synchronizer, then connect the Hue Syncbox sound and light synchronizer to the TV, and you're done

After rummaging through the box, I found the Switch that had been eating ashes for a long time, and finally it was the time to enjoy: watch Tencent video.

To put it another way, when Tencent Video on the Switch side plays some power resources, even at 1080P resolution, the resolution is still at the level of full screen and large fruit grains, so the animation works are selected here, and the resolution requirements are lower.

What's interesting is that the randomly selected "Master of the Demon Dao" happens to be a work that needs a sense of atmosphere. The pictures are sometimes treacherous, sometimes warm and sometimes bright, and the emotional ups and downs of the plot twists are quite large.

Therefore, after turning off all the lights in the living room and using only this set of ambient lights, the viewing experience is indeed a plus: the blue-white ambient light and the slightly suspenseful and terrifying picture add a more eerie feeling; and when the picture is on fire, The ambient lighting has turned into warm orange, which makes people feel warm and warm. …

In addition, the delay between this set of lighting effects and the TV picture is quite low, and the synchronization is good. There will be no situation where the picture becomes cold, but the light is still warm. Even if the picture changes quickly, the atmosphere will not stay the same.

In addition to the video screen, the game screen can also achieve the same synchronization effect. For example, in "Super Mario", different levels have different screen styles, the initial blue sky and white clouds and grass, to the gradually tense maze magma in the back screen, also because of the atmosphere. Lights are more interesting.

The icing on the cake is the best description for the Philips Hue Sync light synchronization home theater. It is not a necessary option for audio-visual and game lovers, but after having it, it does add points to the experience.

Hue series products have never been cheap in smart lighting. For example, the price of the above set of ambient lighting is only 4,000 to 5,000 yuan. It is not cheap in exchange for a single simple function. TVs at home are not so expensive…

Another problem is that this set of lamps may be more suitable for users who have a large living room and a large TV wall at home, so that the lamps can be placed in a larger space, and the light distribution is wider and more uniform. As you can see above, because the area of ​​my TV wall is too small, the lighting effect is too concentrated, and the sense of atmosphere is actually a bit too strong.

However, if there is no need to work overtime and no one is disturbed on a weekend rainy night, turn off all the lights in the house and turn on the TV to watch a classic old movie, then there is no doubt that it is the only light I am willing to turn on, and the sense of ritual is good. The sense of atmosphere is worth mentioning, the light and shadow change, and the colors are colorful, which is also in line with the sentence in "The Grand Master", where there are lights, there are people.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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