Pepsi launched “Coke for Fried Chicken” in Japan, and wants to grab business with beer?

Everyone's eating habits may be different, but they can agree on the combination of certain foods. For example, eating fried chicken is usually accompanied by cola (of course, there are other different combinations, such as the TV series "From the Stars" a few years ago. You" and the more popular fried chicken with beer), neutralize the unavoidable greasy taste of fried chicken with the refreshingness of carbonated beverages.

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In order for fried chicken lovers to better enjoy the delicious taste, Japan's Suntory (SUNTORY, responsible for Pepsi's production and sales in Japan) has launched a limited new product – "Pepsi Cola for Fried Chicken", which will be available in 600 ml from June 14. The version is listed, priced at 140 yen (about 7 yuan).

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Different from common cola, this "Coke for Fried Chicken" is transparent in color, and the aroma and sweetness of the cola itself are reduced. It has 0 calories and also increases dietary fiber.

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The reason for making such adjustments to the recipe is mainly to be more "compatible" with fried chicken. The adjusted "Coke for Fried Chicken" has a refreshing taste, which can highlight the taste of fried chicken, and it will not feel greasy when eating. 0 calories can also slightly reduce the "guilt" of eating high-calorie fried chicken.

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In the pre-launch advertisement, the tasters holding fried chicken tried the combination of fried chicken and "Coke for fried chicken" and PepsiCo's other cola product, BIG "Sheng" ZERO, and finally thought that the two were indistinguishable. .

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In addition to the "dedicated for fried chicken", Japan seems to have many cola with unique flavors. For example, the BIG "raw" ZERO that appeared in this advertisement is a mixture of "raw cola spices" selected from dozens of spices. It is not heated during the production process to maximize the fresh taste and taste of raw cola spices. I feel like I'm drinking draft beer.

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Not only these, Pepsi has also launched cherry blossom, cucumber, strawberry Christmas cola, and J-Cola midnight blackcurrant flavors in Japan.

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As a rival in the cola industry, Coca-Cola has also made a lot of innovations in flavors, such as cherry, vanilla, lime, strawberry, and a flavor that is "outstanding" just by its name. Starlight" (Star River Walk).

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Even not long ago, Coca-Cola Tmall flagship store launched an herbal tea product "Prunella vulgaris". This herbal formula of traditional herbal tea is a product of the Coca-Cola Company's "Healthy Workshop".

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Prunella vulgaris is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine commonly used in herbal tea. From the perspective of the formula, this drink of Coca-Cola is also a very ordinary herbal tea, but its 24 bottles are priced at 297 yuan after discount, and the unit price per bottle is about 12.4 yuan. As a herbal tea drink, the price/performance ratio is really not high.

Although Coke is a commodity that has lasted for hundreds of years, it seems to have been "seeking change". Whether it is a variety of special flavors or launching different types of drinks, it is an attempt by the two Coke brands to attract more consumers. Consumers satisfy their curiosity, and the brand achieves the purpose of publicity.

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However, in the eyes of many consumers who will buy Coke, it should still be the best drink in the original flavor.

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