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  • Sick of drinking filtered toilet water? maybe beer would be better
  • Sweden wants to build the world's first road that can charge cars, but it hasn't figured out how to do it
  • This new series of IKEA is like visiting a global market
  • Nestle created a cookbook that's also a workout routine for arthritis sufferers
  • Sunday: Taking care of the lawn at home should not be a "dirty" job

Sick of drinking filtered toilet water? maybe beer would be better

If you hand someone a glass of water and tell them it comes from wastewater purification, one in two people will refuse to drink it.

But if you replace the water here with beer, all of a sudden, 9 out of 10 people will drink it.

Guillaume Clairet, CEO of H2O Innovation, a Canadian water treatment technology company, said with a smile.

Although it sounds funny, beer brewed with recycled wastewater has indeed become a new weapon for many American cities to promote the use of wastewater.

In the past few decades, government departments in many American cities have tried to promote recycled water, commonly known as "toilet to tap" (toilet to tap) to citizens, but they have been resisted.

The recycled water is of even higher quality than normal surface water filtration, yet citizens resent the thought of their taps coming from the sewer.

Until people discovered that beer is actually a key product that can help citizens overcome their "disgusting feeling".

In Las Virginia, where the "beer strategy" has just started, people can use recycled water to brew a variety of beers: exotic, thick, smooth, and so on.

In the end, the person in charge decided to make a beer with a more concise and refreshing taste-in order to highlight the "sense of purity", so that people can think of freshness and purity when they see recycled water.

The icing on the cake is that this beer also has a price advantage.

In Forsyth, USA, the Revival Lager beer made with recycled water sold out in April. At $4 a pint, the beer is the cheapest on the menu, partly because recycled water is currently free.

All seem willing to take it up and try it.

Nothing beats $4.

Sweden wants to build the world's first road that can charge cars, but it hasn't figured out how to do it

Sweden will build the world's first road that can charge electric vehicles while driving, and it is expected to be completed in 2025.

According to Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Authority, to achieve large-scale carbon reduction, solving the energy supply problem of heavy goods vehicles is an important part.

In order to support long-distance driving, these large trucks need to use larger batteries, which in turn increase the overall weight of the truck, forming a vicious circle.

Sweden hopes to solve this problem by using roads to provide mobile charging.

After various trials and tests, engineers in Sweden are still undecided which technology is best to use.

Catenary systems or conductive (in contact with electrified railway) systems are the solutions used by some trams in current technology.

Ideally, the team hopes to use an induction system, with electromagnetic coils installed on the road that charge to the bottom of the battery.

To date, however, experimental support for this technology remains short. The test track commissioned by Sweden in 2020 is just 2.5 miles long.

And now this new project will meet the 13-mile distance goal, so it is still uncertain whether it will land.

If this charging road is completed, it may mean that electric vehicles will usher in a big change. For private cars, if they can be combined with home charging and road mobile charging, the volume of car batteries can be reduced by 70%.

This new series of IKEA is like visiting a global market

When traveling, many people like to go to the local small markets to find small objects or handicrafts with local characteristics.

Recently, IKEA announced the launch of the "MÄVINN Ma Weining" series, highlighting the beauty of craftsmanship in different regions.

The word "MÄVINN" comes from the local dialect of Smaland, where IKEA was born, and means "smooth sailing".

There are 19 handmade products in the series, which are jointly produced by IKEA and seven social enterprises in various parts of Asia. These social enterprises are committed to providing long-term employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

For this series, our original intention was to highlight craftsmanship and bring product makers from behind the scenes to the stage.

The collection was inspired by the experience of visiting a local craft market: where you might find interesting knick-knacks, but also meet artisans selling homemade handicrafts.

In the Ma Weining series, each product is handmade by artisans, so each piece has a subtle and unique difference in appearance and shape.

Materials used in the collection include cotton, denim remnants and natural fibers such as paper made from mulberry bark, plantain fiber and jute.

For the selection of these materials, on the one hand, their durability and renewability are considered, and on the other hand, the procurement and production process of these materials also help to create more local employment opportunities.

As a designer, I am very excited to work closely with local artisans, bringing their skills and creativity into each product.

Doing so not only promotes traditional crafts, but also creates meaningful employment opportunities for those in need.

Through Mavening, we are able to support artisans and their communities everywhere, while bringing great handcrafted products to people around the world.

Nestle created a cookbook that's also a workout routine for arthritis sufferers

In Mexico, arthritis diagnoses are 60% higher than anywhere else in the world. Arthritis patients often give up some of their hobbies due to mobility impairments, and cooking is one of them.

Therefore, Nestlé cooperated with local companies in Mexico to create a new platform "Recipes vs Arthritis (Recipes vs Arthritis)" and designed a series of arthritis-friendly recipes.

In order to design these recipes, Nestlé recruited physical therapists, nutrition experts and chefs to integrate exercises that are beneficial to the recovery of arthritis patients into the cooking process, so that actions such as rubbing balls, squeezing orange juice, and taking blueberries can become Exercise for strong joints.

In addition, the nutritionist also incorporated ingredients with anti-inflammatory effects into the dishes, making the meals healthy and healthy.

 "Recipe vs Arthritis"

Sunday: Taking care of the lawn at home should not be a "dirty" job

How obsessed are Americans with their lawns?

Every year, Americans can spend $45 billion on lawn care, which has a total planted area of ​​40 million acres, making it the third largest "crop" in the United States.

However, the most common reaction most Americans have when it comes to lawn care is fear:

Confidence in lawn care is 0.

Nobody knows how to keep lawns and gardens, but they think everyone else does, and they think there is something wrong with them.

Coulter Lewis explains.

When Lewis first started lawn and looked at the products on the shelves, he was also surprised, but for another reason – "the amount of pesticide used per acre is five times that of industrial farms." .

With these two insights, Lewis founded Sunday, the lawn management brand.

Lewis likes to call the company "the Netflix of gardening" because they are a subscription-based service, and users will regularly receive gardening products customized according to the season, soil type, and landscape type, without excessive use of pesticides, and with friendly use guide.

The opportunity here is not just to make our lawns "cleaner," but also to empower people.

While Sunday still has a small niche compared to big brands, Lewis sees a bright future for the brand, given millennials' preference for organic and environmentally friendly products.

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