“Peace Elite” 2nd Anniversary: ​​”Super Digital Scene” is loading

"Peace Elite" is ready to launch a rocket.

The news came suddenly. At the end of the 2nd anniversary party of "Peace Elite" in Chongqing, Gao Lina, the project leader of "Peace Elite", announced the "mysterious blockbuster incident". The audience instantly boiled and cheered as much as Brilliance. Yu Ding appeared with a misty pink mullet head.

The specific method is that "Peace Elite" will cooperate with Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. and Aerospace Science and Industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. to launch the "Peace Elite" carrier rocket and "Peace Elite" carrying information of all "Peace Elite" players. satellite. At present, the pre-production of rockets and satellites has been completed, and the pre-launch test preparations are also underway.

▲ Peace Elite x Rockets

Launching rockets is the culmination of a series of activities on the second anniversary of "Peace Elite". On the second anniversary of the game’s launch, "Peace Elite" has prepared many new things——

The first is that the game’s vision has undergone significant changes. The game’s interface, LOGO, and even fonts are more concise. For this reason, "Peace Elite" also cooperated with the Hanyi font library to make the entire game look like a "Peace Elite". More trendy.

▲ "Peace Elite" new version of the game lobby interface

▲"Peace Elite" Chinese characters

The update of the gameplay is also quite interesting. During the 2nd anniversary of "Peace Elite", the "airship party", "who is the inner ghost", "rocket gameplay" and so on were updated in one go. Based on the "chicken eating" gameplay, it derived More ways to play in line with the "party" atmosphere.

▲ Rocket gameplay in "Peace Elite"

In addition, the inter-industry linkage of the game has also become richer.

The first is that the 18-meter Freedom Gundam airborne "Peace Elite" was born on the island. The game restores the whole process of Gundam construction, which echoes the Freedom Gundam in Shanghai Lalabao. Both are part of the "Gundam China Project". The difference is that the Freedom Gundam in "Peace Elite" will take off directly from the birth island after it is completed, which I believe will make many carrot fans hooked.

▲ "Peace Elite" island map up to take off

In addition to Gundam, on the day of the 2nd anniversary party of "Peace Elite" in Chongqing, the cooperation with "Godzilla vs. King Kong" was also announced. The two giants will come to the game of "Peace Elite". From the perspective of the promotional film, the future does not rule out the occurrence of Guan Gong and Qin Qiong such as Gundam vs. King Kong and Godzilla.

Pan-entertainment IP linkage is also the area where "Peace Elite" 2nd anniversary is focused. First of all, Wu Xuanyi was invited to sing the anniversary party invitation song "Let's Party". This song is also compatible with Tencent's National Bank Switch and Ubisoft's "Dancing Power". " Just Dance " cooperation has become one of the exclusive dance music of the National Bank " Just Dance " game. This is also the rare deep linkage between Tencent's self-developed games and National Bank console games.

▲ "Let's Party" singing and dancing in "Just Dance"

What’s more interesting is that "Peace Elite" not only launched the anniversary theme song "Flight Conductor" jointly with its spokesperson Hua Chenyu, but even held a virtual concert. The design of the whole concert is consistent with traditional singing in the real world. It’s very different. The perspective, freedom, and atmosphere are very special. In terms of the size of "Peace Elite", millions of players may have watched Hua Chenyu’s concert. This is also impossible in the past. imagination.

▲"Peace Elite" virtual concert

Taking advantage of the heat of the anniversary celebration, "Peace Elite" also launched a joint costume with PeaceBird, launched the first official comic "Stroke God of War", opened the 2021 S2 season of the PEL Peace Elite Professional League, and joined the Shanghai International Circuit Launched in-depth cooperation.

From online to offline, from reality to virtual, from gameplay to cross-industry linkage-at the 2nd anniversary node, the "update" of "Peace Elite" is no longer limited to the gameplay itself, but extends the tentacles to In all fields, go to build the "digital scene".

This coincides with the concept of "super digital scene" put forward by Tencent's senior vice president and representative of Tencent's game business at the beginning of the year:

With the evolution of technology, electronic games presented in digital form are becoming a "super digital scene." The future of games must far surpass today's human imagination. It will be released in terms of cultural transmission, public services, educational applications, and technological innovation. Greater value and possibility.

▲The second from left is Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent

The development of science and technology has brought new gaming experiences, and the vigorous development of games has also promoted the progress of the information industry. With the maturity of 5G commercial, big data and cloud services, the boundaries of future mobile games will become broader, and the game will be There are more innovations in dimensions such as, IP cross-border, technology and cultural creation, and e-sports events.

According to the "2020 China Game Industry Report" released by the Game Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association , the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market in 2020 will reach 278.687 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.71%. In the same year, the number of domestic players reached 665 million. The Chinese game industry is already in a leading position in the world, but it is still looking for new opportunities to "break the game", and the new track under the "super digital scene" may become a development opportunity.

The discussion on the "super digital scene" is global. The market value of Roblox, an online game platform that went on the market not long ago, is close to 40 billion U.S. dollars. The virtual world built around the interactive form of games is being used by more and more people. Seen as the blueprint for the next-generation Internet platform.

This may be the future evolution direction of "Peace Elite".

Since its official launch in May 2019, "Peace Elite" has maintained an update rate of almost every two months, bringing flexible upgrades to the gameplay, such as the 4V4 small-scale gun battlefield and the May anniversary version. The airship party, who is the inner ghost, bounty mode, etc., the diversity of experience gives the game alive and vitality.

In addition to the construction of online and offline scenes, using digital methods to optimize scene immersion is also an important part of developing the experience economy and establishing emotional connections with young people.

In this regard, "Peace Elite" has many cases. For example, in December 2019, the Songhua River in Harbin, the Shimao Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort in Changchun, Jilin, the Cuiyun Mountain·Yinhe Ski Resort in Hebei, and the Guangzhou Sunac Snow World set up ice and snow themes in December 2019. Paradise; Hainan TGC Elite Adventure Club in November 2020, built a proportional airplane and assembly hall in the game; in December 2020, together with the Harbin Symphony Orchestra, held a New Year concert at the Sofia Concert Hall.

▲Hainan TGC Elite Adventure Club

There is also the 2020 International Champions Cup (PEC), as well as this 2nd anniversary party, you can see that the offline stage of "Peace Elite" has long evolved into a collection of events, star performances, annual releases, and awards ceremonies. It is a comprehensive ceremony with full content, stage design, multi-view broadcast technology, and multi-camera presentation of the event all have strong reference significance.

Creating a "super digital scene" can not only fully expand the openness and tolerance of the game itself in the gameplay design, but also fill in the content of the plot, graphics, music, etc. through high frequency, high quality, and multiple dimensions. , Create more secondary content that attracts users, strengthen the emotional connection and stickiness of players, effectively improve activity and communication effects, and lay a user foundation for the long-term operation of the product.

▲At the 2nd anniversary party of "Peace Elite", Hua Chenyu is singing the new cooperative song "Flight Conductor"

Think of the game as a "super scene" in human activities. It has simulations of reality, abstract rules, interactions between people, and is a manifestation of human expressions driven by technology.

From virtual to reality, online to offline, short-term and high-speed development, step by step steadily strengthening the layout, although no game has fully realized the "super digital scene", but products such as "Peace Elite" have made people Feeling its diversification and ambition, the development process will inevitably bring more internationalization, popularization, cross-field, and break-through benign combination, creating new opportunities and value for different industries.

▲ Following the cooperation with boxing and basketball, PEL will also implant creative racing elements

For 2 years, the game is constantly exploring the future to discover its potential, and players are enough to grow from a bronze rank to an invincible God of War.

The maple tree swing on the island map, the pig-shaped rock in the desert, the mysterious snake island in the rainforest, and the sea of ​​roses in the snow. Although the scenery on each map has long been precious, but all the moments of excitement or joy-keep super with old classmates Airdrops, a steep rollover with strangers, bugs with netizens, Voldemort with the subject, and a championship cake in one dress and three times-every time I think of it, my heart beats faster and my blood boils.

I continue to look forward to a better "Peace Elite".

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