Pantone released the 2022 annual fashion color “periwinkle blue”, inspired by the meta universe

When the entire network is using annual keywords to summarize 2021, the color agency Pantone's 2022 fashion color "Very Peri" has arrived.

▲ Very Peri. Picture from: Pantone

It is a mixture of blue and fuchsia. It combines the "permanence" of the former with the "vitality and excitement" of the latter. It is described by Pantone as "periwinkle blue". We can use periwinkle, lavender and birds A similar color is seen on the lavender feathers.

▲ Catharanthus roseus.

Very Peri is not in Pantone's color catalog. This is the first time that Pantone has created a new color as a popular color of the year. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, pointed out:

Very Peri demonstrates a lively, cheerful attitude and energetic presence, encouraging brave creativity and imaginative expression.

▲ Picture from: Pantone

The inspiration for the 2022 fashion color comes from the rise of the meta universe and the long impact of the epidemic. Pantone believes that we are living in an unprecedented era, and we need to introduce a new color instead of extracting a color. Very Peri represents the increasingly blurred boundary between the physical world and the digital landscape:

When we come out of a period of intense isolation, concepts and standards are changing, and physical life and digital life are fused together in a new way. With the increasing popularity of Metaverse and the continuous development of the digital space art community, we expand the boundaries of reality and create new color possibilities.

At the same time, Pantone plans to work with artist Polygon1993 to launch 6 NFT artworks featuring Very Peri as the main elements.

Very Peri is easily reminiscent of Ultra Violet, the popular color of 2018. Pantone said at the time, “Ultraviolet reflects elements such as counterculture, non-conformism, vigilance and foresight, revealing the mysteries of the universe, and inspiring people to move forward and "Exploring the unknown" is not outdated even now.

▲ Ultra Violet. Picture from: Pantone

Pantone’s annual fashion color selection began in 2000. Color experts explored "how colors are being affected" every year around the world. These influences may come from movies, fashion, design, tourism, global competitions, emerging art, or new art. Lifestyle, game styles, social media platforms and socio-economic conditions, as well as new technologies, materials, textures and effects that affect colors.

▲ Green vegetation. Picture from: Pantone

For example, the popular color of 2017 is "Greenery" (Greenery). Pantone noticed at the time that there are more and more expressions of green plants in daily life. It is reflected in urban planning, architectural plans, lifestyle and Design choices bring hope to people in a troubled social and political environment.

When fashion colors are born, they will act as a counterforce, affecting product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishing, industrial design, product packaging and graphic design. Therefore, we can always see that Pantone's cotton color card, printing accuracy guide, interior decoration color guide and popular color come together, just waiting to sweep all aspects of life.

▲ Picture from: Pantone

Now, several brands that have cooperated with Pantone have replaced products such as mugs, eco-friendly sports shoes, bicycles with Very Peri.

▲ Picture from: prioritybicycles

▲ Picture from: cariuma

This time, Pantone also cooperated with Microsoft to launch a very Peri-themed design package, including Teams background color, Windows wallpaper, Edge theme and PPT template.

Pantone is not the only organization to launch annual fashion colors. Many paint and coating companies also have their own annual fashion colors.

Dulux announced the 2022 color "Clear Sky Blue" in September of this year. "It is a fresh and bright blue. It is inspired by clear skies and fresh air. It is full of vitality, optimism, and joyful. It injects outdoor breath into our Family".

▲ Clear sky blue. Picture from: Dulux

Dulux gathers experts from various fields around the world to discuss and predict global color trends every year. This year's meeting was changed to online. They discussed the extension of the role of home, the irreplaceability of nature, the comfort and inspiration brought by art, and embraces For the importance of new ideas, I finally chose Clear Sky Blue, "We are eager to reshape our lives and let it rejuvenate."

BEHR Baise Bear Paint’s 2022 color of the year is the "Green Glass Corridor", a relaxing and inspiring sea glass green that expresses the peace and tranquility of progress.

▲ Green glass promenade. Picture from: Behr

Benjamin Moore's 2022 color of the year is "Flat Autumn Mist", soft and lovely sage green, calm but eclectic, and can be easily integrated into various designs:

Just as the green flower stems of plants connect all colors together, we need a color to connect all external colors—including emotions—to turn diverse individuals into a living whole.

▲ Flat autumn mist. Picture from: Benjamin Moore

Similar to Pantone, born with these annual fashion colors are extended inspiration color palettes, paint colors, floor paint colors, and home renovation guidelines.

▲ Previous annual popular colors. Picture from: Pantone

The color organization represented by Pantone uses concentrated pens and inks to trace the spirit of the times, giving colors more and more concepts, such as innovation, curiosity, change, and connection, and elevating them to the height of spiritual needs. And when the predictions they confided came to fruition, the color of the year became a commodity for tens of thousands of consumers, truly spreading and becoming popular.

▲ Picture from: Pinterest

Unlike the previous year's popular colors, Pinterest, an American website that specializes in sharing inspiration and practical skills, said that the epidemic has not yet cleared, and colorful clothing will become a popular trend in 2022.

It analyzed the searches of 400 million users worldwide in 2021. Searches for "Rainbow Dress Women" doubled, "Fuchsia Dresses" increased by four times, and "Electric Blue Suits" increased by 140%. In addition, Gothic style and lattice patterns will also become popular in the fashion and home furnishing categories.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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