PANTONE Announces the Color of the Year 2023

In December, when the temperature is cooling and snowing in many places, the annual PANTONE Color of the Year is coming as scheduled .

The color of the year 2023 is——

Viva Magenta (Viva Magenta 18-1750)!

I have to say, this color gives this cold season a shot in the arm – it's really red!
It makes me want to directly wish everyone an early New Year.

▲ Note: PANTONE can also be called Pantone. The well-known "Pantone" is actually an inaccurate transliteration

The representative color of 2023 is really booming

As a global color authority, PANTONE selects a color to represent the spirit of the times every year. This color will also be applied to all walks of life and become the annual popular color.

This year's "Viva Magenta", PANTONE called it "an unconventional red in an unconventional era."

It is derived from the red family of PANTONE, inspired by a small insect called cochineal, which is between red and pink on the color wheel, and is one of the most precious dyes in the family of natural dyes, and is also known in the world One of the strongest and brightest dyes.

According to PANTONE, this uplifting hue evokes the power of nature to lift our spirits and help us build inner strength.

It's a new, vibrant color that's worth celebrating.

It represents bravery, unrestrained, bold life, a symbol of wisdom and tolerance.

"There are too many things that have affected our thinking, and there are too many things that we have to make changes, but there is no doubt that the most important impact this year is caused by the new crown epidemic," said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the PANTONE Institute:

The choice of this color also reflects the "rebellious" spirit of the times, as well as people's new interest in creative experimentation after the new crown epidemic.

He also said in an interview with Dezeen that although Viva Magenta is confident, it is not aggressive.

This inspiring color gives us the courage to move forward and embrace new visions.

PANTONE itself has also made a new attempt to vigorously promote this color as a "super star" in the metaverse.

With the help of AI art tool Midjourney and creative platform Huge, they created an immersive digital world that explores color, examining its connection to nature and the digital world.

"Viva Magenta" is also a signal of a new power.

The epidemic is still going on, and this color shows that more and more people hope to regain their footing, reconnect with the new world through color, and shape attitudes, opinions and confidence in 2023.

It is foreseeable that it will also inspire more optimism in the next year and move towards a more positive future.

How do you feel about this color?

Manufacture of the popular PANTONE

Remember that memorable dialogue from 2006's The Devil Wears Prada?

The editor-in-chief of the famous fashion magazine "RUNWAY" looked at a sky blue sweater on her assistant (played by Anne Hathaway) and said:

Oscar de la Renta designed a series of sky blue evening dresses in 2002, then Yves Saint Laurent designed a sky blue military jacket, and sky blue became the favorite of 8 other designers, and put it in the store under his name , and finally creeping into the pathetic American mid-range brands that you get from their discounted offerings.

It's funny how you think you've chosen this color to distance yourself from the fashion world, when in fact, the people in this room helped you choose this sweater from a pile of clothes.

Coincidentally, sky blue is the 2003 PANTONE Color of the Year: Aqua Sky.

This year marks the 22nd year that PANTONE has chosen the Color of the Year .

From 1965, the first set of PANTONE color matching system designed for art materials was released. Later, PANTONE added color matching systems for pigments, plastics, powder coatings, screen technology, and textiles, establishing the most common color language.

Color is also starting to really become a mass business.

Now you only need to tell the other party the color number, and the other party can find out what color it is, and PANTONE's color card has become the most popular reference for conveying color information.

Since 2000, PANTONE's color experts have searched for a color that captures the spirit of the times as the color of the year through changes in various fields around the world.

▲ The color of the year over the years

The selection process, usually by the PANTONE Institute's color experts, analyzes market environmental trends, socio-economic conditions, arts and culture, mainstream media and technological advancements to finalize the Color of the Year.

▲Tiffany blue has always been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The picture comes from: Christina Horsten/dpa/picture alliance

They use colors to express global cultural emotions and attitudes, and usually they can touch people's indescribable hearts, and then set off a new wave of colors.

Every year, the color of the year is widely used in various fields such as industrial design, home design and graphic design, becoming a new popular color.

Earlier this year, PANTONE also announced the 2023 spring and summer fashion color trend report, including 10 popular colors, namely:

Flame Red, Grapefruit, Peach Pink, Empire Yellow, Crystal Rose Pink, Beetroot Purple, Classic Green, Lovebird Green, Everlasting Blue, Summer Song Blue.

I have to say that PANTONE has a really good way of naming colors, and it is easy to become popular when you hear it. All walks of life will indeed quickly follow this wave.

Of course, PANTONE is not the only company that "engages in color", but PANTONE can be said to be the most out of the circle.

With the development and evolution of the entire human art history, colors are so large that they affect the trajectory of social evolution and cultural change, and now they are also reflected in everyone's psychological emotions, life consumption, and social expression.

Last year, PANTONE's color of the year was "periwinkle blue" . Instead of extracting a color, they created a brand new color.

Inspired by the hottest metaverse of the time, the color represented the increasingly blurred border between the physical world and the digital landscape.

As we emerge from a period of intense isolation, perceptions and standards are changing, with physical and digital life merging in new ways. With the growing popularity of the Metaverse and the growing digital space art community, we push the boundaries of reality and create new color possibilities.

The "Coral Orange" in 2019 represents the worry and vigilance against climate change behind it .

They hope that this bright, positive and soft color can embrace everyone with warmth and nourishment while being full of vitality and playfulness, so that people can feel warm, reassuring and intimate during changes, just like coral reefs breed marine life.

The iPhone XR of the year was also coral.

For example, the 2017 color of the year is "vegetation green" , which is also because there are more and more expressions of green plants in urban life.

This kind of green can bring more sustainable hope in urban planning, architectural schemes, lifestyles, and design choices.

In recent years, PANTONE has also continued to carry out "color cross-border" creative ideas , such as making apps, publishing magazines, opening hotels, opening coffee shops, etc., and playing with young people.

New lifestyles are constantly changing, and PANTONE's popular colors are also changing. What remains unchanged is that new lifestyles will appear every year, and new annual colors will be announced.

Color has become an essential part of our life, and also a part of stimulating and exploring the charm of our life.

This year's "booming trance", I hope it can be seen everywhere in life soon, bringing some new courage and strength.

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