Oversized AirPods, 9 times larger solitaire, mobile phone projector… these products are not easy to use but very eye-catching

On Double Eleven, everyone counts the full reduction in the shopping cart and empties everything in the shopping cart. I was the only one who was stunned by the earth-flavored video recommended for the products in the shopping cart, and bought a few items that seemed a bit interesting but actually useless.

It turns out that there are quite a few people who watch the video and grow small commodities like me, and the sales of these chicken ribs are quite high.

Native chicken rib products, full of magical power

I bought a total of 6 small local products, two of which are related to technology, which attracted the attention of colleagues in the hardware group.

The oversized version of "AirPods" is the well-deserved king of traffic. When you see a photo of it, you won't doubt if it is AirPods. Unless you are very careful and notice that this product has an extra interface that AirPods does not have, and the texture is not quite right. But as long as you see its real thing, you know it must not be AirPods.

Without him, it's all because this "AirPods" is really too big, ordinary people's ears can't fit, probably only the big ears like Zhu Bajie can challenge it. Merchants call it a super-large version of AirPods, imitating the classic design of AirPods, and even borrowed another product name from the same series, calling itself AirPods Pro. Of course, in my opinion, its most suitable name should be "AirBigs".

This 29.9 free shipping product made me realize for the first time that the shape of AirPods really looks like a shower head. Considering that the design of in-ear headphones needs to fit the ears, in fact, any in-ear headphones will be very similar to shower heads, but they are not so recognizable in shape, and no small and medium-sized business will imitate it as a speaker. .

Yes, this is a speaker, a speaker that cannot stand alone like AirPods. When you turn on its switch, you can hear the boot tone and feel its sound quality-equivalent to the price level. Although the big earphones have a small face, as earphones that can't fit into the ears, the biggest role of "AirBigs" with "total sound quality" is probably to make you a circle of friends.

The other product is not just a mere imitation of its appearance, it still moved some thoughts.

A simple (cheap) plastic board, a plastic sheet to support the mobile phone, and a removable magnifying glass. This is a simple mobile video projector.

It's hard to say that he is not worthy of the truth. After all, it can really magnify the content of the mobile phone screen, but the high-definition and anti-blue light that are advertised cannot be felt. Some people say that their eyes hurt after experiencing it for a while.

This product can indeed magnify the image of the mobile phone screen, but it has certain requirements for your viewing angle. You'd better watch the projected content horizontally, otherwise a part of the content will appear outside the projector. For people with TVs, computers, and iPads, this thing that will automatically degrade the picture quality is really tasteless.

There is also a very "practical" tool to liberate productivity-melon seed sheller. With it, there is no need to worry about unidentified liquid when you peel melon seeds to others. The melon seeds are fixed by the aligned snap seams, and then the melon seeds are pressed manually to complete the peeling work, and finally the melon seeds are allowed to slide naturally from the small slope that conforms to the design aesthetics.

To be honest, this product has a high success rate and can complete tasks very efficiently. The problem is that the processing efficiency is too low, the shelling speed is still very slow, and the separation of the peel and the kernel of the melon seeds needs to be done manually. The damage of this product to production tools (hands) also inhibited its development space. After all, pressing 10 melon seeds will cause pain in the hand, and for the sake of the finger belly, I can only put it on the shelf.

Also useful is the artifact of foot washing-slippers brush. It exerts extreme creativity, combining brushes and slippers styles, and adding a grindstone to the heel of the slippers.

From the styling point of view, I have no doubt about its "dead-skinning" function promotion, it looks like it can really remove a layer of skin.

It also thoughtfully added multiple bottom suction cups to help you fix and use it on slippery floors such as bathrooms.

From the actual wearing experience, it is not so prickly, but like a comfortable massage. Thinking of the long-term cleaning tasks after walking the dog at home, I actually think this product is a little bit practical.

Another product that claims to be able to solve the problems that dads will encounter is the automatic hair braiding device priced at 30+. It looks like a child's toy from the look of it. People who pick it up are said to be unable to help but yell "Balala energy".

Although it looks like a child’s product, it actually takes a little effort to assemble it. The English manual also persuades many people, so many people in the comment section say "I don’t want to use it if I buy it." The plastic of this product looks cheaper than the Airbigs above, and it has to be driven by two batteries.

The function of tying hair does exist, but the tying does not matter. When the three-color silk thread is tightly wrapped around your hair to create a colorful look, you may have to lose some hair with scissors before taking it apart.

The last product was the most interesting, and two colleagues even shared it in the circle of friends after experiencing it. Not because it is too powerful, but because it is too funny.

This is a nine-fold large playing card. After I played a game of "Fighting the Landlord" with it, my hand myositis recurred and the muscles in the tiger's mouth bulged again. It's all because this deck of cards is too heavy. A box of playing cards is heavier than three books. Other poker is tiring, this one tiring hands. A male colleague with small hands even needs the coordination of his legs and feet to complete a game.

But in the circle of friends, this deck of playing cards can be described as very eye-catching and has won numerous praises.

Cute and charming tips to make it the best seller

In terms of practicality, these products are very "practical", after all, they do have certain functions. Airbigs can be used as a speaker to play music, mobile video projectors can magnify the screen, melon seed shellers can peel off, slippers with brushes can wash your feet, hair braids can be braided, playing cards can be used for entertainment.

They are useful, but they are also tasteless. Similar products are much better than them. It is basically impossible to compete on the basis of functionality, so they chose another track. Although the purchasing power of consumers on that track is not as high as that of daily necessities, the competition is also low. Quite a few, that is fun products.

▲ This is also a fun product

It is suitable for posting in Moments. Creativity is the characteristic of this kind of products. Most of them have exaggerated shapes and eye-catching functions. When the owners of these products share them on social networks, users who like novelty and excitement will be attracted by "there is this?" and "never seen before" products, and interact passionately.

The cover notebooks of the five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation, the garbage bags of the "predecessor", the English word toilet paper, and the 100 million yuan deposit commemorative package all belong to this list. In this era of attention economy, these cute little commodities are actually very valuable. Each of them has a market, hundreds of monthly sales and popular reviews have proved their popularity and are suitable for showing on social networks.

Low prices are another feature of this type of products. Although similar fun products in Japan and Sweden are not cheap, domestic fun products are not expensive. None of the above 6 products cost more than 30 yuan. The lower price also means a lower decision-making threshold. There are really many people who bought the picture for fun. If this price allows you to be a star in your circle of friends for a day, most people will probably pay the bill generously. So those customers who "have never used it" or "just took photos" in the comment area have actually achieved their goals.

Even if the product is too tasteless and worthless after receiving the goods, not many people will refund for the low price. After all, the freight is not much more expensive than the product.

Seemingly high-end is another trick of this type of product. Even if it is a braided product that can feel inferior at first hand, the manuals are all in English. The English manuals are also provided by Airbigs and screen projectors, even the melon seed peeler that looks very grounded. The words of the certificate of conformity and copyright patent should also be printed.

The last is effective video promotion. The inspiring dubbing, the funny pictures, and the fast-paced introduction allowed many customers to quickly plant grass for a product within ten seconds and try to pull the grass quickly under the effect of low prices. This kind of video that makes people feel happy can also make people pay more.

"Atlantic" on the table shows, the new product can get ideas to make the customer feel happy have, our brain will think, "If I get something new, I'll be happy." Video, it's easy to Will be attracted by some interesting products that you don't need, and finally complete the purchase.

There are also many similar interesting products in Japan, which are often praised for their brains, ideas, and functionality. These products are not only well received but also popular. These domestic interesting products have just started, and they are quite poor in functionality, and may face many accusations of infringement. But on various e-commerce platforms, many consumers are already willing to pay for it.

▲ Japanese creative socket

Although functionally not enough, these "useless" small goods sellers who can stay on social platforms for a second have their own way of survival.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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