OTA upgrade, extremely krypton makes your car more and more “new”

On October 23, 2021, ZEEKER 001 went offline and started delivery.

If the delivery of traditional energy vehicles means the finalization of a vehicle; for smart electric vehicles, delivery is often just the beginning. Because of OTA, car owners will continue to experience the joy of upgrading in the future after they get the car. So some people say that fuel vehicles are perfect at the moment of delivery, while smart electric vehicles will drive better.

Facing the delivery of smart electric vehicles, people's mentality has also changed. Since what you get is a product that will continue to "evolve", the starting point for this delivery is not "perfect". Of course, consumers always hope that the higher the starting point, the better.

Along with the delivery of the vehicle, Jikrypton officially issued an announcement. Regarding that the adaptive cruise system (ACC) was not launched at the same time as the delivery of the car, Jikrypton stated in the announcement that "The functional development of the ZAD intelligent driving assistance system has been completed. However, due to the impact of the epidemic and the shortage of chip supply, functional testing and verification are still ongoing. In accordance with stringent standards."

As stated in the announcement, the relevant functions of ZAD will be pushed to users in stages:

  • Upon delivery, it is equipped with 360-degree high-definition panoramic image, driving recorder, PAF front parking assist and PAR rear parking assist;
  • At the end of December, OTA pushed the core functions of the basic package, including ACCQA adaptive cruise with queuing function, AEB forward collision mitigation, LKA lane centering assistance, etc.;
  • The basic package adds three additional functions, namely, straight-in and straight-out parking, FCTA front intersection traffic warning and RCTA rear lateral traffic warning. These three functions will be pushed through OTA in stages and are standard for all systems.

According to this timetable, the ZAD basic package was obtained in sufficient quantities, and in just two months, "Although it is late, it will arrive soon."

Safety is no small matter. No normal manufacturer dares to deliver functions that have not been fully tested and verified to users, especially for AEB, which is a matter of safety. If the manufacturer rushes to launch and rush to deliver, we have to question whether it puts the safety of users at the highest priority. It is worthwhile to spend a little more time for safety.

What is worth mentioning here is that krypton has done a very special operation-the hardware embedding of the entire ZEEKER 001 series. What does that mean? The hardware is installed first, and users who have selected the ZAD intelligent driving assistance system enhancement package and full package do not need to pay the related software service fees at present, and then pay the related fees when the actual OTA upgrades. From the user's point of view, it is not a disadvantage.

The extremely Krypton OTA that is worth looking forward to

Completely different from traditional cars, for almost all smart cars, delivery is only the first step. With the gradual release of OTA, a car will be in a continuous upgrade process throughout its life cycle. From smart phones, we may be able to see the future of smart cars: the gap in hardware between cars of the same level is getting smaller and smaller, and the software and ecology will be the distance, which will rely on OTA to provide continuous upgrades. .

When it comes to automotive OTA, two concepts have to be mentioned: FOTA and SOTA. FOTA is the online firmware upgrade. To download and update the complete firmware image, it often involves important controllers such as the body, power, and automatic driving system of the vehicle, which will affect all applications in the car; while SOTA only updates some applications. . It can be seen that the depth of the two and their impact on driving are not on the same level. SOTA is only a relatively shallow performance level upgrade, and FOTA is the key upgrade that determines the overall vehicle driving experience.

For example, the FOTA of ZEEKER 001 covers the four major sections of chassis, intelligent driving, cockpit and body, and supports full-scene upgrades of vehicle firmware.

However, in order to keep the vehicle in the best condition and continuously improve the driving experience through FOTA, it is also necessary for the OEM to "prevent" the hardware and do a good job in hardware embedding. In smart cars that rely on OTA iteration, it is very necessary to make redundant reserves of hardware that exceed the current system requirements. For example, this is like the latest version of the mobile phone operating system, which no longer supports the old models. For products with relatively low renewal frequency, such as automobiles, more room must be left on the hardware. Otherwise, it will be difficult to support the high requirements for computing power after the system is updated.

ZEEKER 001 uses Mobileye's pure vision solution for autonomous driving, equipped with two Mobileye Q5H chips. Compared with other solutions, Mobileye's advantage is mainly based on the algorithm to win. Q5H uses TSMC's 7nm process, with functions such as automatic braking, animal recognition, traffic signal recognition, global path planning, and drivable area recognition.

This solution is one of the hardware foundations embedded by ZEEKER 001 for users of ZAD enhancement packages and complete packages. Based on this solution, ZEEKER 001 can gradually realize high-speed autonomous piloting, urban autonomous piloting, and automatic parking in unmanned scenarios through OTA. With this hardware embedded, we can have the opportunity to upgrade and use related functions in the follow-up.

Of course, these capabilities need to be implemented after the official push of OTA. This is what we absolutely couldn't imagine in the era of traditional energy vehicles: buying a car back, driving it and turning it into a better car, the surprise is beyond our imagination. This is the benefit brought to us by technological progress.

From another perspective, it will also completely change the business model of the automotive industry. The car is no longer just a thing that transports us from place A to place B. The applications and content related to life in the car have become increasingly important and necessary as the large screen of the car and the software system mature. Perhaps it is unknown that future OEMs will mainly rely on software subscriptions or platform ecology to make profits. If there is no OTA, all this is unimaginable. Otherwise, it would be like the "mobile phone downloading MP3" that we saw at the street stall many years ago, and drive the car back to the store "install me a newest listening software"…

Fortunately, we are experiencing an era of intelligence today.

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