OPPO x Forbidden City Smart Wearable Co-branded Series Picture Reward: “Red” is the leader, “Gold” is full of jade

He is here again, the brand that knows the most about co-branding in the science and technology circle. This time, OPPO took a 600-year-old IP, the Forbidden City, to carry out a cooperation attempt to cross the past and the present.

I got the OPPO Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee Edition and OPPO Enco X Forbidden City Fuqi Edition. Let’s take a look at the OPPO Watch in this big red box.

"Golden and magnificent Forbidden City, ten thousand gates in the red wall palace", the "gold" and "red" in this seven-lü poem together form the overall color tone of this joint name, which runs through the packaging and the product itself.

The cinnabar red on the palace wall is used as the keynote, covering the entire box, with the logos of OPPO and the Palace Museum in the upper left corner, illuminating the identity. The OPPO Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee Edition is marked at the bottom, which makes it possible to see at a glance what "treasures" are hidden in the box.

Take a closer look at the pattern on the front. The central bronzing auspicious cloud is inspired by the largest stone sculpture in the Forbidden City, the pattern of auspicious clouds and sea water on the Danbi of Baohe Temple. This pattern is also used on the product itself. The outer ring is the outline of OPPO Watch, which is interesting.

Open the box and see the sundial map. When the ancients used the sundial to view the sun, today's people can see the minutes by raising their wrists.

Pick up the sundial, the charging base is on the left and the user manual is on the right. But this manual was made into a memorial style, which is a bit interesting. In addition, there is a spare clasp under the user manual.

The main color of the watch body is still red, and the navigation keys and function keys on the side are embellished with gold. The official said that this color matching refers to the vermillion glazed tiles in the Forbidden City, one red and one gold, if it is set against the background of white snow , Particularly eye-catching.

The rubber strap is printed with auspicious clouds and sea water patterns, and the back cover of the watch is almost the same as the normal version. Why is it almost because there is only a circle of sea water around the optical heart rate sensor.

Light up the screen and you can see the co-branded exclusive Forbidden City theme dials, which are the four themes of "White Crane and Purple Sky" , "Haiqiao Vision" , "Golden Years" and "Flowers Like Brocade" .

To be honest, these dials are all beautiful, with different styles but very harmonious, and this 1.9-inch screen has a delicate display with a resolution of 402 x 476. I didn't expect that one day I would say to a smart watch such as "it is highly ornamental".

There is not much difference between the core of the watch and the regular version, because the joint name is based on the eSIM version, so there is no ECG function.

However, the functions on ColorOS Watch 1.5 such as real-time heart rate, exercise/sleep, NFC, and AI watch face are all available. The eSIM function of OPPO Watch allows it to be used offline, and can get rid of the shackles of mobile phones when focusing on sports. It not only reduces the burden on the body, but also reduces the burden on life.

Calculated according to my normal usage, it takes a day and a half for a charge of electricity, fast charge with the included Watch VOOC, it can charge nearly half of the electricity in 15 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 75 minutes, so battery life is not worrying.

Well, the above is the full picture of the watch. Click here to see the in-depth evaluation of OPPO Watch. The highlight of this joint name lies in the overall color scheme and dial of the watch. Unfortunately, the details are not as sophisticated as the previous EVA joint products.

Next, take a look at the packaging of the OPPO Enco X headset. Its appearance is basically the same as that of the watch above, with a slightly smaller size, and the dark lines around the bronzing clouds become the outline of the headset.

▲ OPPO Enco X Forbidden City Fuqi Edition is printed on the bottom of the box

Open the earphone box. There are two boxes on the lower layer, each containing a short data cable, manual and two pairs of ear caps for replacement (the earphone itself also has a pair of M size ear caps).

The material and craftsmanship of the headphone box is different from the normal version. The surface is matte. Although it is not as eye-catching as the shiny surface, it feels warmer in the winter and it is not easy to get scratches. Concerns.

The ring of red stars reminds me of the Olympic torch for no reason. Perhaps the same auspicious cloud pattern and etching process make me associate the two together.

The opening and closing hinges on the back use golden elements, and the words Dynaudio Co-created are written in the gold frame.

Take out the headset body, it is really festive. The whole body is big red and embellished with a little gold element. As for whether it looks good or not, different people have different opinions.

Put on the headphones to turn on the noise reduction mode. Even if the outside world is noisy, it has nothing to do with me. The noise reduction performance of OPPO Enco X is enough to isolate most of the ambient noise. For those who want to know more about it, you can click on the previous evaluation articles .

OPPO Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee Edition is priced at 1999 yuan, OPPO Enco X Forbidden City Fuqi Edition is priced at 999 yuan, the same price as the standard version.

OPPO chose to launch this red-hot color scheme in winter. I think in addition to highlighting the elements of the Forbidden City, it is also to add a touch of red to the cold winter. It is also good to give to friends and family as a New Year gift.

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