OPPO, why is it so purple?

Pantone, the color authority, once stated that color is the direct factor that attracts any product. It is the first thing you see and forget about it last.

This applies to the current smart phone products as well. The colors that follow the trend can not only express the design concept of the product in a timely manner, but also a process of "creating a product".

Take Reno as an example. After six generations of changes, the constantly innovative design concepts and the use of fashionable colors express Reno's "forever young" brand tonality. And it is the crystal diamond craftsmanship born on the road of pursuing "fashion" and pursuing "aesthetics" that has become Reno's aesthetic business card, and has achieved Reno's unique trend characteristics.

▲ OPPO Reno6 night sea, galaxy dream and summer sunny sea three colors

OPPO's consistent color design philosophy is like this, using different colors to enrich the products, but also endow the products with emotion and vitality.

The three colors of the latest Reno6 series, "Summer Sunny Sea", "Night Sea" and "Moon Sea" are all from the sea, showing the waves of the sea at different times, giving the Reno6 series an unpredictable beauty.

▲ Twelve color circles proposed by Swiss designer John Eden

Speaking of the unpredictable mystery, it has to be said that in the traditional "color circle", the purple is quite special. It connects the cold and warm, so that it also has the change of cold and warm.

▲OPPO Reno6 Star Purple.

Purple can be warmer or colder, and the appearance of different color temperatures also has a sense of mystery. As a result, purple was also introduced into the new machine Reno6, with the crystal diamond craftsmanship to show the charm of purple, and was named "Xing Dai Zi".

Different from the fresh, beautiful and low-key of "Summer Sunny Sea", Reno6 "Star Dai Zi" is more elegant and high-key. Under the side light, Reno 6 Star Violet will be purple with pink and gold hidden in the pink, with sparkling crystal diamonds, giving people a mysterious and graceful atmosphere.

▲ Summer Qinghai color matching of OPPO Reno6 series.

The reason why it can present different color styles is the craftsmanship, the design, and the preferences of the users. It can be said that each OPPO model chooses a different color scheme for the market, pursuing a "sense of balance." This sense of balance can come from craftsmanship, model positioning, or big data.

The above conclusion is not my guess, but the conclusion that Ai Faner and OPPO ID designer Moss had about the birth of Xingdaizi before the launch of Reno6.

OPPO Reno6 is born

When OPPO released the Reno6 series, it launched three products with different positioning, Reno6, Reno6 Pro and Reno 6 Pro+. The three models, coupled with a variety of color combinations, will always give people a feeling of "squandering flowers gradually becoming charming."

▲ Left: Reno6 Pro Right: Reno6 Pro+

"There is no difficulty in craftsmanship." When I asked OPPO ID designer Moss whether the "Star Dai Zi" was late due to craftsmanship and color adjustment, he simply replied.

▲ Reno6 Star Purple under the microscope lens of OPPO Find X3 Pro

"Actually, the color scheme of Xing Dai Zi is actually the craft of Crystal Diamond 2.0. At the same time, the two diaphragms under the glass have different textures sandwiched between them."

The craftsmanship is not a problem, and the toning is the same. In fact, as early as the last time he communicated with the OPPO process engineer, he said that the crystal diamond process on Reno6 has been improved, which can be called crystal diamond 2.0+.

As a result, the crystals in the back glass are smaller, on the one hand, the hand feels more delicate, and on the other hand, it adds to the expressive power of the color.

"The effect of the new crystal form is that there is a cross pattern under the purple, which will have a deeper sense of layering. The texture is on the bottom layer. The crystal form is on the glass surface. The color at the bottom is reflected by the different crystal forms. There can be a more dominant gloss during the shaking process.”

Indeed, when you look at Reno6 "Star Purple" in the sun, it will show different styles from different angles, ranging from golden light to calm and deep.

In the final analysis, it is because the OPPO ID designer team added some materials to the purple. "There will also be some different colors, such as a light golden color, such as a light purple with a high-level sense of gray, etc.".

As for why the purple is processed in this way, Moss said that it is considering the "balance" of the entire model.

▲ The first three colors of the Reno6 series, close to neutral blue is its basic tone

Think about it, in the Reno6 series, the main promotion "Summer Sunny Sea" and the popular "Star River into a Dream", their color orientation is actually neutral. If you add the masculine "Night Sea", the entire Reno6 series is missing a "girl" color system. It can be said that the original intention of Reno6 "Star Daizi" is to balance the entire Reno6 audience and make more young ladies move.

▲There is a layer of golden pink

From the early proofing to the interaction with consumers, the craftsmanship of Crystal Diamond 2.0+ and the blending of purple, the potential population of Reno6 Star Daipur covers "from teenage girls to girls of higher age."

Although Moss has repeatedly stated that this color may be more feminine, it still hasn't shaken my elder straight man's fascination with "Xing Dai Zi".

Why is it purple?

Not only in the color circle, purple has a special position, it also has a special place in our eyes. It is the light with the shortest wavelength we can see. For OPPO, purple is also special and has deep roots.

As early as the era of feature phones, OPPO began to launch purple mobile phones. After turning to the smartphone, the purple pace did not stop either.

▲ The changeable purple color on OPPO's previous products

In detail, A103 and A109 in the era of feature phones, R15, RenoZ, Reno4, and Reno6 in the era of smartphones, OPPO has launched 6 purple phones, but each product does not express itself in color and craftsmanship. All the same.

▲ Left: A103, right: A109

In the era of feature phones, the emergence of two purple products is based on trends and oriented towards women. "A103 purple is a very high-class metallic color, which makes people feel that the status and status are different." "With the A103 another champagne gold, it covers a wider public."

"And the A109 has a crystal clear feeling, the back is matched with Roland's pattern, the purple will be more young girls in the hand, and more feminine," Moss added.

OPPO's A103 and A109 feature phones are made of plastic, so the purple appearance is actually relatively simple. Looking back, there are fewer patterns in the color palette, and purple can only be used as a target group for women.

▲From left to right: R15, RenoZ, Reno4, Reno6

Entering the era of smart phones, after OPPO has completed the accumulation of back cover technology, R15 and RenoZ have introduced gradient colors. After the change of purple, the temperament of the product has changed, and the distinction between target groups has also "weakened".

▲ OPPO R15 Star Purple

"The back cover of the R15 ranges from black to blue-purple, which is equivalent to the purple embellishment on the overall color scheme, and the mysterious and advanced sense of black." It is loved by many boys and even users with a large age span. "The audience is wider." . RenoZ's gradient changed a different way of thinking, not as large as the R15 span, blue-violet gradient, younger and more individual.

However, the gradient purple of R15 and RenoZ is more neutral. Although designers have promoted purple to the public through the method of gradual transition, judging from the color matching of the entire series of R15 and RenoZ, it is a bit biased towards the "straight man" style. From the later market research and feedback, this problem is also confirmed.

In Reno4, with the emergence of crystal diamond craftsmanship, matched with the charming and changeable purple, it has become a "popular style" for girls. The original intention of Reno6 Star Daizi is also the same.

Looking back at this, Moss believes that "whether it is a functional phone or a smart phone, we have been making a balance."

The purple of A103 is balanced with another color, namely champagne gold, while the appearance of the RenoZ gradient color balances the basic tone of the entire series toward a pure color. When it comes to Reno4 and Reno6, it is a balanced audience, so that both men and women love it.

In the process of product innovation, the craftsmanship is improving, and the color matching is constantly adjusted and changed. When I asked about the source of inspiration, Moss said two major aspects, one is personalization and the other is trend.

▲ Pantone released some of the popular colors of 2021 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week

OPPO designers will refer to the trends of various industries, such as clothing, fashion, packaging, etc. These industries that are at the forefront of trends often have subtle color interpretations at different times.

▲ Reno6 Star Purple

When it comes to the mobile phone, while grasping the pulse of the trend, "In terms of the expression of details and color matching, the designer will also make some fine adjustments to the direction of purple based on his own experience. Some purple focuses on covering female users, hoping to bring mobile phones. Some people come to a wider range of people to enhance the personalized feeling of mobile phones,” Moss added.

"Purple itself is very high-end, very fashionable, and also a representative of a color that can express your own personality." Together with the bonuses brought by OPPO's different back cover technology, purple has become OPPO's purple mobile phone in different eras. Can be a personalized choice.

OPPO creates “trends'' instead of “following''

From the first generation of A103 to choose purple, and then continue to the Reno6 star Daizi, on the one hand, OPPO draws inspiration from contemporary trends, on the other hand, it is based on the positive feedback obtained in the consumer market.

But when grasping the pulse of fashion, OPPO has also incorporated its own ideas instead of blindly following.

Nowadays, some foreign home furnishing and FMCG brands like to use highly saturated colors when displaying magazines or articles, and this trend is also reflected in the color matching of major brands.

However, OPPO did not follow the trend of highly saturated colors in color matching. On the contrary, in the Reno6 series, it still maintains a fresh and elegant style.

▲Recently, the "purple" on Reno4 and Reno6 is mostly elegant

Investigating the reason, Moss said, "This is based on our relatively professional research on the target population, and the verification of the direction of our target population." From this we see the simple and elegant "Summer Sunny Sea" and "Xing Dai Zi "Color matching.

In addition, Moss also added that "colors with higher saturation are more gorgeous, and such colors are good for improving the temperament of mobile phones." However, feedback from sales data shows that products with bright colors do not increase sales too much. In fact, the colorful use "can better show the brand character."

Regarding the Reno series for young people, Moss emphasized that "we don't just want to show the brand personality, don't feel like a flash in the pan, we want to make colors that can really be liked by consumers, and there is no sense of contradiction for consumers." .

Therefore, the color of Reno6 Star Violet is not very saturated, and some "premium gray" and some gold are added to the color palette. While being close to the female consumer group, this purple also shows the consistent "young" personality of the Reno series. .

As for how the new colors of the next generation or future Reno series will evolve, Moss sold a key, only saying that "Crystal Diamond 3.0 is a direction, and it may also express this color on other materials with new feelings. There is no conclusion yet. ", "But it will definitely be combined with new technology to make new attempts."

Perhaps it will continue purple, perhaps it will continue the entire color system, or it may use new technology to present vibrant colors. In short, everything in the future is unknown.

However, as for the new color matching of the Reno series in the future, it is known that it will show the best-looking and trendiest colors in each era like the "purple" of OPPO's past dynasties. It will be taken from the current trend, will follow the "individual" needs of target users, and will also be combined with new crafts and new materials to lead the color trend.

Looking back, the use and presentation of color on the Reno series still has to return to the "color design philosophy" created by OPPO, not only to present the color change itself and to give emotion and vitality, but also to continuously lead and elevate the public's aesthetics. .

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