OPPO Watch 3 Pro Picture Tour: Added Glacier Gray color scheme, and a new sports mode that can help you go skiing uphill

Recently, OPPO has added a new color scheme to the OPPO Watch 3 Pro – Glacier Gray.

The OPPO Watch 3 Pro in glacier gray color is designed with a silver body with an aluminum alloy middle frame. It is still equipped with a stainless steel crown. There is a CD texture on the outside of the crown that has been highlighted and sandblasted. When it reflects light, it can present a light similar to a dark body. grain effect.

The fuselage is designed with a curved surface. When worn, it can fit the arm better than the traditional smart watch design. While improving the wearing comfort, it can also be closer to the human body to ensure the accuracy of data acquisition.

In order to adapt to the curved surface design of the fuselage, OPPO used a 1.91-inch 378×496 3D LTPO curved screen. The square screen has a certain curvature, which fits the arm more visually when worn, and the overall proportion is not too long, which can maintain the shape of the watch without looking too much like a bracelet.

The resolution of the screen is 326ppi, the display peak brightness is 1000nits, and it supports AOD all-weather display. It meets the brightness standard of a normal mobile phone display. As long as it is not an extreme scene with too much sunlight, it can be seen clearly in an outdoor environment.

Compared with smart wearable devices using traditional AMOLED screens, the screen of OPPO Watch 3 Pro is equipped with LTPO technology, which can reduce the refresh rate of the screen to 1Hz when the screen is always on, thereby reducing power consumption and maintaining long battery life.

OPPO Watch 3 Pro has updated a new generation of AOD, which can achieve 100% full-time display of pixels, and supports more AOD styles than before.

In addition, several newly designed dials added by OPPO also introduced a video dial display for OPPO Watch 3 Pro.

In terms of configuration, OPPO Watch 3 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 wearable platform and a chip jointly developed with Ambiq. The two chips work together through UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology to achieve an excellent experience of both intelligence and battery life.

The watch uses a 550mAh battery. With the optimization of battery life in this generation, the OPPO Watch 3 Pro can last up to 5 days in full smart mode and 15 days in light smart mode. The charging itself supports VOOC flash charging 3.0. In the fast charging mode, it can last for a day after charging for 10 minutes, and it takes 65 minutes to fully charge the whole machine.

In terms of health monitoring, OPPO Watch 3 Pro supports the latest OPPO Sense Cardio cardiovascular assessment system. In addition to basic heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring, the ECG+PPG sensor in the machine can test the degree of blood vessel elasticity. In daily use, the watch will conduct 24-hour irregular monitoring, and the wearer can instantly pop up a reminder when there is an irregular heart rate.

In terms of sports monitoring, OPPO Watch 3 Pro uses the OPPO Sense Fitness basic sports algorithm engine, and has sports monitoring modes such as indoor and outdoor running, training equipment, tennis, etc. The upgraded running mode can be subdivided according to the type of running, and a new stride frequency is added. , stride length, maximum oxygen uptake, aerobic training effect and more than ten kinds of professional running data records.

Also, OPPO Watch 3 Pro has added an outdoor skiing mode.

In this update, OPPO provides a custom watch face that can display ski and snow field data. With the blessing of OPPO Health Lab's self-developed algorithm, the watch can record sports data such as skiing track, distance, number of trips, slope, speed, skiing duration, drop, etc., and monitor data such as calorie consumption and heart rate.

It can be linked with the Insta360 action camera for shooting. In an emergency, you can call the emergency contact and emergency phone to save yourself by long pressing the crown.

For other applications, OPPO Watch 3 Pro currently supports more than 80 applications, and has been adapted for further interactions. For example, after binding Alipay, it supports payment codes, ride code display, and the function of collecting Ant Forest energy. Map applications can pass The crown zoom interface, various music streaming applications can be used independently, and the playlist can be synchronized after logging in with the same account.

WeChat supports the display of the WeChat watch version and the children's version of WeChat to correspond to the use of users of different ages and scenarios.

In terms of price, the price of OPPO Watch 3 Pro Glacier Gray is still 1999 yuan, and it has already been reserved on the OPPO official store.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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