OPPO Watch 2 experience: Android watch finally passed the hurdle of “usable” to “easy to use”

To me, a smart watch is just a beautiful trekking pole.

It is professional and useful, but I will not buy it because it has nothing to do with me.

"Sports health" and "information push" are the core functions of smart watches.

It's a pity that I neither love sports nor do I find any inconvenience to carry my mobile phone with me. It can be said that I am an anti-trend group that cannot be touched by smart watches.

But there are exceptions to everything. Apple Watch is the first smartwatch that fascinates me, and OPPO Watch 2 is the second.

I want to share with you how I was turned around by this watch this week. It is not objective and irrational, but it is very real.

The core of a smart watch is a watch, and the core of a watch is exquisiteness

If you are a user of OPPO Watch generation, it is difficult to surprise you with this new watch at the beginning.

The front side is almost exactly the same hyperboloid glass, and the measurements are almost the same. If you don’t put on the electronic scale, you will not even notice that OPPO Watch 2 (without strap 35g) is lighter than the previous generation (without strap 40g). few.

▲ Can you tell which model is the second generation?

Remove the strap and look at the body, this sense of overlap is even stronger: the same round frame, consistent thickness and sensor, button layout, if the strap can not be mixed, it is difficult to distinguish the appearance of the difference between the two.

The appearance changes are mainly concentrated on the strap. The buckle has been replaced from the original quick-release buckle to an internal buckle, which makes it more secure to wear. The inner side of the strap is designed with a sweat tank, so it is not easy to get sweaty when exercising or wearing it for a long time.

It seems that OPPO does not intend to make major changes to the watch design in this generation, but to sculpt in a more refined direction.

The watch that can impress you must be exquisite. It may have a unique appearance that will make you never get tired of it, or it may be well-made, so you can't stop rubbing it.

For smart watches, the sense of sophistication should not only be on the appearance and material, but also include the UI of the system, which is often overlooked by people.

OPPO Watch 2 adopts the Color OS Watch 2.0 system this time and replaced it with a planetary app menu. It is very smooth whether it is dragging or clicking. The silky touch experience makes me feel good about it.

After some experience, what impressed me the most was not the unique features of OPPO Watch 2, but its UI animation.

▲ Uniform zooming effects, comfortable

When you use functions such as measuring heart rate, pressure, blood oxygen, etc., you will find that from animation to UI interface, they all maintain a high degree of visual unity.

This sense of order of details is common in its system, and perhaps most users will not notice it during use, but these small details really touched me. I will measure pressure and blood oxygen when I have nothing to do. The boring data also becomes interesting.

After talking about "exquisiteness", the following are some points I think I need to complain about.

The first is that OPPO Watch 2 has too few optional strap colors and materials. Counting the Conan co-branded model just released, there are only 4 colors (black, blue, orange, Conan blue and white) and 1 material (fluorine). Rubber), and the strap cannot be purchased separately.

For watches with decorative attributes, the current color scheme is indeed difficult to meet the individual needs of everyone. Since you can't change the strap, then change the dial?

Unfortunately, OPPO did not bring many new dials this time. Except for an updated DIY light-painted dial, the optional dials are almost the same as the first generation.

Co-branded designs such as the beautiful Conan dial and Asuka dial cannot be downloaded and used in the dial market. If your dial is out of fashion, you can only use AI to wear the dial every day to change your mood.

Looking at it this way, it takes a lot of effort for OPPO Watch 2 to elevate the "inner exquisiteness" to the more easily perceptible "exquisite shell".

No matter how smart a watch is, it can’t force you to run

OPPO Watch 2 supports GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo positioning systems, and supports more than 100 motion detection, which is very good and powerful, but honestly, I will not use it for any kind of sports after the evaluation.

Because I am a lazy person, I can sit and never stand, and I can lie down and never lie on my stomach. I know that laziness is bad for my health, but I am too lazy to pay attention to my health.

I once bought a sports watch to urge myself to exercise, but after I posted two lap pictures in my circle of friends, that watch and running shoes were smashed in the corner.

Exercise is a habit, even if you buy the best equipment, it will not help you develop it.

Compared to exercise detection, OPPO Watch 2’s "5 Minutes Easy Fitness" feature is my favorite feature.

With dynamic music and exercise commands, it takes 5 minutes to do simple lifting movements with the coach in the video, which is much less burdensome than running outdoors for half an hour.

Of course, a short exercise time of 5 minutes will not have obvious muscle gain and fat loss effects, but for workers who sit and sit for a day, simple stretching exercises can already relax tight and stiff muscles.

Moreover, the adrenaline produced by exercise is more sensational than the caffeine you drink. When your inspiration is exhausted, you can always get a good idea.

OPPO divides daily exercise indicators into steps, calorie consumption, exercise duration, and activity times. The four indicators are four energy bars, forming an "X".

Every time I reach an indicator, a beautiful animation will appear to fill the energy bar. This simple animation feedback has indeed added a lot of driving force for me to exercise, driving me to make persistent efforts to replace the remaining energy bar today. Also fill up.

I know that meeting the daily goals does not make me much healthier, but I feel much more comfortable psychologically after sweating than lying on the sofa and playing on my mobile phone with a sense of guilt.

The charger has become a "non-essential item"

In addition to the watch body, there is a USB-A to USB-C charging cable in the box, and a contact-type charger with stronger magnetic attraction.

Compared with the previous generation, the charging base of OPPO Watch 2 is a circle smaller in size and adopts a split design.

I really like the fast charging technology Watch VOOC used on OPPO Watch 2. It is measured that it can charge the watch from 31% to 100% in 25 minutes, and it only takes 60 minutes to charge the watch from 0% to full charge.

Watch VOOC does not pick up the line, the ordinary PD protocol charger can also activate the fast charge, and you can share the mobile phone charger to recover blood when traveling.

The battery life of smart watches has always been a pain point. In addition to using fast charging to reduce the burden of charging users, OPPO continues the previous generation of dual-chip solutions, dividing the user's usage scenarios into two modes, "full smart" and "light smart".

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chip is used in the "full smart mode". At this time, all functions of the watch can be used normally. OPPO claims that it can be used for 4 days only through a mobile phone connection. Battery life is 2 days.

The battery is in a hurry, but it cannot be charged in time. At this time, you can switch to the "light smart mode" and use another low-power Apollo 4S chip to work.

At this time, you can only use basic functions such as heart rate measurement, blood oxygenation, running, music control, etc., and the battery life can be greatly extended. OPPO claims that the maximum battery life is 16 days, which basically allows the watch to last until you find a charger and relieve battery life anxiety .

It can be smarter on some "itch points"


The previous generation of OPPO Watch can only display simple notification messages when receiving WeChat. It can neither display pictures, emoticons, nor reply, and its functions are very simple.

Now the "full version of WeChat" is finally online. Not only can you view multimedia information such as emoticons, pictures, videos, but also reply with voice and emoticons, but how does the color of the WeChat look wrong?

That's right, this is actually a children's version of WeChat, and you will find that it has many features suitable for younger children.

For example, the cute interface, larger icons are easy to click, and you can also make friends face-to-face with a shake. Little geniuses just call themselves experts when they see it.

The most important thing is that you can finally use this children's version of WeChat to open WeChat Pay. Alipay is no longer the only option for watches.

However, after careful experience, this children's version of WeChat can only be described as "painful and happy".

It basically meets our needs for mobile payment and sending and receiving information (supporting satellite phones), but it cannot be resident in the background, cannot synchronize chat records in real time, and will not pop up reminders when receiving information.

This is destined to be used only for emergency message processing. If you want to keep WeChat online at all times, you still cannot leave your mobile phone.

Linkage with Color OS

When I use a Color OS mobile phone with OPPO Watch 2, there is a very interesting linkage function: when I am navigating or taking a taxi, I can cut out the software to synchronize the basic information to the mobile phone, and I can see the navigation information when I raise my hand. , Online car-hailing license plate number.

This is a function that can liberate your hands, and it sounds like everything is connected, but there is still a gap between expectations in actual use.

For example, when navigating on the watch, the watch’s own map cannot be called up, and only simple text messages such as "Go to Fifth Avenue and turn left" are displayed.

Once the navigation asked me to "walk 300 meters to the south of XX Road." When I couldn't find the north, I was busy looking for the south. Finally, I had to take out my phone to check the map.

Let the watch screen as an extension of the mobile phone display some simple but important information. The idea itself is correct, but the implementation method needs further optimization.

I very much look forward to OPPO's follow-up to expand more application scenarios for this function, and tap more "wrist-lifting" value.

When you turn on Peace Elite and King Glory on your phone, you can also trigger an interesting linkage function: the watch automatically enters the e-sports state, records and displays your heart rate in real time, and when you die, it can also display your resurrection time and remind you You return to the battlefield in time.

In the e-sports mode, incoming calls from the mobile phone will also be transferred to the watch, which can be answered through the watch without pop-up windows affecting the operation.

Free your phone with Breeno assistant and eSIM

In addition to checking the time, the function I use most on OPPO Watch 2 is to set an alarm and countdown.

A smart watch that can vibrate is a perfect personal alarm clock. It can wake you up with a strong sense of vibration without worrying about disturbing others.

I tried to turn off the phone completely without power one night, which caused me to miss the 10 wake-up alarms set on the phone the next morning. Fortunately, I also set the alarm clock on the watch at the same time, so that the tragedy did not happen.

Setting the alarm clock with a thick finger on the small screen is not a fun thing. I chose to leave these troubles to the voice assistant Breeno.

"Wake me up at nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

"Remind me in ten minutes."

"I sleep for five minutes and wake me up later."

I tried to use different sentence sequences to wake up and wake up. Breeno could understand and set the corresponding alarm clock for me. This ability to understand natural semantics should be the watershed between artificial intelligence and artificial mental retardation.

The version I got is 46mm eSIM. It is not complicated to activate the eSIM service. It can be activated in 5 minutes on the WeChat official account. At this time, the watch can make calls and send and receive text messages without the mobile phone.

For friends who often miss out on takeout or express phone calls because they do not bring their mobile phones, it is really necessary to activate eSIM to answer calls remotely with a watch.

I need to revisit smart watches

Smart watches have gone through three periods so far: a useful watch, a smart watch, and a smart health assistant.

At present, the only player who has experienced three periods of development is the Apple Watch.

When most Android watches enter the market, the entire market has developed to a period of competition for functionality. Therefore, manufacturers are caught in double anxiety. They have to make a watch and plug the watch into the watch. The watch function often appears. There are many, but it is not easy to use.

OPPO Watch’s upgrade this time does not follow the trend to add more health functions and move closer to the "smart health assistant". On the contrary, it is trying to make up for what is missing as a useful watch-a sense of refinement, so to speak. A "reverse" upgrade.

This is an abnormal upgrade, a smoother system, a better-looking UI, and a more driving sports application. The improvement of these detailed experience is difficult to express with pale parameters, but in my opinion, this is the smart watch from It is a hurdle to pass from "useable" to "easy to use".

Higher, higher.

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