OPPO Smart TV K9 experience: see the wonderful, starting from a billion colors

When I just received the invitation letter for the OPPO K9 series new product launch, my colleagues and I thought that the "2+16GB extra large memory" in the letter was a mistake by the staff or a deliberate black humor.

It wasn't until OPPO's official Weibo released the K9 series of new product posters that we suddenly realized that there are not only mobile phones but also TVs and other products in the "K9 Universe". The above storage specifications refer to OPPO Smart TV K9.

Combined with its starting price of 1999 yuan, this storage specification is indeed worthy of the word "super-large". Because in this price range, 1+8GB is already a proper "large memory".

The doubled storage specification has revealed that the gene of OPPO Smart TV K9 is engraved with the word "excellent value".

Focusing on "excellent value", OPPO has given K9 smart TVs with 4K, HDR10+ professional-grade picture quality, 30W high-power speakers + Dolby sound effects, light and easy-to-use ColorOS TV 2.0 + smart interconnection and other powerful configurations, which can be used in the same price range. Say "Yiqi Juechen".

What we are experiencing this time is the 55-inch version of OPPO Smart TV K9, the first sale price is 1999 yuan.

With a narrow metal frame and a full-screen design, the OPPO Smart TV K9 has a very refined and elegant appearance, which can be well integrated into the modern home decoration style.

The 55-inch version has a screen-to-body ratio of 95.14%. The ultra-high screen-to-body ratio can bring a more immersive viewing experience.

The central area on the back of the TV has a wealth of interfaces. The 55-inch version comes with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Interfaces with network ports, digital TV, audio and video, etc., are distributed in an L-shape.

After reading the appearance, let's check how the sound and image quality is.

One billion colors, leapfrog picture quality

The 55-inch version of OPPO Smart TV K9 uses a 4K wide color gamut LCD panel with a resolution of 3840*2168 and supports 93% DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

When playing the 4K resolution standard test chart, you can see that the K9 TV presents the details quite accurately, the small characters are sharp and clear, and the correct details of the color block structure can also be observed.

However, the "killer" of K9's picture quality lies in its support for HDR10+ certification.

Everyone is familiar with HDR. The Chinese name is "High Dynamic Contrast". A screen that supports HDR can provide wider contrast, better color accuracy, and more vivid colors than SDR.

HDR 10+ is the high-quality standard for the new generation of ultra-high-definition TVs. Display devices that have passed HDR 10+ certification have more natural color rendering and richer colors, which can better restore the real world. The visual experience will naturally be more realistic and shocking.

HDR 10+ also means support for dynamic metadata processing. The TV can provide signals for every scene or even frame by frame, so that the HDR effect of each frame can reach the optimal effect.

Previously, HDR 10+ mainly appeared in the parameter list of high-end mobile phones and TV screens. For example, the OnePlus 9 Pro starting at 5,999 yuan, and the Xiaomi TV Master series that sells for more than 10,000 yuan. In the price below 3500 yuan, there are almost no 55-inch TV products that support HDR10+.

The K9, whose first sale price is less than 2,000 yuan, supports the feature of HDR10+ certification, which is quite leapfrog.

In actual experience, K9's color performance is indeed excellent. As you can see in the picture below, the colors of food and flowers are very vivid and seem to be ready to emerge from the screen.

Another example is the screenshot of this video. The red oiled paper umbrella forms a sharp contrast with the black background, giving it a strong three-dimensional effect.

With HDR 10+, K9 shows outstanding dynamic range and vivid three-dimensional colors when performing the color fantasy "Assassination Novelist". Even online video can show a cinematic look and feel.

In order to make the HDR 10+ display more ideal, the K9 TV has been calibrated one by one before leaving the factory, and will only be released when it reaches the standard of DeltaE<2. So there is no need to worry about the color accuracy of K9. Complex colors such as skin color and food can be restored to be natural and true.

When everything entered the "computing era," TVs also began to use chips to process the pictures more beautifully. Including the processing of dynamic pictures, the optimization of definition, and the precise management of color and contrast.

K9 is equipped with a G52 MC1 chip dedicated to image processing, dedicated to its image quality optimization services.

When playing a video with a definition of 720P, its super resolution and scene enhancement technology can increase the picture definition to a standard close to 4K, and even the hair of the characters are clearly visible.

▲ "Sunshine" with a resolution of 720P

For 1080P online video, it can also be optimized to be clearer and more transparent, and you can see more details in the picture.

▲The online video of "Eye of the Storm" with a resolution of 1080P

Even if it is a low-resolution old movie, K9 can still show a picture effect close to 4K resolution and high bit rate.

▲ "Forrest Gump" with a low bit rate of 1080P

Of course, if the quality of the source itself is good, then after processing by AI, it can bring an even better visual experience. It can be said that in this price range, it is difficult to find a TV that is more pleasing to the eye.

▲ "Da Song Gong Ci" in "Zhen Cai Vision" mode

In addition to vision, the auditory experience cannot be left behind. OPPO Smart TV K9 is equipped with a 30W high-power cavity speaker that supports Dolby sound. The mid and low frequencies are full and thick, which also enhances the immersion of watching movies to a certain extent.

In addition, this speaker can be used as an independent Bluetooth or smart speaker. In the screen state, you can also perform operations such as content on-demand, music listening, and information query.

Better to use ColorOS TV 2.0

When I first started OPPO Smart TV S1 half a year ago, its ColorOS TV operating system was smooth, beautiful, and smart, which made me hard to believe that this was OPPO’s first TV production.

This time, OPPO Smart TV K9 brings ColorOS TV 2.0, which has been upgraded in terms of projection gameplay, UI layout, operation logic and smart interconnection.

The main changes can be summarized in four key words: beautiful, efficient, interesting, and smart.

Let's first look at the first keyword "beautiful." The UI design of ColorOS TV 2.0 continues the borderless style of OPPO phones. The content display is three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, concise and generous.

The pages of TV series, movies, and VIP have been redesigned, and the immersive full-screen posters look simple and beautiful, but also distinct.

However, the UI of the current system is still based on 1080P. I look forward to upgrading to the 4K version in the future, which looks more refined.

The second point is "efficient". Around this keyword, ColorOS TV 2.0 has made many changes.

In the desktop layout, the commonly used application bar is placed below the first screen, and the status bar has new indicators such as weather, device status, and mobile phone interconnection status, making the large screen more fully utilized.

On the desktop Tab page, press the up button to call up the drop-down toolbar. There are some commonly used entrances, such as opening the U disk, switching signal sources, switching to child mode, smart screen projection, etc., which is very convenient.

Both the global menu and the setting menu are changed to the side style. The style of the global menu is very similar to the drop-down menu of a mobile phone, which can quickly adjust the brightness and switch applications.

Speaking of switching applications, ColorOS TV 2.0 adds the function of the recent application list, and you can call out by long pressing the home button. It's a bit like a card-based multitasking manager on a mobile phone, which can quickly switch or close applications.

The third key word is "interesting". In addition to the regular mirrored mirroring, OPPO Smart TV K9 also has more screencasting methods to add a bit of fun to life.

The NFC function has been upgraded to version 2.0 with the touch of the flash projection function. You only need to touch the remote control lightly with your mobile phone, and you can quickly mirror the screen to the TV.

After the mobile phone screen is successfully screened, there will be three options: small window screen projection, privacy protection and screen projection. Among them, the privacy protection is very intimate. The notification bar and status bar information will be automatically hidden when the screen is cast to prevent your private information from being displayed on the big screen.

There is also a special gameplay method that is four-channel projection. The TV can accommodate up to 4 Android phones to simultaneously project to the TV. When you’re black at home with your friends, you can cast your screen to the TV together and have more combat perspectives. You can also watch videos and play games at the same time. After all, multitasking is the essence of human beings.

Finally, let's look at the fourth keyword "wisdom". ColorOS TV 2.0 supports smart interconnection of more devices. In addition to mobile phones, watches, and headphones, you can also connect to smart homes at home.

When the mobile phone is connected to the TV, not only can the mobile phone be used as a remote control, but also the mobile phone keyboard can be used to assist in inputting text, the caller perception reduces the TV volume, the mobile phone shares photos and synchronizes to the TV's cloud album, and so on.

You can even use a smart watch to control the TV, and the TV will automatically turn off the screen after detecting that the user falls asleep, realizing seamless interconnection of OPPO ecological living room devices.

If you don’t want the sound of the TV to disturb your family, you can automatically connect to the TV by taking out your headphones. Enco W51 and Enco X support in-ear detection, you can play when you put them on, and pause when you take them off.

OPPO Smart TV K9 also has many dessert functions. For example, the far-field voice, which is rare at the same price, can be used to control TV and smart home with Xiaobu assistant.

Exclusive child mode, you can switch to low blue light mode and exclusive child interface with one click. There are also customized services for small geniuses, which are very friendly to families with children.

It is worth mentioning that ColorOS TV 2.0 has content resources for many platforms. Covers film and television animation, music karaoke, cloud games, etc. The full search function integrates the resources of the four major platforms of "You Aiteng" and Mango, and the latest film and television dramas can be caught in one go.

K9, more than just a TV

With an ice-breaking price and a leapfrog configuration, the overall performance of the OPPO Smart TV K9 is remarkable. Its advantages can be simply summarized as follows:

  • 4K wide color gamut full screen, perfect color picture quality
  • Hard-to-find HDR 10+ certification at the same price, Ambilight
  • 30W high-power dual speakers, support Dolby sound
  • A more beautiful and brisk operating system
  • 2GB + 16GB large memory, smooth and not stuck
  • Support a variety of screencasting methods
  • Support multi-device smart connection, can control smart home
  • There are many film and television resources, and the application market is full
  • No ads on boot

However, K9 is not a perfect machine. It is a little regrettable in the following two aspects:

  • The screen brightness is slightly low, and there may be glare when the indoor light is complicated
  • Stuttering occasionally occurs when four-way projection

Of course, after all, the price of K9 is here. If you want to choose the lack of MEMC motion compensation, HDMI 2.1, and 120Hz refresh rate, it is true that it is "bone in the egg".

This time, OPPO Smart TV K9 offers three sizes, namely 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches. There is not a simple size difference between them, there are also some differences in the core configuration:

If you have a tight budget or just want to equip a small bedroom with a TV, choosing the 43-inch version can also meet your basic audio-visual needs.

If you are in pursuit of picture quality, choose the 55-inch or 65-inch version of the visual space. The 65-inch version also has exclusive HDMI 2.1 interface, MEMC motion compensation and other functions, which is more suitable for friends who like to play games with an external host or watch sports videos.

I still remember that OPPO discussed such a question at the Future Technology Conference in 2019: How will smart integration be in the future?

This question is still difficult to answer clearly. But I believe that smart TV should be the first key to the intelligent integration of all things. In the family, it is most suitable to play the role of AloT control center, allowing smart students to live on the big screen.

Just like the OPPO Smart TV K9, in addition to the basic film and television experience, the smarter ColorOS TV 2.0 and richer interconnection operations make it more like an entertainment and smart center in the home, rather than a TV in the traditional sense. .

The important thing is that OPPO Smart TV K9's "really fragrant" price allows users to enjoy high-quality audio-visual experience and explore the fun of smart interconnection without spending too much money.

To make smart life cheaper, this may be the greater significance of the K9 series.

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