OPPO Reno5 Pro experience: dazzling light and thin mobile phone

5G, chewed over and over; video, tired of repeating it over and over again.

Not to mention 5G or video. I like Reno5 only because it has a shiny appearance and a light touch. It is a good-looking phone for taking selfies or taking pictures of people.

Although video has always been the main selling point of the Reno series, from video anti-shake, night scene video, Live HDR, etc., to the main portrait video of the Reno5 series, on the video track, the Reno series has been moving forward.

But compared to technical concepts, I like Reno5 Pro only as my own response to the idea of ​​"people love beauty and justice".

It hits something more essential, and we are willing to pay for the things that we find beautiful. Whether it's the beauty of appearance or the beauty of people, someone will always be moved.

It sounds a bit subjective, but Reno 5 Pro is a mobile phone that is easy to start subjectively. If you don’t agree, start with Don’t judge me.

OPPO Reno5 Pro configuration at a glance:

Screen: 6.55 inches, 2400X1080 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED hyperboloid screen
SoC: Dimensity 1000+ dual-mode integrated 5G chip storage combination: 8+128GB/12+256GB UFS 2.1
Imaging configuration: 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra-wide angle + 2 million retro portrait + 2 million macro; 32 million front color options: star diamond craft (Starry Dream, Aurora Blue, Star Wish Red), glass material ( Four colors)
Others: 4350mAh battery, 65W super flash charge, sixth-generation screen fingerprint technology, Z-axis linear motor

More Bling appearance, more loving

Last year, we called Reno3 Pro the "cotton and cicada wings" in mobile phones. In the middle of the year, Reno4 Pro floated slightly by 0.1mm and 1g, which is still the representative of thin and light mobile phones.

Today, the weight loss of 5G mobile phones continues. As long as the weight is less than 200g, they rush to promote themselves as extremely thin and light. So sometimes you can see that a mobile phone like 198g is also a "thin mobile phone", but the reality is that when you have a mobile phone below 180g as a comparison, the feeling of your hand is not fooling you.

Picking up the Reno5 Pro, the taste remains the same, with a thickness of 7.6mm and a weight of 173g, which liberates one-handed operation, but more importantly, it is light and thin that someone is willing to do it.

But the Reno5 Pro’s battery is actually larger than the previous generation, reaching 4350mAh, and it also adds Z-axis linear motors and other components, but there is no increase in weight, so there must be some compromises behind, such as the middle frame from metal to plastic. However, the overall texture has not decreased, as I have not noticed it in the first few days of use.

The Reno5 series maintains the heritage of the Reno4 series in design, and the main focus is still Bling Bling's "Star Diamond Craft". To put it simply, the common AG process we currently see is to polish the glass surface into small spherical particles to get a smooth frosted feel.

The "Star Diamond Craft" is to make the surface into a multi-faceted cone, turning it into a pyramidal crystal structure. At first glance, it still feels like a lot of ravines on the Loess Plateau. Compared with the previous generation process, the reflective area of ​​a single crystal is larger, and the brilliance is increased by 35% compared with the previous generation, making it more shiny and transparent.

Although OPPO calls this process "star diamond process", I personally think it can be described as "star sand". The roughness to the touch is a bit reminiscent of sandpaper, but the visual effect is Flashing like a starry sky. And if you have been exposed to many games, some of the "star sand" or similar items in the game show this feeling.

But to be more accurate, maybe we used to compare Reno4 to eyeshadow to be more appropriate. If you are a girl who has a certain understanding of makeup, you should be able to understand the texture of pearlescent eyeshadow with tiny sequins in the gradient, but Compared with Reno5, the overall texture is still more shiny, and the graininess is more obvious.

But on the other hand, compared to Reno4 Pro's design that puts boldness and enthusiasm on the face, Reno 5 Pro has converged in reality and has become more delicate.

The most intuitive performance is that the "Reno Glow" logo is a bit smaller than last year, but the font has been changed, becoming sharper and more abstract. You can see that the designer's idea of ​​this part has changed to some extent. I There will be new changes in this part when the next generation has a premonition.

In addition, compared to AG matte glass, the rough frosted texture of this "star diamond process" is not easy to scratch. If you have a steady hand and don’t worry about falling to the ground, I think it’s OK to use it without a shell from time to time. .

Back to the front, the perforation in the upper left corner and the hyperboloid design on both sides are not very unique. They are not only the same as the previous generation, but at first glance, they are no different from flagship devices such as Find X2 Pro, except in resolution. The specification is still 1080p, and the refresh is only 90Hz.

It’s a pity that there is no telephoto

OPPO Reno 5 Pro uses a rear four-camera design. The main camera is a 64-megapixel OV lens, and the secondary camera is an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. The telephoto lens is gone. Instead, it is replaced by a 2-megapixel. Portrait lens and a 2 million pixel macro lens.

Leaving the classic "ultra wide-angle + main camera + telephoto" combination, it is inevitable that there will be a loss in the focal length, perhaps because Reno5 Pro's main focus is not landscape photography.

In terms of imaging style, OPPO is now very simple and straightforward, pursuing imaging look and feel, the picture is clean, and the colors are also pleasing.

The HDR start-up is relatively active, but it is not too violent. From the actual performance, the resolution performance of Reno 5 Pro is relatively good.

The performance will be slightly worse when indoors under weak light. Another point is that due to the lack of double lens, it is not very effective for real objects that require certain details in the composition, but in the case of good light, the color performance of food is very good. .

In terms of video anti-shake, there have been very powerful algorithms and anti-shake strategies since Reno 2. There is not only a super anti-shake mode, but also a further super anti-shake Pro. In fact, I think super anti-shake is already in the handheld situation. enough.

Although Super Anti-Shake Pro will further improve the anti-shake, it will limit the frame rate and image quality of the video, which is more suitable for larger exercise ranges, such as running.

OPPO Reno5 Pro performed equally well in night scene mode, mainly relying on the multi-frame synthesis algorithm to have a greater impact.

As for the night scene video mode, the main performance is that it will greatly increase the brightness of the picture, but the purity of the picture will definitely decrease at the same time, and the noise will be more obvious. But if you choose this mode, it's more important to get the shot.

Not extreme but stable experience

In terms of the core configuration, this time OPPO Reno5 Pro uses Dimensity 1000+ processor. Don't be afraid of seeing Dimensity. In actual use, Reno5 Pro has very good fluency performance and is also very stable. The overall performance is significantly better than Snapdragon. Long 765G is no problem.

Since there is also a "super big cup" Reno5 Pro+, the trade-offs on Reno5 Pro will be more obvious. On the other hand, Qualcomm lacks a sub-flagship chip under the Snapdragon 865, and the Dimensity 1000+ is relatively speaking It is the most suitable choice at the moment.

In fact, in my daily use, I don't often feel that the performance is not as good as the Snapdragon 865. The opening speed of the application will be a little slower, but there is almost no obvious lag. It is also because the screen refresh rate is 90Hz, and the pressure used in various apps is not as great as the 120Hz model, and even in some apps, "optimization" is better than the flagship.

For example, in Instagram, my Find X2 Pro has not had a 120Hz mode, but on Reno 5 Pro it has maintained a smoothness of 90Hz.

However, Dimensity 1000+ is still almost meaningless in terms of large-scale games. If you are a heavy large-scale mobile game player, for example, you may be addicted to "Original God", then it may not be very suitable for you.

Reno5 Pro continues the SuperVOOC 2.0 65W flash charge, and the speed is as good as before. It can fully charge the 4350mAh battery in about 35 minutes. The only drawback is that the volume of the charging head is still slightly larger.

The battery capacity of 4350mAh belongs to the mainstream level, but it is considered very good in OPPO models. The design of the power consumption of the whole machine is relatively restrained. 1080p+90Hz is still relatively power-saving, so it is obviously better than my 2K+120Hz in actual use. Find X2 Pro is strong, but it can only be said to be average.

In fact, looking forward, the Reno4 series is only half a year away from us. In addition to this year's special situation, when time is compressed, there is an illusion that it has only been released for two or three months. The Reno5 series is actually more like a small facelift after more precise adjustments.

But this is not a problem. The Reno5 series is better-looking and cheaper. It will easily attract users who are not sensitive to performance. Its frontline is not online. Outside the world of our core Internet users, it is still There are a large number of groups, and their needs may be completely different from those of you who watch technology news every day.

There are many young people in this world. They have some common characteristics. They like beautiful, bold, enthusiastic, and energetic designs. It is also because of the vitality of young people that it is easy to differentiate different preferences and consumer views. Reno doesn't need to please everyone, but there must be many people who like Reno.

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