OPPO released “Large Family Bucket”, earphones, TVs, watches, and mobile phones are all flagships

To say that Shanghai in October is really lively. Not only is the highly anticipated League of Legends Global Finals held here, the battle is now in full swing; in addition, the "old man" of the League of Legends, OPPO also held the theme "Wisdom Beauty" on the 19th today. At the press conference of "Life", the new products that were revealed some time ago were revealed.

This "newcomer" came prepared

There is another new player in the smart TV field, OPPO. This one is clearly prepared. There are a lot of mainstream configurations, and some new seasonings are added to it.

OPPO, which first set foot in large-screen products, launched two products tonight, let’s take a look at the flagship OPPO Smart TV S1.

The base of OPPO Smart TV S1 adopts a floating design. The huge metal base uses the design technique of thin front and thick back to ensure the strength, and at the same time, it does not feel heavy from the front.

OPPO's first flagship large-screen product did not choose 8K resolution. Instead, it was equipped with a 65-inch 4K resolution QLED quantum dot suspension panel with a screen-to-body ratio of 98.6%, and the borderless visual effect was very obvious.

Supports dynamic backlight of 210 partitions, turns off or reduces the brightness of some areas of the backlight, and accordingly improves the picture contrast. With the partition backlight, there is a basis for talking about HDR. The peak brightness can reach 1500nits, while the normal brightness is 650nits.

Support Dolby Vision / HDR10 / HDR 10+ / HLG multiple source decoding, collectively referred to as the Super HDR function by OPPO.

The screen supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, plus MEMC frame supplement and VRR variable refresh rate functions. These are the development directions of mainstream flagship TVs this year, from pure pursuit of high resolution to evolution from HDR technology, refresh rate and other subdivision dimensions Improve picture quality experience.

▲2K lifting camera

This trend will continue until the popularization of 8K technology.

NTSC 120% wide color gamut, 10 bit color depth, the displayable colors are more abundant, and the color transition is more natural.

The "audiovisual feast" often referred to by manufacturers is divided into two parts: audiovisual and audiovisual. The above is the audiovisual part of OPPO Smart TV S1, and the following is the audiovisual part.

Before the press conference, OPPO had officially announced the cooperation with Danish top Hi-Fi brand Dynaudio. As expected, this flagship TV was the first show of the cooperation between the two parties.

As early as 2019, the two sides had contact. After finalizing the cooperation, Daniel Emonts, Dynaudio’s chief acoustic expert, and the OPPO acoustic team tuned the OPPO Smart TV S1.

The speaker is cleverly embedded in the back vent position, equipped with 5.1.2 channels (center channel + left and right channels + left and right surround + woofer + sky channel), which can give the audience a similar "hearing sound position" when watching movies. The experience of ”clearly and accurately captures the subtle sound of the 45° bullet casing in the lower left corner of the movie.

Image source: OPPO

The whole machine has 18 stereo surround speakers, 85W power, combined with Dolby Atmos technology, and corresponding film sources to create a true and stereo sound field performance.

The sound source in the live experience area is too complicated, so there is not much content in the sound experience part for the time being, but as far as the live viewing experience is concerned, this QLED screen has a good experience in movie watching and game scenes.

The partitioned backlight makes it have a better light control ability, and it is easier to deal with the situation of taking a beam of light in a dark scene.

The 120Hz high brush and low game latency mode can effectively reduce the problem of screen tearing caused by low frame rate. After playing the horizon for 1 minute on the spot, both the image quality and smoothness are satisfactory.

Back to the price, this OPPO Smart TV S1, as OPPO’s flagship new product, is fully stockpiled, equipped with MediaTek’s MT9950 chip, supports up to 8K decoding, true 4K UI, and matches the flagship phone-level 8.5GB+128GB storage combination. Wi-Fi 6 certification has set a relatively affordable price of RMB 7,999, which is quite disruptive.

As consumers, we just want to make friends with manufacturers. Do you think you can make friends at this price?

In addition to OPPO Smart TV S1, two sizes of mid-range series TVs, OPPO Smart TV R1, mainstream configuration, are also released tonight, suitable for consumers who are more price-sensitive. The 55-inch price is 3299 yuan, and the 65-inch version is 4299 yuan.

By the way, this TV will be sold simultaneously online and offline on November 1.

New headphones continue OPPO's acoustic advantages

As a user of OPPO Enco W51, I am naturally surprised and delighted to see OPPO Enco X released today. With the addition of the Dynaudio brand this time, its auditory performance is even more exciting.

From the materials, drive unit structure, to the tuning scheme, and cavity design, they are all the crystallization of the joint design of the OPPO acoustic team and the Dynaudio brand. It can be said that OPPO Enco X is full of the results of the joint efforts of both.

OPPO launched the DBEE 1.0 dynamic enhancement engine for the first time in 2007, and the OPPO Enco X adopted a new DBEE 3.0 acoustic system (Dynamic Balance Enhanced Engine).

Adopting a coaxial dual-unit design, a flat-diaphragm high-frequency unit in the front, a three-layer composite diaphragm large moving coil mid- and low-frequency unit at the rear, and LHDC high-resolution coding technology to achieve Hi-Res level sound quality on wireless headphones.

In addition, OPPO Enco X provides four levels of noise reduction mode adjustment: strong, weak, off and transparent mode. Touch and hold the headphone handle to switch between active noise reduction and transparent mode.

The maximum noise reduction depth of OPPO Enco X can reach 35dB, which is the same as OPPO Enco W51. However, in the field experience, I found that the sound insulation effect of the former will be better than the latter. I think the difference may lie in the ear cap design. Improved.

For the battery life that everyone is concerned about, the OPPO Enco X headset has a battery life of 5.5 hours and a call up to 3.5 hours; with the charging box, it can listen to songs for up to 25 hours and talk for up to 15 hours.

In the strong noise reduction mode, the earphone listens to music for 4 hours, and the charging box has a total battery life of 20 hours. The overall battery life is slightly improved compared to OPPO Enco W51.

It is worth mentioning that there are richer gesture operations on OPPO Enco X, including up and down to adjust the volume, long touch to switch the noise reduction mode, and unique gestures for switching between multiple devices, which basically complement the shortcomings in practicality. .

This new product still inherits the Qi wireless charging protocol and the three-microphone noise reduction solution. OPPO finally set a price of RMB 999. In terms of the effect of the on-site experience, I had the urge to replace the OPPO Enco W51 with a new product.

ColorOS Watch gradually evolves

Tonight also announced a new watch product, but the protagonist is the latest ColorOS Watch 1.5, with 13 new apps, this time you can directly view the navigation route of Baidu Maps on OPPO Watch.

With the addition of 8 new sports modes, and combined with sports equipment brand Shuhua, OPPO Watch can be linked and recorded on the latter treadmill in the future. OPPO Watch currently on the market will support the update of ColorOS Watch 1.5.

Finally, the new watch product OPPO Watch RX showed a little face. OPPO's first watch with a round dial, the dial size is 43mm, and more features have not been announced. The closed beta recruitment plan will be launched on November 1.

One More Thing

Finally, a flagship phone was released, which is strictly a "re-release". That is the OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition. No matter from the outer packaging, accessories, or the appearance and theme of the mobile phone, they have been deeply customized, and the limited number of 3,000 units.

Also released at the same time was the OPPO Watch League of Legends Limited Edition (Shadow Green), and the OPPO Watch RX League of Legends Limited Edition (Brush Blue) was also released. These two watch products are exclusive to the two popular heroes Akali and Yasuo. Custom Edition.

I guess that the little friends who have a soft spot for these characters can’t bear it. OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition and OPPO Watch League of Legends Limited Edition will be available at 21:00 on October 19 at Huantai Mall, Suning and OPPO officially authorized stores officially opened for sale.

The "surprise (happiness) volume" of this conference is very sufficient. The flagship products of TV and earphones have good strength. The full linkage of TV, earphones and watches can also see OPPO's pursuit of ecology. After all, this The theme of the conference was "Smart Life". The layout of the IoT has become OPPO's new goal, and it is also a market-driven decision made for granted.

Perhaps under the dual offensive of OPPO's continued innovation and affordable new product prices, the market will give positive feedback. However, we still need time to tell us what the future will be.

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