OPPO Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Map Tour: Combining Future Aesthetics and Cosmic Romance

We often use "seeing the light to die" to tease those who have over-retouched, and also often use "real people to look better than photos" to praise those who are not "seeing the light to live".

In the product field, the OPPO Find X3 series is a typical "seeing light." When the renderings were exposed, there was an uproar in the comment area. However, after the product was exhibited offline, its ingenious curve and gentle touch have successfully reversed the reputation of a large number of consumers.

On May 15th, on the occasion of the successful landing of my country’s first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen 1, OPPO launched the Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition, which has been deeply customized in terms of mobile phone appearance, packaging, and UI, which is very different from the regular version. the same.

First look at the packaging that looks like a mooncake gift box. The main colors are gray and orange. After opening the top cover, a large romantic and mysterious Martian orange came into view. OPPO uses special sandstone paper and embossing craftsmanship to show the Utopia's crater landform exquisitely and advancedly.

By the way, the location where Tianwen-1 first landed on Mars was just south of the Utopia Plain. When the user removes the cover of the box, he sees the mountains of the Utopia Plain, which is quite romantic. The phone itself is "hidden" under the Utopia Plain.

At the bottom of the box, you can see the customized accessories. The color of the phone case is a bit like cement gray, with a slightly matte texture. The charging head, data cable, and earphones are all black.

Then we look at the phone body. The back cover is gray, which is slightly darker than the color of the phone case. This color scheme is inspired by meteorites burned in space. OPPO said that after hundreds of gray-scale tones, the original colors are close to real.

In fact, when I first saw the back cover, I thought it was made of metal. The high-fog AG glass presents a metal-like luster, which is easily associated with aviation equipment. The hand feels warm and delicate, and it is difficult to stain fingerprints.

On the lower right of the fuselage, there are exclusive inscriptions "MARS 2021" and "UTOPIA PLANITIA". The former represents that 2021 is a milestone year for China's Mars exploration, while the latter represents the starting point for China's field exploration of Mars. These two inscriptions are printed on the packaging box, mobile phone case, charging head, etc., highlighting the identity of the Mars Exploration Edition.

In addition to the appearance, the Mars Exploration Edition also has special customization in UI and filters. Its default Mars exploration theme includes a set of live wallpapers, which can flow naturally among 4 sets of different scenes according to time, and feel the day of Mars between light and shadow.

The customized icon style is concise and concise, using orange as the main color, which contrasts with the gray back shell, which is quite cosmic and romantic with future aesthetics.

In the AI ​​color master function of the album, a new Martian color filter has been added. The photos can be transformed into the style of Mars, with strong stylization.

▲ The original photo on the left, the Martian color filter effect on the right

In terms of configuration, the Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition has only 16GB +512 GB top-of-the-line storage configuration, and the rest of the image, screen, flash charging, SoC, and other modules are consistent with the Find X3 Pro regular version. The price is 6,999 yuan, and it will go on sale on May 16th, with a limited edition of 20,000 units.

Regarding the configuration and experience of Find X3 Pro, we have previously elaborated on this article . Here is a brief talk about two reasons why I will choose Find X3 Pro as the main machine. One is the screen, and the other is the design.

The 6.7-inch 2K screen used in Find X3 series supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. As the window of the mobile phone, the screen can be regarded as the hardware that most affects the experience in operation. The excellent quality of this screen can bring me a very good experience.

In addition, Find X3 is the first to open up the full-link 10-bit color of shooting, encoding, storage, decoding, and display. In other words, the 10bit photos you take can be perfectly displayed on this screen, using billions of colors to truly restore what you see with the naked eye.

Let's talk about design again. The main controversy of Find X3 Pro focused on the design of the camera module. But in fact, you can feel it behind the hand, it is by no means a parody of the iPhone 12 Pro series. The ingenious curve brings not only a seamless future aesthetics, but also a supple and silky superb feel.

The straight line belongs to human beings, and the curve belongs to God.

The above sentence is a classic quote from the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Curves are widely used in architectural design and are regarded as the standard by countless designers. Among them, the architect Zaha Hadid is known as the "Queen of the Curve" by virtue of the smooth and futuristic lines in his works.

▲ Design by Zaha Hadid. Picture from: insidearabia

This is because curved surfaces are often comforting and soothing. In architectural design, the curve can help the building easily blend into the surrounding environment and reduce the influence of the building itself. How to efficiently manufacture building curved surfaces has always been the long-term goal of many construction companies.

The OPPO Find X3 series, after more than 100 mold debugging, more than 2,000 back cover control points, and more than 700 crater mirror group control points, finally created a continuous curved surface.

Thanks to the elegant curve design, the lens group is well integrated into the back cover, and it looks unobtrusive. This is the same as the advantages of curved buildings.

Design master Kenya Hara once said, "The more technology evolves, the closer it is to the form of life." The human body shape is precisely composed of various curves.

When the curve full of life beauty is applied to technology products, it naturally makes people feel extremely cordial and relaxed. From this perspective, the OPPO Find X3 series is indeed full of exploration and thinking about future technology and humanities, and I have begun to look forward to the next masterpiece of the Find series.

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