OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition Tournament: Exquisite enough, enough surprise

In recent years, mobile phone manufacturers have launched alliance-limited products that seem to have become a new trend. Some are co-branded with car brands, some are co-branded with well-known animation IP, or they are co-branded with well-known fashion designers. And this time we received a mobile phone co-branded with the game IP-OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition.

From unboxing to trial play, the most common words I heard during the whole process were "Wow, it's kind of cool." Yes, I was surrounded by a group of League of Legends players. Judging from their reactions, this limited-edition phone is indeed carefully designed.

After all, today's mobile phones are not easy to win the sincere admiration of users.

From packaging to mobile phone, full of LOL feeling

First of all, let's look at the mobile phone in the suit. This time, the League of Legends S10 Limited Edition can be described as a lot of effort from the packaging to the mobile phone. From the transport box to the mobile phone, you can see the customized elements of the League of Legends S10 events and game content everywhere.

Opening the shipping box, what we see before our eyes is a square box. If you are a League of Legends player, you may have a sense of familiarity with this box. Its overall shape and the treasure box in the League of Legends game look alike.

It's just that the cabinet elements have been changed to the S10 event logo and the theme song "Take Over". The blue and gold contrasting design is to match the style of the game map of the League of Legends, and the design level and look are relatively good.

In the game, opening a treasure chest with a key is a very ritual thing. A treasure chest may be opened with limited skins, heroes, or gold coins in the game-blue essence and yellow essence.

Therefore, opening the treasure box is an emotional thing, which is the same as when I open the OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition.

The packing box can be opened with a slight lift up, and the damping will not be too large. It is considered suitable for the damping in the push-out packing box. The next step is the mobile phone box. The surface of this box does not have much exclusive design. It also incorporates the elements of the League of Legends S10 theme song "TAKE OVER".

It’s worth noting that when the phone box is opened, the phone will slowly rise. It is similar to the structure of the treasure in the film and television drama that automatically rises under the promotion of the agency. This ingenious design has won the cheers of several friends beside me. It does look a bit cool.

Put the phone aside for now, let’s see what's left in the phone box. There are two cards on both sides of the cardboard where the phone is fixed. One is equipped with a phone card pin. As a League of Legends player, I can't understand the shape of this card pin. It is the visual eye accessory in the game.

The other card is a commemorative card with the text ONE OF 3000 marking a total of 3000 sets of League of Legends S10 Limited Edition.

Remove the fixed cardboard, it is the charger, charging cable, mobile phone case and customized earphones. The charger uses the same yellow and blue contrast design as the box, which is similar to the currency in the League of Legends game-blue and yellow essence.

Like the regular version of OPPO Find X2, the League of Legends S10 limited edition charger supports OPPO SuperVOOC 2.0 flash charging, up to 65W. According to OPPO, a 4200 mAh battery can be charged to 40% in less than 10 minutes.

The earphones are in-ear, with the League of Legends logo and the S10 theme song "TAKE OVER" logo on the head of the headset.

Next, let’s take a look at the mobile phone. As usual, we will briefly introduce the mobile phone configuration, which is basically the same as the ordinary OPPO Find X2:

  • Screen: 6.7 inches, 3168*1440 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate OLED screen
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Storage combination: 8+256GB
  • Imaging configuration: 48 million pixel wide angle + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle + 13 million telephoto + 32 million front
  • 5G: Support

Light up the screen of the mobile phone, and the hero Izreal in the game is displayed in front of you. It is also displayed in the form of a similar animation like the hero page of the PC game. In addition, you can also choose Li Qing, LeBlanc, Ai The wallpapers of five heroes, Rilia and Titan.

The mobile phone icons are basically related to the elements that have appeared in the League of Legends game. Like the bookstore icon, it comes from the game equipment demon code. It is worth mentioning that not only the OPPO's own system applications are adapted to the icons, such as Taobao and Tencent. Third-party applications such as videos have also adapted icons.

Turning to the back of the phone, the entire back adopts a blue and gold color design. The S10 event trophy logo is in the middle of the phone, with a foggy white logo, which looks like the shadow fog in the League of Legends map.

Several League of Legends players in the office, after playing this OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition, came to the same conclusion: there is something inside.

Akali! Akali!

Compared with mobile phones, OPPO Watch League of Legends limited edition packaging is relatively simpler, but you can also see a lot of OPPO's inheritance in joint design.

For example, the Akali embossed on the surface of the OPPO Watch League of Legends limited edition jacket. Previously, there was a similar design in the OPPO Watch EVA limited edition. The advantage of this design is that the texture is enhanced. The embossing exhibits different effects in different light and shadow conditions. The look and feel has improved a lot.

The green hue design of the packaging box also matches the color of Akali's clothing in the game.

And this time OPPO has also improved the seal design. In addition to the "disposable seal" design, it also provides an ordinary box opening design, allowing users to choose from the unseal to enhance the unpacking feeling and the most complete storage state. You can choose the ordinary way of unpacking. If you want to enhance the sense of unpacking ceremony, you can remove the "disposable seal".

After opening the envelope, the box is the main body of the box. It is also a common gift box design in limited edition packaging. On the left is the relief of Akali, and on the right is the "League of Legends" logo and other elements. Gently mention the green ribbon exposed on the gift box. You can open the box.

When you open the box, the watch is the main body of the watch. The black cardboard used to fix the watch is also printed with the Akali pattern, and the light and shadow are also processed to enhance the texture.

After the cardboard is opened, the quick manual and Akali replacement strap on both sides of the watch are exposed. Below the quick manual is the watch charger, which is all the contents in the box.

The OPPO Watch League of Legends limited edition body still has a lot of custom designs. After booting, you can design the exclusive Akali dial. At the same time, sliding left and right can switch other Akali customized dials.

Final and pricing

Co-branding has become the most common product strategy for mobile phone manufacturers. Initially, they were co-branded with major auto manufacturers. The design and configuration were differentiated from the normal version. From the manufacturer’s point of view, it was to enhance brand positioning. The pricing of the joint version can be seen.

And then co-branding with well-known designers, well-known film and television and well-known game IP, it is more to borrow the influence of IP, to close the distance with users, and expand brand influence.

But for users, it always depends on the overall product strength. In addition to the basic configuration, the design and IP customization are not well done, and carelessness is what really impresses users.

Judging from the feedback from social media and the exclamation of the League of Legends players around me, everyone still affirmed the degree of intentions of this limited edition, which is whether it can become one of the purchasers of the limited edition of 3000 sets.

Finally, let's talk about the sale date of the price:

  • OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition is priced at 4,999 yuan, and will go on sale at 21 o'clock on October 19th, limited to 3000 sets.
  • The OPPO Watch League of Legends limited edition is priced at 1999 yuan and will be officially launched on November 1. ​​​​

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