OPPO Enco X blues earphone tour: this blue, like the night will be bright

OPPO Enco X earphones are the beautiful crystallization of OPPO's acoustic technology. Since its release at the end of 2020, it has launched 4 color schemes. It was released with the Find X3 mobile phone the day before yesterday, and Enco's new color scheme: blues.

The outer packaging is the same as the first three colors, and the front is printed like a headset, which is three-dimensionally processed to make the appearance of the box not so plain.

Open the outer cover, the inner box is printed with a big X, and the upper left corner is the words OPPO|Dynaudio, demonstrating its joint identity.

Inside the box is the headset body, and there are two pairs of ear caps, namely S and L size. The M size ear caps are already installed on the headset.

There is also a short USB AtoC cable, which is only used for charging.

The color of the headset body is the same as the Find X3 in fog blue, and the color is darker. However, the two materials are different. The phone is made of matte glass, while the headphone box is made of shiny plastic, which achieves exactly the same color on two completely different materials. OPPO has worked hard.

The middle frame design of the earphone box has a very poetic name: Star Ring. It is not only a tribute to OPPO's classic products in the past, but also the rebirth of new craftsmanship in new products.

The slightly frosted feel breaks the monotonous texture of pure shiny plastic.

At the top is an OPPO logo, and there is an LED indicator on the front, which reacts differently when the cover is opened, charging, low battery, searching for equipment, etc. It can display three colors of white/green/red, referring to the location of the headset Different situations.

▲ From top to bottom: Blues, Forbidden City Fuqi, Zhuyun

"Co-Created with Dynaudio" is printed on the hinge on the back of Enco X, which means that it has the quality of joint tuning with Dynaudio. Its sound quality is among the best TWS products at the same price.

Released with the new Enco X color scheme, there are also two Dynaudio sound effects: "Simple and Leisurely" and "Warm and Soft". The original default sound effects were renamed Default.

The comparison found that the original default sound effect, although the three bands are balanced, but the sense of layering is insufficient, the simplicity and leisure have been strengthened at this point, and the latter has made fine-tuning for the human voice part.

Personally recommend simple and leisurely.

It is worth mentioning that both sound effects need to be switched in the Bluetooth settings when the OPPO phone is paired.

Friends who bought Enco X before don’t have to be sad. These two sound effects can be obtained through a firmware update.

Enco X, as a noise reduction headset, adopts an in-ear design, active + passive, to achieve a better noise reduction effect. As a long-term user of Enco X, I am quite satisfied with its noise reduction effect. For this part of the specific experience, you can refer to the previous article " Less than 1,000 yuan and fine sound quality, Green Factory uses this acoustic flagship to pay tribute to myself ". Interested friends can jump to read.

Related parameters for your reference:

Sound unit: φ11mm moving coil unit + φ6mm plane diaphragm unit;
Speaker sensitivity: 104dB@1khz;
Frequency response range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz;
Audio transmission format: audio transmission format LHDC / AAC / SBC;
Noise control mode: strong noise reduction mode / weak noise reduction mode / transparent mode / noise reduction off mode;
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.2 protocol;
Supports wireless charging, with a total battery life of up to 25 hours.

With the release of Enco X's blue color scheme, the white noise app "Tide" launched a special topic of deep sea whispers, which contains six white noise audios, which makes you feel relaxed. Complementing the color of the product itself is a win-win cooperation.

In the past few years, mobile phone manufacturers began to experiment with colorful routes. The color of the back cover of the mobile phone began to become colorful and more individual. OPPO has also tried a lot of earphone colors, and every time, it can give people a surprise.

If you decide to start with a fog blue Find X3 after reading the first experience article of the OPPO Find series yesterday, you might as well take this pair of headphones with you.

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