Opening a store has reduced the traffic of nearby Starbucks by 30%. What is the best place for Manner coffee in Shanghai?

If you have watched the American TV series "Broken Sisters", you may be impressed by the two heroines' window shops. On this road where public security is not good, a small window entrusts the business dreams of the two heroines. They make cupcakes in the window and receive customers outside the window.

But even an optimistic audience would not expect the sisters to really succeed in their career. After all, this is "Sisters of Bankruptcy", not "Sisters of Entrepreneurship". If you want to develop from a small window cupcake shop on the street to a business empire, the difficulty can be imagined.

▲The cupcake shop in "Broken Sisters"

Although the TV series "Broken Sisters" does not have a plot of "a small window shop turns into a business empire", there is no lack of a story with the same background in reality. You might call this story "Entrepreneur Couple".

There is a 2 square meter window shop on Nanyang Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai. The owner of the shop is a couple, and the husband first sold coffee machines. Beginning in 2015, the couple began to sell coffee to people passing by through a small window. This is the beginning of the Manner coffee story.

▲ The earliest Manner coffee shop was a small window shop. Picture from: Manner's only official website

Six years later, the original 2 square meter street shop has been retained. The Manner brand is also blooming everywhere in Shanghai, the birthplace of Chinese coffee culture. It has its own coffee shops in the World Financial Center, Majestic Theater, Galeries Lafayette, Bohua Plaza and other well-known cultural and entertainment consumer places.

Today, the official website of Manner Coffee shows that the brand has 122 stores in Shanghai.

▲ Manner coffee shop is expanding rapidly

What is Manner coffee? I will take you to study now

Manners Maketh Man.

This is a classic line from the movie "Ace Agent", and it is also the source of Manner's coffee name. The official subtitles of the movie translate this sentence as-I don't know how to be polite, there is no way to stand.

As for the brand name Manner, everyone has their own interpretation. Some people think that the brand name Manner represents a standard of coffee, while others think that this is an expectation of the brand founders for the popularization of coffee consumption. Manner Coffee's philosophy is to "make coffee a part of life." They believe that coffee should be a healthy drink that is close to the people and affordable to everyone.

But as far as today is concerned, most Chinese people have never drunk Manner coffee. Because Manner coffee is not spread across multiple cities like Starbucks and Luckin, they currently only provide services in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, and Suzhou. There is also a huge gap in the number of urban stores, with 122 stores in Shanghai, 5 stores in Shenzhen, 4 stores in Beijing, 3 stores in Chengdu, and 2 stores in Suzhou.

Even if most people have never drunk this brand of coffee, the outside world always thinks that Manner has enough potential. This may also be the coffee brand most favored by investment institutions. It has received 3 rounds of financing within half a year, with a valuation of more than 8 billion yuan. In the case of Manner Coffee currently only has 136 stores, it can be said that the capital value of the single store of Manner Coffee is about 58.82 million yuan.

This is of course a somewhat exaggerated figure. More capital bids are still considering the high growth of the brand. With the further expansion of Manner stores, this number will also fall back to a more reasonable range.

▲ Manner coffee at the Louis Vuitton VVV exhibition. Picture from: take away itakeit

Investment companies are competing for investment. This situation is related to the popularity of Manner Coffee in Shanghai. In Shanghai, where the coffee market is the most competitive, Manner has become a "street fighter".

Shanghai is a city with no shortage of new brands of coffee chains, but Manner is still the most notable one among them. Weibo netizen @王惘忘忘 said, "Chain coffee shops from Seesaw,% Arabica, Tims, M Stand to Manner, Double Win, Manner is the most worthwhile."

Weibo blogger @推拿熊 called the iapm mall in Shanghai the "Coffee Most Rolling Place". There are countless boutique coffee shops here, but Manner has the most "street fighter". Not only is Manner more popular than the growing coffee brand, it sometimes even beats the most well-known coffee brand, Starbucks. There is even a rumor in the coffee circle that opening a Manner opposite Starbucks will reduce Starbucks’ passenger flow by 30%.

▲ The queue of Manner coffee in iapm, the picture was taken at 5.26 10:30am. Picture from: ChillOutConsultant

Manner is not alone in achieving this kind of achievement . Sun Yu, the founder of Fisheye Coffee, said : "We have seen similar situations in our stores near Starbucks."

For the new brand, the production of coffee that is better than Starbucks, or the price is lower than Starbucks, this is the key to the new brand's victory with Starbucks.

Cheap, delicious, large-scale chain, Manner breaks the "Impossible Triangle"

The trinity paradox is also called the impossible three-headed carriage and the impossible triangle. It itself refers to a principle in international finance, which was later extended to be difficult for participants in different fields to obtain benefits at the same time, or to meet the three conditions that cannot be met in a certain field at the same time.

In the media field, exquisite content, professionalism, and update frequency cannot be satisfied at the same time; in the food delivery field, platform algorithms, user experience, and rider environment are also largely contradictory; in the coffee circle, cheap, delicious, and large-scale The chain is also an "impossible triangle" that is difficult to break, but Manner broke it.

In the beverage industry, cheap, delicious, and large-scale chains are not impossible to achieve at the same time. Michelle Ice City at the entrance of the university, Helens, the young man's first drink, are all brands with high reputation, cheapness, and large-scale chain chains. However, these brands sell either simple beverages or even finished products, which are not the same as coffee beverages that have strict requirements for baristas.

Coffee is a more "free" drink. Whether it tastes or not is closely related to the work of the barista. For example, a barista needs to adjust the concentration every morning and make adjustments according to the flavor expressed by different beans. In this process, the degree of roasting, the length of the bean cultivation period, the difference in the weight of the coffee beans and the liquid, and even whether the coffee is fresh when it is made will affect the taste of a cup of coffee.

To solve this, Manner's early coffee was almost all roasted by the founder, Han Yulong. Later, when the scale was expanded, Manner established a special roasting factory to provide raw materials and coffee equipment. 36 Krypton reported that the utilization rate of the plant is currently only about 1/3 , which is enough to supply 1,000-1,500 stores if fully used, which laid the foundation for Manner's taste and scale.

▲ Three coffees jointly launched by Manner and underwear brands inside and outside

The brand has made a good investment in the early stage, and then it needs to look at the barista's performance in the later stage. In order for the barista to make a good cup of coffee, the founder spent a lot of money on the hire of baristas.

Feng, who had worked as a barista in a Manner store in Shenzhen, told Ai Faner that Manner’s salary was indeed in the middle of the barista circle, and he even felt that Manner’s appearance might drive the barista’s salary level.

Employing a group of experienced and technical baristas, this also allows Manner coffee to have a more reliable quality assurance. While both Starbucks and Luckin are using fully automatic coffee machines to make coffee, Manner is more like a specialty coffee brand—they use semi-automatic coffee machines.

▲ Manner Barista won the championship. Picture from: Manner's public account

Feng said that the raw materials Manner uses to make coffee are more authentic. The production of a cup of Manner coffee will consume 25 grams of coffee powder, which is extracted with a large amount of powder to meet the customer's demand for coffee flavor. On hot single-origin coffees like hot latte, Manner will also ask the barista to make a basic pattern.

In order to improve quality control, the job of a barista is no longer to make a cup of coffee by one person, but each person is responsible for part of the process operation. "Each person is in charge of a post. For example, the extractor is only responsible for extracting, the milk maker is responsible for milking, and the flower maker is responsible for drawing flowers. A cup of coffee is a division of labor and cooperation."

"A cup of 15 yuan hot latte can also have a latte?" This is one of the coffee surprises that Manner brings to many people. The official price of a cup of hot latte is 20 yuan, but as long as you can bring your own cup, you can save 5 yuan. In this case, many people even bring their own cups to Manner to buy a cup of "Espresso", so a refreshing espresso only costs 5 yuan.

▲ The low price and the five-yuan discount make the price of Manner coffee very friendly

When opening a new store in Manner, the first three days will launch a free drink campaign to bring your own non-disposable cups. Manner’s loyal customer Xiaoqi once saw all kinds of self-contained cups in the store. Starbucks coffee cups, vacuum flasks, and goblet are not uncommon. Once she even saw an uncle buy coffee with ceramic bowls. Manner also accepted.

The price of coffee is reduced by another 5 yuan, which of course further compressed Manner's profit margin, so in addition to promoting this environmentally friendly consumption concept, they have also imposed certain restrictions. Manner currently does not have a take-out business. Users can only order in advance through the Mini Program and go to the store to receive it. The Mini Program does not have a 5 yuan discount for bringing their own cups, which also limits the amount of orders for bringing their own cups.

And no matter how big the cup is, the amount of coffee is fixed. The small cup of coffee that is very popular in Shanghai allows Manner to better control costs. The small cup of Manner coffee is only 240ml, and the large cup is 360ml. Compared with the 400ml coffee in other regions, the volume of Manner coffee also lays the foundation for their low prices.

▲ There is not much space in the Manner coffee shop, which reduces the cost of land rent.

With the expansion of Manner coffee shops, more and more shopping malls and street shops do make the rent cost higher, but compared to Starbucks with a third space, the cost of Manner's small shops is still very low. At the same time, the increasing demand from multiple stores will also provide Manner with greater bargaining space. In other words, the large-scale chain stores in Manner's model help them keep lower prices and provide lower-priced specialty coffee.

The more concentrated coffee single product cost is also helping Manner's price system. Feng said that Manner will vigorously promote Yunnan coffee made of domestic products, and the brand basically promotes Yunnan beans. At the same time, Manner's "single products" will be relatively small, only four or five fixed ones, which will not be updated frequently.

The single product mentioned here is not different single-product coffee categories such as American and latte, but single-product coffee beans from a single producing area. This focus has allowed Manner to purchase more single-origin coffee beans and better control costs.

▲ The video "MANNER in Yunnan" launched by Manner

The combination of these elements helped Manner break the "impossible triangle" of the coffee industry and made the lowest-priced specialty coffee among the current commercial brands.

To make cheap specialty coffee, the Manner model of 12 million US dollars for a single store can be copied?

Some coffee lovers believe that Manner is a coffee brand that should appear in mature coffee countries.

It does not focus on the "third space" like Starbucks, and sells coffee at a higher price. It is not as ripened by capital like Ruixing, and it has to be criticized by customers in addition to coffee promotion. Even compared with more and more convenience store coffee, Manner is still competitive in price and taste.

Most of the coffee sold by Manner can afford it. The store radiates to the office workers around the mall store, and there is no social space left. It is more in line with the user's daily coffee consumption habits, and it sells a daily drink. From this perspective, what Manner is currently doing is also in line with the concept of "making coffee a part of life."

But this model of Manner is not impossible to replicate.

The barista introduced to Ai Faner quietly that every time a barista like her goes to Shanghai, he will drink OPS coffee that is difficult to replicate. This brand only sells special coffee. Even if the price of coffee is around 50 yuan on average, peers still have to check in.

Because OPS special coffee will have a lot of novelty, it is difficult to copy. When consuming coffee, OPS baristas will even provide a card to introduce the taste, raw materials, and creative inspiration of coffee. OPS's intensive coffee innovations are difficult for other brands to imitate.

▲ OPS special coffee and small card introduction. Picture from: [email protected]加息JIAXI

Manner is different. Although it still sells specialty coffee, its selling points tend to be cheap and delicious, cost-effective, and the environmental protection concept promoted by the brand. For coffee entrepreneurs, it is not impossible to copy Manner's model in cities other than Shanghai if they can lower prices, improve the supply chain, and learn the brand's environmental protection concepts.

There is a coffee brand "Algebraist" in Suzhou. There are already 26 stores and two more stores are waiting to be opened. Guangzhou also has "PAIX" Xiaoyinche Coffee, and there are currently 18 stores (Xiaoyinche). The business model of these new brands is very similar to Manner, but there will be some innovations in some points.

▲ Algebraist and PAIX Coffee

But the details are not easy to replicate. A barista means that the quality control of the PAIX I have drunk is not as good as Manner, and the difference between each cup of coffee is greater. Only before the successful Manner enters more markets, these coffee brands have the opportunity to slowly upgrade and occupy the minds of consumers in advance.

China is a rapidly growing coffee market, which is large enough to accommodate multiple new brands valued at tens of billions of dollars.

Only today, the brand most likely to hit this goal is Manner.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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