OpenAI CEO’s “show” is beginning to bore investors

According to Insider, venture capitalists have become increasingly "disinterested" in OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and his words and deeds recently.

OpenAI is currently preparing to raise $100 billion in funding for the research and development of AGI (artificial general intelligence), and in their contacts with Altman, venture capitalists began to feel that this current "jewel in the palm of Silicon Valley" was a bit boring.

An investor said that when he participated in an OpenAI investment conference call last year, he discovered that his fiercest competitor was in the same online conference. At the time, he thought he had "clicked on the wrong link."

OpenAI also put the offer directly on the table, with non-negotiable terms. The investor said that this type of investment negotiation was beyond his imagination. Altman believes that such an investment method prevents OpenAI from being unduly influenced and allows it to freely pursue human welfare.

The investor eventually gave up on the investment because of Altman's conditions and sales pitch, but competitors at the same meeting rushed to write checks and prepare to invest, including "people who had expressed distaste for Altman."

▲ Sam Altman

Altman accused of "self-proclaimed god"

Altman is indeed very good at marketing. In his recent interview with Lex Fridman, he demonstrated his ability to manipulate news headlines.

His words in the interview, such as "I think GPT-4 is 'very bad'" and "GPT-5 will be a breakthrough," appeared intact in the headlines of technology media, raising people's expectations for GPT-5. , although there are still only a few details on this product.

Steve Jobs, the famous former CEO of Apple, has an ability that is called the "reality distortion field" by the outside world, which refers to Jobs' ability to make things become reality through his personal aura, eloquence and willpower.

▲ Steve Jobs

Some venture capitalists believe that Sam Altman also has this ability. He cast himself as a "benevolent dreamer" and a promising and skilled manager. He will build a far-reaching AI empire involving nuclear fusion and anti-aging technology, which will be a "leap for mankind."

However, many people also believe that Altman is more concerned about promoting himself than human progress. His ability to tell stories could even "sell sand in the Sahara".

A startup founder said that Altman is creating "Sam's platform" and that his side business is also receiving funding, and the founder also questioned Altman's behavior of operating a personal investment fund within OpenAI.

This series of circumstances suggests that Altman may not be as selflessly committed to "human leap" as he said, but more concerned about his own value and fame.

In addition to being good at marketing, Altman has also been accused by venture capitalists of being "too self-aggrandizing."

A partner who participated in Altman's group speech said that Altman said in his speech that "this is his mission" and that he will lead mankind to experience the largest revolution in history. It's all like "religion" to him.

According to Insider, Altman's resume before OpenAI suggests that he may actually be overrated.

Sam Altman once founded a company called Loopt to provide geo-social services. The company was sold due to poor performance. Two years later, he became the head of the startup incubator Y Combinator, but was later fired and accused of "putting personal interests ahead of the business."

Sometimes, the product is not as good as Altman says. GPT Store, which was introduced and officially announced by Altman himself, is now almost forgotten.

▲ GPT Store

Accusations against tech celebrities may be more "common"

Although there are many accusations against Sam Altman by venture capitalists and some partners in the report, Insider also pointed out that these accusations may not fully reflect the facts, and critics may have a "sour grapes" mentality.

OpenAI and ChatGPT can be said to be the "first-timers" in the field of AI, and have achieved results that are ahead of the industry. Both the company itself and the venture capitalists who caught this trend in the early stages have received very generous returns.

For those investors who failed to grasp the opportunity, it may be difficult to participate in good transactions even if their heads are squeezed.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, many companies have now become customers of OpenAI, or ChatGPT has penetrated into the workflow of many companies, especially technology companies. This may be why some start-up company leaders are concerned about The reason for Altman and OpenAI's dissatisfaction.

The most famous accusation against Altman may come from Elon Musk, the former founder of OpenAI. Musk sued OpenAI and Altman, and pointed out in the lawsuit that Altman caused OpenAI to completely deviate from its mission of "benefiting mankind" and change For profit-seeking enterprises.

▲ Musk accused OpenAI of being “all lies”

OpenAI later hit back, accusing Musk of filing the lawsuit out of "jealousy" because he had already left the OpenAI board of directors when OpenAI achieved significant results.

When Altman himself was dismissed from OpenAI, there were reports that internal employees accused him of being "manipulative" and "a liar."

However, accusations of character flaws at the head of technology companies may be a bit "common". In fact, Jobs was also known as an "unhumane" person who was too strict with his subordinates.

When a venture capitalist accused Altman of being "arrogant," he also said that he didn't believe Musk either. He just didn't believe those who were too clear about their ambitions.

This suggests that it may be difficult for those who have huge ambitions to become the most famous and powerful in the world to avoid being judged negatively.

For consumers, the "arrogance" of these technology giants will have little impact compared to their world-changing products.

However, for venture capitalists, a CEO and his company that are difficult to continue to trust may become a concern that hinders investment.

Perhaps before developing AGI, Altman should first think about how to get himself off the "altar" and face investors as a real technology CEO.

"Rather than appearing selfless, I would rather listen to his true intentions." said the venture capitalist who ultimately did not invest at the beginning of the article.

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