OnePlus hasn’t changed

According to the rhythm of previous years, OnePlus should release a round of products covering mid-to-high-end product lines. But in fact, in the ever-changing mobile phone market, OnePlus currently only has one flagship product, the OnePlus 10 Pro.

▲ Oneplus 10 Pro fat white color matching.

The change in the rhythm of the product makes people start to over-interpret and guess every next action of OnePlus. The newly released OnePlus Ace is at this critical node.

OnePlus Ace, a product with a new codename, has also received a lot of attention and interpretation. Many people think that OnePlus Ace is not as outstanding as the previous OnePlus products, and it is not so "in the future", and it is even extended that the once unique brand of OnePlus is gradually losing its brilliance.

However, these views and opinions are only appearances. If you have a deep understanding of the birth and product power of the OnePlus Ace product, you will not categorically think that the OnePlus Ace product has no flash points.

In fact, the core of the OnePlus brand has not changed. Two products including OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus Ace can still represent the advantages of OnePlus products, and even opened a new skill tree.

Why make OnePlus Ace for the public?

The brand has been established for nearly ten years, and it only makes high-end boutiques, which can be said to be the insistence of OnePlus. It is better to focus on the high-end market all the year round, so that OnePlus has more time to understand the pain points of users.

▲ OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro.

At that time, the products also led a series of industry trends such as "high refresh rate", "fast charging" and "craftsmanship" through continuous iteration.

OnePlus' products are not only sought after in China, but also have a group of fans in overseas markets. When the new phone goes on sale, there will definitely be long queues, and its products can be said to kill both at home and abroad.

▲ OnePlus 1. Image from: Android Authority

I vaguely remember that after the launch of OnePlus 1, Time Magazine called it a "dream phone". In fact, it is not only such an old media organization. In the hearts of many users, OnePlus' products have always been their dream phones.

Why is OnePlus a "dream phone"?

In fact, it has little to do with the price. The most important thing is the experience. It can be light and smooth performance, or it can be the polishing of the details of the fuselage, or even the industry-leading specifications.

All of these can be attributed to "not in the future", and it has been engraved in the brand gene since the first generation of OnePlus products.

After firmly grasping the high-end market at home and abroad, the influence of the brand has been strengthened, and it has begun to try to penetrate into the "mass" market, which is a logical and natural thing.

But here at OnePlus, we don't want to rush forward, but after careful thought and consideration.

The high-end products in the past are no longer limited to performance or feel or some aspects of the screen are strong, but have evolved into a comprehensive complex with no shortcomings.

▲ OnePlus 10 Pro.

The OnePlus 10 Pro released at the beginning of the year, while adhering to the characteristics of feel, design, screen, and image, also lit up a new skill tree of "game performance", and continued to be a "boutique" mobile phone with no shortcomings.

It's just that the OnePlus Ace for the "public" is different from high-end flagships and needs to be focused. According to OnePlus' idea of ​​making a high-end machine and considering the brand's genes, as its name suggests, Ace is positioned as a "performance trump card", similar to the first-generation famous products, focusing on brisk and smooth performance.

And here at OnePlus, it may be more accurate to summarize it with "suit thugs".

Does OnePlus Ace have a flavor?

Ace, literally translated, is "trump card". Often, it will be the one that can turn the tide on the poker table, and this name has a deep meaning.

Like the changes in the OnePlus brand in recent years, the OnePlus Ace product line is also the first time it has been unveiled, and it has made a lot of adjustments compared to previous OnePlus products.

At first glance at OnePlus Ace, many people have a lot of questions, thinking that it cannot explain the brand genes that OnePlus has cultivated for many years.

The newly appointed president of OnePlus China, Li Jie, after facing these concerns of users, said that "OnePlus has been loved by the public in the past, in the final analysis, it is the product details, quality and the concept of not going to make it." He does not I am worried that the OnePlus brand tonality will change a lot, because the core of OnePlus has not changed.

▲ Li Jie, President of OnePlus China.

Aside from various concepts, the core of OnePlus is actually the "good product" itself. Some of the configuration specifications that have been pursued in the past are mostly products that create a better user experience.

Under this driving force, we have seen that OnePlus' products can always lead the industry to gain insight into users' new pain points in advance. From the initial feel, to the colorful gradient AG glass, to the high refresh rate screen and the cooperation with Hasselblad to increase the video track, it is based on this.

However, behind these features are brisk, smooth and stable performance, which is also the earliest feature that users are familiar with and favored among the various labels of OnePlus products.

OnePlus Ace focuses on lightness, smoothness and stability. To this end, OnePlus and MediaTek customized the Dimensity 8100-MAX and brought chip-level frame stabilization technology to OnePlus Ace.

Whether it is a national-level mobile game such as "Peace Elite" or an open game such as "Genshin Impact" that requires continuous high-performance output, under the HyperBoost frame stabilization technology, it can maintain stable output for a long time.

In particular, "Yuan Shen" can be stabilized at 50fps. In the process of experiencing OnePlus Ace, it really brought enough surprises, and even some surprises.

At the same time, OnePlus Ace also has a built-in game independent display chip, in order to perform MEMC frame insertion for games, bringing a silky experience to games that are not suitable for 120fps.

Therefore, whether it is HyperBoost or the game's independent graphics chip, OnePlus Ace has a flagship game performance. But the question comes again, is OnePlus Ace a pure gaming phone?

▲ One plus Ace with one plus 18W freezing point cooling back clip.

The answer is no, "Games are just an important expression scene for performance." From another perspective, those heavy-load games actually test the performance of products under high pressure.

OnePlus Ace has put a lot of effort into performance, and it also complements OnePlus's own "no action" and "suit thugs".

Unlike many brands, OnePlus has already established itself in the high-end market and has its own set of high-end machine methodology. The OnePlus Ace for the public is also a product born from the high-end flagship idea of ​​OnePlus, but its foothold is the "performance trump card", so the focus of the product is also on performance and heat dissipation characteristics.

In fact, although Li Jie said about the choice of OnePlus Ace in the product, but returning to the product, aside from various frame stabilization technologies, OnePlus Ace still has a quality that exceeds similar products in terms of feel, texture and design. Among the "performance machines", it is still a boutique.

And this boutique "performance ace", with the help of wider OPPO offline channels, will quickly occupy the market and enhance the brand awareness of OnePlus.

OnePlus is still the OnePlus that focuses on user experience

In the face of the recent changes in OnePlus, many people have different interpretations, and there are even many levels of speculation.

At the OnePlus Ace conference, Li Jie also responded positively to these speculations, and the more foothold is the relationship between OnePlus and OPPO.

Relatively speaking, OPPO has deeper research and development and market resources. For OnePlus, it is undoubtedly a new opportunity to "start" again. It's like a springboard to help take things to a higher level.

This time Ace actually has the shadow of OPPO Reno's well-received product line Ace. OnePlus Ace is not a simple "use doctrine".

Instead, consider whether Ace fits with the OnePlus brand and OnePlus' user base. For the OnePlus user group, it is to see if there is a corresponding demand, and for the brand, it is whether it can bring better products in the industry.

The former, from start to finish, smooth and stable performance is one of the main reasons why users choose OnePlus. The latter, OnePlus Ace brings "Ace"-level products to the industry with the help of its flagship Hyperboost frame stabilization technology and high-investment chip-level customization.

After the integration of OPPO last year, after a period of adjustment, OnePlus products have also been fully settled in OPPO offline channels, which undoubtedly opened the door to a broad market for OnePlus.

▲ OnePlus Buds N, OnePlus 18W freezing point cooling back clip and OnePlus Ace.

In fact, before the release of OnePlus Ace, it is difficult to feel the efforts made by OnePlus on the details and feel of the fuselage just by looking at the pictures. With offline channels, more users experience OnePlus Ace invisibly and become an advantage.

On the other hand, the good development of the OnePlus brand will also give Ouka a deeper and wider market share in the rapidly changing mobile phone market.

After obtaining more resources, OnePlus still focuses on user experience and pursues quality to create high-quality products. Whether it is the newly born Ace or the long-established digital series, it will always be the biggest feature of OnePlus.

Has OnePlus changed?

On some levels, it has indeed changed. Its product line is changing rapidly, and new names are constantly appearing in OnePlus products. And some features of the look are also being adjusted according to the product and audience.

▲ OnePlus Ace "open black" and "return blue" dual color matching.

At a deep level, it has not changed, or it has never changed. It takes "creating quality products" as the core and spreads it to all product lines.

Just like OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus Ace, they are not at the same level, but they are both "boutiques" at the core of the product. One is to add better performance on top of the previous advantages, and the newly born Ace In addition to showing the most incisive "performance", it also has the "quality" characteristics of OnePlus in the past.

In the final analysis, OnePlus' products or brands have never changed. No matter how the products are presented, they are the accurate presentation of OnePlus-style boutiques.

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