OnePlus Buds Pro experience: OnePlus’ 799 yuan true wireless noise reduction flagship, you can use it for anything you want

Recently, OnePlus officially released a new generation of true wireless noise-cancelling headphones OnePlus Buds Pro.

The main 40dB noise reduction, LHDC Bluetooth encoding with lossless transmission and Dolby Atmos support, plus 38 hours of battery life, as a new generation of products with the "Pro" suffix, such OnePlus Buds Pro has reached the configuration The current flagship true wireless noise reduction benchmark.

OnePlus Buds Pro uses a square charging box with a rounder line and a flat bottom, which is believed to be an adjustment made by wireless charging. The surface layer has a matte frosted treatment, which makes it easier to accentuate the texture when it looks and feels. The weight is only 50g, which is not too obvious in the pocket.

However, this kind of coating is still relatively easy to leave traces of use. If it is rough, it is better to put on a protective cover.

The inside of the charging box is relatively simple. In addition to the charging slot of the headset, OnePlus Buds Pro also comes with a physical pairing key. Compared to those matching designs that require both hands to press the ears after being worn, the traditional solution of OnePlus Buds Pro is really more comfortable.

When pairing for the first time, OnePlus Buds Pro supports quick pairing and comes with the "pairing pop-up window" that is most popular among young people nowadays.

The headset of OnePlus Buds Pro adds a texture similar to that of the charging box. The body of the headset uses matte black, and the part of the ear stem is replaced with a metal high-gloss treatment. Although it looks easier to get fingerprints on the whole, but in terms of texture and color matching, there is still a sense of high-level desired in it.

The headset weighs about 4.4g and is not too bulky. It is not too deep into the ear, and there will be no foreign body sensation when wearing it. Users who are accustomed to deep ears may not get the kind of stability that fills their ears, but for the general public, the design of OnePlus Buds Pro will be more balanced, and it will not be too tired to wear for a long time.

The control mode of OnePlus Buds Pro is a bit similar to AirPods Pro. Both are used to "pinch" the ear handle to achieve touch operation. Short press is used to control playback, and long press is used to switch the noise reduction mode. The control response is good, the default operation logic of the buttons is the same as most products on the market, and you can get started quickly without reading the manual.

It's just that compared with AirPods Pro, OnePlus Buds Pro has no pits in the pressing position, so it doesn't feel like a button when pressed, but the sound effect of a click is still there.

In terms of configuration and performance, OnePlus Buds Pro uses a BES 2500YP chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2 and supports LHDC encoding transmission.

We directly used "Peace Elite" to test, and found that OnePlus Buds Pro has no perceptible delay. In daily use, we use OnePlus Buds Pro to connect to the computer in an office with more equipment. The headset can ensure a stable connection and synchronization of audio and video.

The appearance of LHDC is to add lossless audio transmission support to OnePlus Buds Pro.

As long as the settings in the developer mode are completed, OnePlus Buds Pro can use this mode to transmit when connected to a mobile phone that supports LHDC. It can achieve up to 24bit 96kHz Hi-Res lossless specification transmission. It has to deal with the newly updated Apple Music and similar Sony Streaming media supporting Hi-Res specifications such as Featured, TIDAL, and MOOV are also sufficient.

In addition, OnePlus Buds Pro uses an 11mm moving coil unit.

It may be that I used to switch to WF-1000XM3 and WF-1000XM4 with 6mm units. Now it is quite unexpected to see OnePlus using 11mm.

In terms of hearing, OnePlus still tries its best to make the sound of OnePlus Buds Pro more in line with public tastes. The whole is clear and refreshing, with a little emphasis on the details of the sound. The drums are filled a little while retaining the elastic restoration. Although occasionally I feel that the rebound is a bit thin, it is still very strong in terms of strength and texture.

The performance of the vocals is quite modest, not outstanding but stable. It can clearly hear the singer's fixed position and keep a distance from the background. Coupled with a sense of space that is not cramped, this voice is a highly adaptable and versatile voice. It's not the kind of player who relies on the characteristics of the sound to catch people, but the texture and style of the sound are more prominent than those of plain water.

For noise reduction, OnePlus Buds Pro can achieve 40dB noise reduction.

In the indoor environment, the earphones can completely suppress the basic regular noises such as fans, air conditioners and keyboard percussions in the environment. But the human voice is not very useful. If you are not playing music, the human voice you hear is just a simple barrier.

However, the noise reduction of OnePlus Buds Pro is not strong, and if you want to wear it for a long time, you won't feel too tired. Users who need to wear noise-reducing headphones for a long time to concentrate can try it, but the premise is that there will not be too many people talking loudly in the scene.

The transparent mode of OnePlus Buds Pro is very prominent. When you switch from the noise reduction mode, you will feel a clear sense of sound amplification, the sound of the environment becomes clear, and the microphone conversion feels good.

However, if you want to hear the ambient sound clearly by default, it is better to turn off the original music.

In terms of battery, the OnePlus Buds Pro single body supports 7 hours of playback, and the charging box can support 38 hours of playback, which is a bit longer than the WF-1000XM4 that supports 36 hours in total.

The charging box supports fast charging. According to the official website of OnePlus, the charging box of the OnePlus Buds Pro is charged for 10 minutes, and the headset and charging box can provide a total of 10 hours of battery life. This calculation method is a bit convoluted, but it should be good if it is used daily for emergency rescue.

Also, OnePlus Buds Pro supports Qi wireless charging. The overall full charge is about two hours, which is twice as slow as wired charging. If you just put it on the wireless charging pad before going to bed at night, then this efficiency is still sufficient.

On the whole, OnePlus Buds Pro is a product with solid pricing and positioning.

At this stage, the larger-sized moving coil unit is matched with high-spec transmission to maintain the sound output. The stable connection and long battery life ensure the basic experience. The simple and direct shape and lightweight body emphasize the sense of design and long-term wearing comfort. , With the price of 799, it is really suitable for mass users who only pursue basic experience.

If you really want to say that OnePlus Buds Pro has anything to add, I think its strong connection with OnePlus is not enough.

Although OnePlus provides the "Huanlu" app to complement OnePlus Buds Pro's functions, this app is not exclusive to its own, and can be used on most Android and iOS devices. As long as it is paired with a device that supports LHDC, it will be able to take advantage of the full performance of OnePlus Buds Pro.

It seems that OnePlus Buds Pro is not a supplement to their own mobile phones. What they want to do is a true wireless noise reduction product for the masses, just like the true wireless noise reduction of WF-1000XM4 and Bose.

If you are not a OnePlus user, this OnePlus Buds Pro with a price of 799 is a worthy choice.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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