OnePlus and Hasselblad: Ambition and determination on the image track

The development time of mobile image is only two decades.

When we look back at the original mosaic-like pixels, distorted and faintly colored screens, displaying photos like Lego characters, we can’t help feeling that the current mobile phone camera technology is a bit sci-fi.

Although this kind of imaging technology change has continued linear progress, it may not be obvious in one or two years, but at a certain "decisive moment", you will sigh that mobile photography is so strong. It just so happens that photography is capturing again. The art of "decisive moment".

The emergence of 8 million pixels, multi-camera systems, multi-frame synthesis technology, and the addition of AI algorithms are all "decisive moments" on a rational and technical level.

This afternoon, there was also a decisive moment for OnePlus: the long-term strategic cooperation between OnePlus official announcement and Hasselblad.

If you don’t understand why we call this moment the "decisive moment", let's take a look at the following photo taken by a OnePlus phone:

Image aesthetics is still in the hands of traditional image manufacturers that have been in existence for decades. Mobile phone manufacturers want to continue to improve on mobile imaging, and it is a good practice to cooperate with traditional imaging manufacturers to absorb their imaging technology and aesthetic precipitation, and to enhance their image style.

The above sample with a very humanistic and image style illustrates this point. Photography is related to technology and is also an aesthetic art.

Together with Hasselblad, OnePlus requires technology and art

OnePlus has always been a technology-leading existence. Early product touches, design details, and high refresh rates have led the industry and gradually become the industry benchmark. "Suit Thug" was once the definition of a product by OnePlus, with aesthetics and physique, and some co-branded models also gave OnePlus products an artistic temperament, but obviously it could do better.

This year, OnePlus began to prepare for its mobile phone imaging system, hoping to become the next leader in mobile imaging technology and a benchmark for mobile imaging.

The characteristics of OnePlus' images can be summarized as "natural and simple." The pursuit of natural, simple and beautiful images requires profound aesthetic skills. Wanting to leap forward, and in order to have a farther vision, the young OnePlus chose to stand on the shoulders of an imaging giant and draw nourishment from this legendary brand.

The legendary image brand has been revealed, and it is Hasselblad. Strictly speaking, Hasselblad is not actually a "consumer" brand. Most of its products face the professional market, focusing on medium format systems. Therefore, from the beginning to the present, Hasselblad cameras have appeared in many fields.

Whether it's Hollywood drunk fans, rock punk carnivals, or the wild stills on the set, they are all recorded by the Hasselblad H series medium format. It is also deep in the professional field. The Hasselblad camera also shines in the Apollo moon landing program, becoming the first moon landing camera from the earth, and it is still a temple-class existence in the field of photography.

For decades, Hasselblad has always been at the forefront of imaging technology and has continued to cultivate in the professional market. In addition to medium format, it also pursues the ultimate color performance and image quality, and has developed the "Hasselblad Natural Color Solution", making The colors recorded by Hasselblad cameras can achieve the excellent level of "what you see is what you get", which is also one of the advantages of Hasselblad products. Today, Hasselblad is still standing and continuously launching products that can lead the industry. But at the same time, Hasselblad also began to pay attention to the growing mobile imaging technology.

Faced with the OnePlus mobile phone, which has been growing in recent years, Hasselblad fully recognizes its development potential and global influence in the high-end market. In addition, the two companies have the same original intention of pursuing the ultimate in products, and both want to move. There is something in the image. The cooperation between OnePlus and Hasselblad is a snap for the two, but it may be breaking news for the industry. After all, OnePlus has improved its product strength in recent years and it is obvious to all. The results of the high-end market have appeared. The imaging system will become the next highly competitive selling point of OnePlus.

The cooperation between OnePlus and Hasselblad is not just about certification of products, but more about in-depth strategic cooperation on mobile images, which will be carried out gradually. The current initial stage of cooperation will bring us "Hasselblad Professional Mode" and "Hasselblad Natural Color Optimization" , which will greatly affect the presentation of the photo style. In short, the imaging of OnePlus will make the novice more like Master, let the master be more like a master .

In the future, it will be extended to more dimensions. In the future, OnePlus and Hasselblad will jointly define the technical standards for imaging experience, jointly develop innovative imaging technologies, and continue to improve the "OnePlus丨Hasselblad Mobile Imaging System". In this way, the imagination space inside is broader.

In addition to cooperating with Hasselblad, OnePlus will continue to increase investment in imaging, and will invest 1 billion yuan in the future to create the ultimate imaging experience. At present, OnePlus has established four major imaging research centers around the world, and has achieved preliminary technical results, such as a 140- degree ultra-wide matrix camera, a human eye bionic focusing that can achieve 1 millisecond instantaneous focus, and a free-form surface lens that almost eliminates ultra-wide-angle distortion. , There is also an IMX789 sensor that provides a 4K 120- frame video shooting experience. These technologies will be gradually applied on OnePlus phones in the future.

In short, OnePlus’ reserves in future mobile phone imaging technology coincide with Hasselblad’s past historical heritage.

OnePlus is working on images and wants to break out in the high-end market

From the beginning of its founding in 2013 , OnePlus' goal has been to be a better Android flagship. It jumped out of the limitation of pure parameter competition at the time, and was more obsessed with design and details than most brands on the market, and almost made hand feel become the key word of the industry with its own efforts, and it became synonymous with OnePlus. However, the lack of success in the product allowed OnePlus to get a ticket to the high-end market.

In the follow-up development, OnePlus has discovered the great value of high refresh rate screens to the user experience improvement with a forward-looking vision, making high-frame screens a new standard for high-end flagship phones, and successfully leading the entire industry into the era of high-frame screens. . At the same time, with the advantages of the 7 Pro screen, OnePlus has achieved a further breakthrough to mainstream consumers and further stabilized the high-end market.

The cooperation with Hasselblad this time will also enhance OnePlus’ competitiveness in the high-end mobile phone market from both product and brand levels.

Judging from the information released at the OnePlus Image Communication Conference, the cooperation between OnePlus and Hasselblad is long-term and in-depth. The three-year strategic cooperation will be divided into multiple stages. It will not only stop at the upgrading of the brand style, but will go deep into the joint research and development of innovative technologies.

Just as Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus, said: High-end comes from balance, high-end cannot have shortcomings. The market and users' demand for high-end devices is completely without shortcomings, especially for images, and even needs to be "unique." OnePlus has always focused on user experience and has led the industry in terms of feel and screen. This time, OnePlus also hopes to make the road to hit the top of the domestic online high-end more smooth through the use of video.

Can OnePlus with enhanced imaging disrupt the pattern of the high-end market?

According to IDC data, from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020, the proportion of smartphones with more than US$400 in the Chinese smartphone market has continued to grow, reaching 38% in the second quarter of 2020. Under the trend of domestic consumption upgrades, users' demand for high-end machines is constantly increasing, and the high-end market has therefore more room for it.

In the past few years, OnePlus has become a core brand in the global high-end market. In the high-end machine market divided by Counterpoint , OnePlus has ranked in the top five in developed regions such as North America and Europe. North America is fourth, Western Europe is third, and Eastern Europe. It is the fifth. As the youngest company among the brands on the list, OnePlus has shown great potential, allowing it to gain more opportunities in the future high-end market competition.

Especially through the cooperation with the image legend Hasselblad, OnePlus will inject more high-end genes and enhance the brand's style. At the same time, with the product strength of OnePlus and Hasselblad’s technical experience, OnePlus Image is likely to break through, and even become a leader in the mobile image industry, putting new labels on OnePlus products in addition to design and screens.

If you say that 2019 and 2020 are two years when OnePlus has devoted itself to screen upgrades, then 2021 will be the "year of imaging" of OnePlus. This is not to say that OnePlus was not interested in taking pictures before. After the strategic cooperation with Hasselblad and the announcement of a three- year R&D investment of 1 billion, the imaging capabilities of OnePlus mobile phones will have a qualitative impact on the power of mobile phone products, like the screen upgrade campaign in the previous two years.

The enhanced OnePlus mobile phone will be more in line with the image of a versatile high-end mobile phone in the minds of consumers. At the same time, with a series of combinations such as product line expansion and channel expansion, OnePlus will become more competitive in the high-end mobile phone market.

As Liu Zuohu said, in 7 years, OnePlus ushered in the turning point of breaking the circle, and the image is the touchstone to test whether OnePlus can become a leader in the high-end market.

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