OnePlus Ace 2V experience: Dimensity 9000 with 16GB memory, the new enough doctrine of 2,000 yuan file

Following the launch of the two main products, OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Ace 2, OnePlus released the third new model of this year – OnePlus Ace 2V on March 7.

OnePlus Ace 2V returns to the design of OnePlus Ace, equipped with Dimensity 9000 mobile platform, the highest configuration is still equipped with 16GB of LPDDR5X running memory, when you can only buy Dimensity 8200 at the same price, OnePlus Ace2V brings Dimensity 9000 together achieved a dimensionality reduction strike.

The right-angle frame body is back, and the three-stage button is back

As we all know from previous press conferences, the new OnePlus Ace 2 "replaced" the curved body shape of the previous generation OnePlus Ace Pro, and now the OnePlus Ace 2V returns to the right-angle frame design of OnePlus Ace.

The fuselage weighs 195.5g and the thickness is 8.15mm. There is a slight gap between the data and OnePlus Ace, but in fact the hand feeling is not great.

In addition, OnePlus provided Ace 2V with a new soft rubber protective case, and the bottom edge of the protective case has a smooth transition.

Compared with the straight-forward protective case design of the old model, the OnePlus Ace 2V feels more comfortable when paired with the new protective case. The smooth transition design plays the role of "edge closure", making the phone look thinner when picked up.

In terms of color matching, OnePlus Ace 2V retains the classic black rock and celadon color matching of the Ace series this time, but the back cover is made of glass. The glass panel has been treated with a high-gloss mirror surface. If it is matched with the blue-glazed back cover, it can present a sense of brightness similar to the blue-glazed ceramic process.

The frame of the green glaze color has been treated with a light metallic green texture, and the familiar three-stage switch of OnePlus has also returned to the right frame of the Ace 2V.

The front of the fuselage is a 6.74-inch 1.5K LTPS AMOLED screen. This time, OnePlus has narrowed the frame to 1.46mm by canceling the plastic bracket of the screen. The borders on the upper and lower sides of the OnePlus Ace 2V are not wide, and with the edge coverage on the four sides of the 2.5D screen, the high screen-to-body ratio of the OnePlus Ace 2V is even more prominent.

The design of the four sides of the fuselage is not much different from that of OnePlus Ace, except for the three-stage switch that returns with OnePlus Ace 2, OnePlus Ace 2V adds an infrared sensor on the top of the fuselage, which means that OnePlus Ace 2V can also pass through Built-in remote control app to control home appliances.

Performance-oriented cost-effective

In terms of performance, OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with Dimensity 9000 5G mobile platform. Dimensity 9000 uses TSMC's 4nm process technology, equipped with the fifth-generation APU 590 and the seventh-generation ISP magip 7901SP, and the official said that the performance is 4 times that of the previous generation.

Judging from the AnTuTu running score results, the performance of OnePlus Ace 2V has also reached the expected level. If the AnTuTu score is above 1 million, it is believed to be relatively high among the current models equipped with Dimensity 9000.

In terms of actual performance, the mobile version of League of Legends, Glory of Kings and Yuanshen were selected here for testing.

The performance of the king and the mobile version of LOL is not bad. The basic operation follows the hand. The operation of King of Glory in high-quality mode is also smooth enough. There is no obvious frame drop during team battles. The game can basically maintain the state of 120FPS.

For Yuanshin, I tested it in the mode of medium quality and the highest 60fps. The running in the early stages and the battle in the ruins can be smooth. OnePlus Ace 2V can also smoothly play the motion blur and other similar special effects caused by the rapid rotation of the viewing angle in the game.

It's just that if you switch to high-definition, the pressure on the fuselage will be greater. At this time, heat and lag will become obvious. Therefore, in daily use, I personally recommend lowering the picture quality to make room for the frame rate, so that it will be more comfortable to use.

In terms of heat dissipation, OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with a new generation of high-performance heat sinks with a total heat dissipation area of ​​29345.5mm², of which the core heat dissipation component liquid cooling VC area is 4129mm².

OnePlus said that the structural style of the OnePlus Ace 2V rear camera module has been optimized to increase the thermal resistance of local hotspots, improve the thermal conductivity, and the heat dissipation effect can reach the level of OnePlus Ace Pro.

Especially when playing Yuanshen, OnePlus Ace 2V heats up faster when wearing its own phone case. At the beginning, it will be slightly concentrated on the part of the back cover close to the camera, and then the heat will spread with the body, and the whole body will not be particularly hot.

However, the new protective case will also block the heat dissipation. If it is a bare metal handheld, the heat dissipation efficiency will be higher.

Similarly, OnePlus Ace 2V uses LPDDR5X to provide a version of 16GB of memory.

Testing multi-open apps in the mode without preset lock, the app retention rate of OnePlus Ace 2V is not bad. Applications such as Xiaohongshu that will automatically refresh after restarting can be kept in the background to avoid automatic refresh and erase unread content. It is indeed more comfortable to use than the version with small memory.

The rest are conventional configurations, such as the optimization function of OnePlus mobile phones for the network environment, which can optimize the network in both Wi-Fi and mobile data network environments, and minimize the impact of network delay on games and other applications. Influence.

When I use the OnePlus Ace 2V to play games in a coffee shop, the performance of mobile network usage is not bad, and there are very few stutters caused by network delays. Combined with the performance of the mobile phone, the experience of playing games outside is not bad.

Back to 5000mAh battery with 80W fast charging

In terms of battery, OnePlus Ace 2V adopts a dual-cell design battery, and its capacity has been increased from 4500mAh of OnePlus Ace to 5000mAh. In the case of little change in personal use mode, the difference of 500mAh is actually not very big, and the endurance performance of OnePlus Ace 2V is also similar to that of the previous generation Ace.

The bigger difference, mainly comes from charging.

OnePlus Ace 2V gave up the long-life version of 150W SuperVOOC super flash charge used by OnePlus Ace, and replaced it with the long-life version of 80W SuperVOOC super flash charge. According to the official OnePlus Ace 2V charging data:

  • 0-100%: 32 minutes
  • 0-60%: 15 minutes
  • 0-40%: 10 minutes

In contrast, the charging time of OnePlus Ace equipped with 150W SuperVOOC super flash charging is 17 minutes from 0-100%, and it is still slower to switch to OnePlus Ace 2V with 80W. However, if you are not used to the extreme charging mode that starts charging every day after getting up, and you are not particularly particular about the fast charging speed of 0-100%, then the 80W fast charging for a 5000mAh dual-cell battery is still enough.

Also the longevity version, OnePlus Ace 2V's 80W SuperVOOC super flash charge can also maintain 80% of the remaining capacity after 1600 cycles. Even if it is charged once a day, it can maintain a healthy charging experience for 4 years.

This kind of healthy charging should be the most common standard in mobile phone fast charging. But OnePlus Ace's long-life version 150W SuperVOOC super flash charge can also provide such data. In contrast, OnePlus Ace 2V is slightly weaker.

In addition, OnePlus has also optimized the charging strategy on the Ace 2V, such as increasing the charging speed when the screen is on, ensuring that users can ensure charging efficiency when playing games and watching videos with their mobile phones. The mobile phone comes with an "extreme cold mode", and the mobile phone can charge the mobile phone at minus 20 degrees Celsius, which is convenient for northern users in winter.

It's good enough under the balance

As for other configurations, the screen of OnePlus Ace 2V is a 1.5K LTPS AMOLED Lingxi touch screen, the screen supports 1440Hz PWM dimming and 1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 display, the default maximum brightness is 500nits, the maximum brightness of the global excitation It can reach 1000nits, and the local peak brightness is 1450nits.

The screen has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, with five adaptive gears of 40Hz, 45Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz, a maximum touch sampling rate of 720Hz, and an instantaneous sampling rate of up to 1000Hz.

In terms of camera, OnePlus Ace 2V still uses the 2+1 three-camera structure of "main camera + super wide + macro". The main camera part abandons the familiar Sony IMX766 on OnePlus Ace and replaces it with OmniVision's 64 million pixels CMOS sensor OV64B. With the seventh-generation ISP magip 7901SP equipped in Dimensity 9000, OnePlus Ace 2V has a certain improvement in HDR processing and picture noise control capabilities.

In actual shooting, the shooting effect of OnePlus Ace 2V is quite satisfactory.

The overall picture can maintain a certain resolution, and it can be fully displayed in high-pixel mode.

▲ portrait mode

▲ 2x crop shooting

The 2x shooting with the main camera crop is also good, and the fineness and resolution of the picture are maintained in a sunny environment.

However, under the initial firmware, the HDR processing traces of OnePlus Ace 2V are still somewhat obvious, especially the processing of highlight positions will be more grayed out, which I believe will be improved in subsequent software updates.

Facing the night scene, the photos taken by OnePlus Ace 2V are overall refreshing, and the photo contrast is slightly higher than that of the daytime.

The noise control performance brought by the new ISP is reflected here. The overall picture is clean. When zooming in, the relatively dark part of the sky will be rough, and the performance in other places is acceptable, and there is no obvious color noise.

▲ super wide

▲ 2x

In addition to the low-light environment, the 2x and 8-megapixel ultra-wide of OnePlus Ace 2V can maintain the same performance as the daytime environment, which is enough for daily recording of life scenes.

In terms of other functions, OnePlus Ace 2V comes with a flagship linear motor and ultra-linear stereo dual speakers. With its own performance and screen quality, the sound and picture performance during games is not bad.

It comes with full-featured NFC and infrared sensors that can control air-conditioning TVs, which are functions used by the public.

In terms of price, OnePlus Ace 2V provides three storage versions, two of which use 16GB RAM and are priced at only 3,000 yuan, and the price of the starting version is even 200 yuan lower than the price of OnePlus Ace:

  • 12GB+256GB 2299 yuan
  • 16GB+256GB 2499 yuan
  • 16GB+ 512GB 2799 yuan

For OnePlus Ace 2V, performance and gaming performance are the most prominent parts. The version with 16GB RAM is launched at the price of 2-3000 yuan, which is believed to be its most attractive point.

It doesn't need too fancy things, just as OnePlus Ace 2 has "enough" as its main goal, OnePlus Ace 2V is also practicing its own "enough" in the price range of 2-3000 yuan.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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