OnePlus Ace 2 experience: OnePlus used it to answer the question of “Who am I?”

Last month, OnePlus released its latest flagship phone OnePlus 11. Two hours after its launch, OnePlus 11 broke the fastest sales record in OnePlus history. The sales data proves that OnePlus seems to have undergone some changes recently.

The signs of change began at the end of 2022. OPPO announced to the outside world that in the next three years, OPPO will invest 10 billion for OnePlus alone, implementing a dual-brand strategy. OnePlus is the online OPPO.

OnePlus 11 is the first product after the announcement of the "OPPO Ten Billion Subsidy" plan. Today, one month later, OnePlus released the second product under the new strategy: OnePlus Ace 2.

If you are curious about what kind of products the "10 billion subsidy" can produce for OnePlus, then OnePlus Ace 2 should be able to answer your doubts very well.

old wine in new bottle

Before the press conference, OnePlus had already previewed the appearance of OnePlus Ace 2, so when I got the real machine, I already had a rough expectation in my heart: OnePlus Ace 2 is a core-replaced version of OnePlus 11. .

OnePlus Ace 2 will be a little different in some details, such as replacing the plastic frame, smaller vibration motor, and removing the Hasselblad joint label…

The biggest difference in the design of the two is still reflected in the color of the back cover. This time, OnePlus Ace 2 has launched two colors: vast black and glacier blue, both of which are made of frosted AG glass.

This time we started with the glacier blue color scheme. Compared with the instant blue color scheme of OnePlus 11, the back cover of OnePlus Ace 2 feels delicate and smooth to the touch, and it is less likely to be stained with fingerprints. If I choose one, I should be more inclined to the former.

Elsewhere, the OnePlus Ace 2 is nearly identical to the OnePlus 11: an identical curved screen on the front, a near-identical black hole-inspired aesthetic camera module on the back, and the return of the mute button that was missing from the previous model, which is commendable.

Facts have proved that the mute button is a part of the OnePlus brand gene, and it is very dangerous to cancel it hastily. This will not only compromise the brand recognition of OnePlus, but also easily make users understand the product philosophy of OnePlus. Faith is shaken.

Fortunately, after a year of brand exploration, the familiar OnePlus is back.

Compared with the appearance, the inner difference of OnePlus Ace 2 is bigger.

In terms of core configuration, the OnePlus Ace 2's "Three Performance Parts" choose a combination of the full-blooded version of the Snapdragon 8+ SoC, 12GB/16GB LPDDR5X memory and 256GB/512GB UFS3.1 flash memory.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus Ace 2 is the same as the recent OnePlus models, the starting configuration is 12GB+256GB version, abandoning the 8GB+128GB entry-level configuration commonly used in the industry.

For mobile game players, large flash memory has become a rigid need.

When I got started, I only installed the three mobile games "Yuan Shen", "Peace Elite", and "Glory of the King", as well as popular software such as WeChat, Douyin, and NetEase Cloud Music, which already took up nearly 80GB of storage space.

If you are still using 128GB of small-capacity flash memory at this time, the phone will soon become stuck due to insufficient storage space.

At present, 128GB is still the starting configuration for most manufacturers. I hope that under the agitation of OnePlus, the "catfish", mobile phone manufacturers can raise this most basic "lower experience limit".

The version I got started this time is the top version of 16GB+512GB. In terms of numbers on paper alone, this capacity combination has already caught up with my laptop.

The effect of the large memory on improving the daily operating experience is immediate. During the time I was using OnePlus Ace 2, I hardly had to actively clean up background programs due to system freezes.

For example, cut out to order takeaway while playing games, open multiple shopping apps to compare prices, watch videos while chatting back and forth in multiple social software and other application switching scenarios. OnePlus Ace 2 can achieve smoothness without freezing or stuttering. switch.

I tried to open 15 commonly used applications while running a large-scale game like "Yuanshin", and each application clicked into the secondary menu, and then re-entered the application after opening all of them to test the ability to reside in the background.

After some testing, commonly used applications including Taobao, Zhihu, and Alipay can successfully return to the previous secondary menu.

On the one hand, this is because the larger memory space can accommodate more applications, and on the other hand, it is also because OnePlus Ace 2 uses the same "memory genetic reorganization technology" as OnePlus 11. The scheduling logic has been modified to reduce the number of freezes on the phone under heavy load.

Of course, such extreme usage scenarios are not common in life.

If you are not a hardcore player who can open multiple large games at one time, or a lazy user who never likes to clean up background applications, you don’t need to pursue 16GB of large memory too much, just choose the appropriate configuration according to your usage habits.

As for the full-blooded version of the Snapdragon 8+ SoC that has been released for more than half a year, I believe we don’t need to introduce too much about its core components and performance scores, but just talk about the actual gaming experience.

What impressed me most about OnePlus Ace 2 in games is not the frame rate or picture quality, but the control of network quality.

During the experience period, I happened to meet the long Spring Festival holiday, so most of the time I played games outdoors or on the road with cellular data on.

Whether it is in a crowded train station or a forest park with few base stations, as long as it can connect to the cellular network, the OnePlus Ace 2 equipped with the game cloud computing private network technology can smoothly connect to the game server, and open a game anytime, anywhere. Bundle.

In a relatively good signal environment, the network delay can be controlled at a low delay level of 10-30ms, and technical dishes can no longer rely on high delay.

As for the frame rate performance of large-scale games, let’s directly conclude: “Glory of the King” and “League of Legends” can play with an average full frame rate of 120 frames, “Peace Elite” can play with an average frame rate of 89 frames, and “Yuan Shen” can play with an average frame rate of 58 frames Rate play.

As last year's flagship SoC, the full-blooded version of Snapdragon 8+ runs these large-scale games at the highest frame rate. In order to put a little pressure on OnePlus Ace 2, I will turn on the game frame insertion function when playing to achieve a full 120. frame runs.

The frame insertion algorithm of OnePlus Ace 2 can adapt to most of the current games. It not only supports large online games such as "Yuan Shen" and "Peace Elite", but also supports casual games such as "Happy Xiao Xiao Le" and "Defend the Carrot". Here I mainly Experienced "Yuanshin God" and "Peace Elite" at a frame rate of 120 frames.

For "Peace Elite" with low picture precision, the frame rate can basically be stabilized at 120 after frame insertion, and the game is very smooth, and the existence of the frame insertion algorithm is hardly felt.

For the more detailed "Yuan Shen", the frame rate can be maintained at 120 frames in most cases after frame insertion, and occasionally drops to around 80 frames when encountering large scenes, which can basically improve the fluency of the picture , so in most cases, I am willing to turn on the frame interpolation algorithm.

With a high frame rate picture, it is natural to have a more precise touch.

The 120Hz, 1.5K screen on OnePlus Ace 2 can support up to 720Hz sampling rate and up to 1000Hz real-time touch sampling rate.

Through software and hardware optimization, I can use "Consonance Touch" to adjust the touch sensitivity and follow-up degree when playing, reduce the touch response delay, and operate more smoothly in scenes such as moving the angle of view and facing the gun.

The screen of OnePlus Ace 2 also supports high-frequency PWM dimming, but you need to enter the developer mode to enable it in the settings. After enabling it, the screen will automatically enter the high-frequency dimming mode at low brightness, which looks more comfortable.


After talking about the performance, let’s talk about the equally important camera and charging performance.

The three cameras on the OnePlus Ace 2 are a 5000-pixel main camera with the same IMX890 sensor as the OnePlus 11; an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera; and a 2-megapixel macro lens.

Purely from the perspective of parameters, the main camera using IMX890 is the protagonist of OnePlus Ace 2 shooting, while the other two lenses are just the green leaves to set off the protagonist.

The same is true in the actual experience. Basically, I only use the main camera to take pictures. When I encounter large buildings, I will use the ultra-wide-angle emergency. As for the macro lens, I have almost forgotten its existence.

First come the last batch of samples.

To put it simply, OnePlus Ace 2 can meet the needs of most people to record a better life, but to use OnePlus Ace for creation, it lacks two important creative focal length lenses of high-quality ultra-wide-angle and telephoto. Will be inferior to other photography-oriented mobile phones.

If you are a "sufficiencyist" and think that the camera is enough, and you don't want to pay extra for the lens, then OnePlus Ace 2 should be very suitable for you.

In terms of charging, OnePlus Ace 2 is also taking the "enough" route.

OPPO's Super VOOC charging technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. After OnePlus returns to OPPO, some of the latest Super VOOC charging technologies will be the first to be carried on OnePlus phones.

For example, OnePlus Ace 2 launched the SUPERVOOC S full-link management power chip, which integrates the three chips required by the previous dual-cell solution with one chip.

But in terms of the most direct charging power perceived by users, OnePlus Ace 2 is only equipped with a long-life version of 100W SuperVOOC flash charging. After actual measurement, it takes 26 minutes to fully charge this large 5000mAh battery from 0-100%, which is enough but not amazing enough. By the way, OnePlus Ace 2, like OnePlus 11, does not support wireless charging.

Making mobile phones is an art of trade-offs, and for mid-range mobile phones with more limited costs, manufacturers should spend as much as possible on the cutting edge.

OnePlus Ace 2 brings a textured design and performance that are on par with the flagship. Correspondingly, it will be more conservative in terms of photography and charging. This is not an incomprehensible problem. Overall, the product orientation of OnePlus Ace 2 is very clear, as its new label says: enough focus on performance, and enough avant-garde.

Survive in times of competition

The three versions of OnePlus Ace 2 are priced at

12GB+256GB 2799 yuan
16GB+256GB 3099 yuan
16GB+512GB 3499 yuan

From the perspective of pricing, OnePlus Ace 2 can be said to be full of sincerity, and you can even vaguely see the shadow of OnePlus’ past from it.

Turning the time back 10 years, Liu Zuohu, who was the vice president of OPPO at the time, left to start a business and founded OnePlus mobile phone. A year later, OnePlus launched its first mobile phone – OnePlus 1 equipped with Qualcomm 801 SoC and 3GB large memory .

With the affordable price in 1999, OnePlus 1 became very popular and began to live "without compromising".

In the past ten years, OnePlus has stumbled, from a willful small factory that only makes one high-quality machine a year, and gradually made a smart terminal brand with a full range of categories. OnePlus can be seen in TVs, smart homes, and TWS earphones.

At the same time, the mobile phone geek culture is rapidly weakening. Fewer and fewer people discuss mobile phone flashing and lightweight systems. The geek positioning of OnePlus mobile phones has also become blurred.

In order to avoid being eliminated by the cruel market, OnePlus must put away its willfulness, find a clearer user positioning, and develop products that meet market demand.

Therefore, in recent years, OnePlus has made many attempts that it did not have in the past: entering the mid-range machine market, co-branding Hasselblad to enhance imaging capabilities, focusing on game performance…and most importantly – returning to the OPPO Group and becoming OPPO's online Sub-brand.

There are many factors that contributed to OnePlus abandoning independence. One of the important reasons is that the increase in the smartphone market is close to saturation, and now it has entered the stage of competition in the stock market.

According to IDC statistics, China's smartphone market will ship about 286 million units in 2022, a year-on-year decrease of 13.2%.

From the perspective of market share, the gap between the top five brands in terms of shipments has become smaller, and the competition between them has entered a fierce stage. At this moment of competition, the living space left for independent brands will also become smaller. All-time small.

This is an era of mistrust, but the law of success has not changed: understand your users and make products that users need most.

Compared with other niche brands, OnePlus is lucky. After returning to OPPO, OnePlus has more sufficient technical reserves and capital reserves than in the past, and also has the confidence to trade hardware profit margins for the market.

With the help of OPPO's "10 billion subsidy", OnePlus has delivered enough sincere products in the high-end market and mid-range market this year. Judging from the market response, OnePlus' new strategy has also been affirmed by users. It is long-lost good news for OnePlus, which has experienced a period of confusion.

After gaining market voice, what should be the next step? OnePlus' heart is clearer than ever.

Cut the crap.

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