OnePlus 9RT experience: Probably the most “cool” Snapdragon 888 phone?

The design is born out of OnePlus 9, and performance and image are better than OnePlus 9R. This is the just-released OnePlus 9RT, and the third direct-screen phone released this year by OnePlus.

In the era when Weiquping was in power, Yijia appeared to be particularly "stubborn." Of the four new phones this year, only OnePlus 9 Pro is in line with the "mainstream" curve screen.

As a minor facelift of OnePlus 9R, OnePlus 9RT brings the Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5+UFS3.1 performance triumphant, the flagship with the same main camera, and the "hydrogen" fast and smooth ColorOS 12…

At first glance, it looks like the "Game Enhanced Edition" of OnePlus 9R.

Speed ​​is synonymous with it

Qualcomm Xiaolong 888 can be described as the self-cultivation of a gaming phone. However, due to heat problems, its flagship image has been challenged by the Snapdragon 870, which has been able to win.

After using Snapdragon 888, how does OnePlus 9RT solve the fever problem? This should be of concern to many users. After all, the OnePlus 9 RT is a bit thinner than the OnePlus 9 R, and it tests the internal heat dissipation structure.

From the press conference, we can learn that the internal structure and heat dissipation route of OnePlus 9RT have been redesigned. The area of ​​the VC soaking plate is 59% larger than that of OnePlus 9, which is equivalent to the size of a tablet computer.

How is the actual performance? We used OnePlus 9RT to test the changes in the temperature of the king's glory, the original god, and the body temperature for 20 minutes in a WiFi environment.

The game quality options are all open to the highest. After a 20-minute game of Honor of Kings, the highest body temperature was 35.5°C. After 20 minutes of playing the original god, the temperature was no more than 36°C.

▲ The left is the post-game test of Glory of Kings, and the right is the post-game test of Yuanshen

An outstanding feeling is that the temperature distribution of the fuselage is very even, without the feeling of hot hands. This can also be clearly seen from the thermal image: the color of the entire rear shell is similar, indicating that the overall temperature difference is not large.

This fever performance is so good that we are a little surprised, and it can even be said to be the coolest Snapdragon 888. We then used frame rate monitoring software to monitor the changes in frame rate during the game, and the results were also interesting.

In the 20-minute game, the frame rate of Honor of Kings has been stable at 90FPS, which is what a gaming phone should have.

▲ Frame rate performance of King Glory

After turning on the "Extreme Frame Stabilization" mode (which can be understood as a performance mode), the original God runs at full 60FPS for only about half a minute, and two-thirds of the time, it is maintained at about 30FPS. From 14 minutes to the end of the test, it dropped to around 25FPS.

Although it can be inferred from the picture, the beta firmware of OnePlus 9RT has implemented a very strict temperature control strategy. The priority of controlling heat is higher than the frame rate of the picture.

But in terms of its experience, we believe that there is still room for balance between temperature and frame rate, and the subsequent firmware can relax some temperature restrictions appropriately.

"Speed ​​has a new name", this is the slogan that OnePlus 9RT shouted during the warm-up phase. In addition to processor acceleration, the speed of screen, WiFi, and charging has also not fallen.

First of all, the touch sampling rate of the OnePlus 9RT screen has reached 600Hz, which is higher than the common 480Hz of gaming phones. The direct benefit of this is that it is more "following" in the game.

But in actual combat, the touch sampling rate is not set as high as possible. High touch sampling rate, screen response will be more timely, suitable for games that require frequent tapping operations. On the contrary, it is more stable and suitable for games with frequent sliding operations.

You can customize the touch sensitivity and responsiveness of the screen according to the attributes of the game in the "Hand Feel Adjustment" of the game toolbox to achieve the best feel.

In terms of network connection, OnePlus 9RT added an "e-sports antenna", which together with the upper and lower antennas form the "e-sports three WiFi antenna system." In this way, the stability of the signal can also be ensured when holding the phone horizontally with both hands.

Next is the charging speed. OnePlus 9RT supports 65W Warp flash charge, which can charge a 4500mAh battery in half an hour. The charging head using the third-party PPS protocol can achieve a maximum charging power of 33W.

Feel and take photos with both hands

From the front, OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus 9/9R are indistinguishable from each other. However, the "chin" of the OnePlus 9RT screen is slightly wider, which may be related to the lack of a flexible screen.

This screen is a 6.62-inch E4 AMOLED straight screen customized by Samsung. The refresh rate is 60/120Hz and the resolution is 1080P. The look and feel is basically the same as OnePlus 9/9R.

From the back, the "dark matter" color we experienced is deeper than the "black hole" color of OnePlus 9 Pro. Compared with the OnePlus 9 Pro, the back shell has a stronger matte texture, but it feels more slippery. This is called the second-generation silk glass process by OnePlus.

▲OnePlus 9RT on the left, OnePlus 9 Pro on the right

An interesting phenomenon is that when nails or other hard objects are scratched, there will be a white "scratch" on the back. But don't worry, it can be eliminated by wiping lightly a few times.

▲ Traces left by nails

8.3mm thick, 198.5g, supplemented by obtuse-angled bezels, the grip feel is excellent in gaming phones. The counterweight of OnePlus 9RT is done well, there is no top-heavy problem, and it can be regarded as a plus point for the feel.

The design of the camera module is exactly the same as OnePlus 9, but without the Hasselblad logo.

The main camera sensor is IMX 766, which is the same ultra-wide angle model of OnePlus 9/9 Pro. Even without the blessing of Hasselblad, the resolution and color of the image are good, and the image has a leapfrog performance.

▲ All shots in OnePlus 9RT main camera auto mode

This time OnePlus 9RT brings the "Nighthawk" night scene algorithm. With OIS optical image stabilization, the film output rate is very high, and the details and texture are better than those in the normal mode.

▲Night scene mode of the main wide-angle lens

The ultra-wide-angle sensor is not specified on the official website, and it is guessed to be IMX481. The performance is stable when the light is sufficient, and the night scene is slightly smeared, but the overall look and feel is considered to be superior in the same price range.

▲Ultra-wide-angle lens shooting

The third camera is a macro lens, which has a slightly stronger tactical significance, and the image quality is relatively ordinary. But in terms of playability, the macro is still higher than the black and white lens.

▲ Raindrops under the macro lens

▲ Flowers under the macro lens

ColorOS 12, which is faster than hydrogen

One of the characteristics of ColorOS 12 is the smoothness and smoothness of hydrogen OS. To some extent, this can be regarded as the return of Hydrogen OS to OnePlus in another form.

The first feeling of getting started is smoothness. According to official data, the app animation fluency of ColorOS 12 has increased by 10% compared to the previous major version, and the sliding fluency has increased by 17%.

Of course, the silky smooth visual experience is also inseparable from the screen with 120Hz refresh rate.

Changes in some details can see the shadow of hydrogen OS. For example, the title font is enlarged and left blank, which not only makes the information weight level more obvious, but also optimizes the one-handed operation experience.

▲ OnePlus 9RT on the right, you can see that the weight of "Tianhe District" is enlarged

The negative one screen style also has a new design, and the card is more flexible and playable.

However, the ColorOS 12 we are currently experiencing is still based on Android 11. We look forward to OnePlus 9RT to embrace Android 12 as soon as possible.

▲ The new version of the small component with one screen

Finally, let’s talk about the OnePlus Buds Z2 released with OnePlus 9RT, a cost-effective noise-reducing earplug.

The earphone box looks like a big capsule, and you can see the body of the earphone when you open it up. With a slender headphone handle, the body fits the auricle very well, and it can be firmly fixed in the ear with the silicone ear cap.

The popular taste of tuning is relatively strong. The low frequency is very full, and the vocals are solid, unlike the "boiled water" like AirPods. For friends who like to listen to popular songs, it must be pleasing.

The noise reduction experience is closer to OPPO EncoX. In the strong noise reduction mode, the keyboard sound in the office can be covered, and the low-frequency noise of the buzzing air conditioner can also be well eliminated. In the subway, the conversation will be eliminated into a white noise-like effect, which will not distract you from listening to music or podcasts.

On the whole, OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus Buds Z2 are both powerful players in their price range.

For OnePlus, 2021 is a very special year. Co-branded Hasselblad, embraced ColorOS, returned to OPPO, and implemented the strategy of "four machines in a year" for the first time…

But if there are more machines, it is inevitable that there will be positioning crossover phenomenon. For example, the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R, and OnePlus 9RT are all straight screens, and the appearance, configuration, and even the price are not widened. It is inevitable that people are "silly and confused."

In our understanding, OnePlus 9 focuses on taking pictures, OnePlus 9R focuses on games, and OnePlus 9RT has a stronger performance in the game, without taking pictures, as if taking into account the specialties of the eldest brother and the second brother.

So this can be considered a buying suggestion. If you are a fan of a straight-screen Android phone who likes to play games, and you usually like to take pictures and record your life, then OnePlus 9RT may be a model tailored for you.

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