One-button measurement makes the smart watch convenient, and the “small step running” Amazfit jumps to the next stage

Two years after the epidemic, everyone hopes to get up again.

On October 12, Amazfit released several new hardware products and an official Chinese name: Yuewo. Although Huang Wang only spent a few minutes to introduce the name at the opening of the conference, the word then went through the whole audience and became the most important "new product" at the conference.

Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology, who has just concluded the press conference, hurried to the group visit room after the conference. When responding to the question "Why did you choose to publish the Amazfit Chinese logo at this time?", he easily gave the opening sentence with his expression. Response.

The new Amazfit leap my Slogan "born upward", which not only includes the spur to the brand itself, but also entrusts the vision of rising and making progress together with users.

Looking at the new products released on the 12th with this meaning, they seem to be a bit more heavy.

GTR focuses on long battery life, GTS is still thin and light

Six years ago, Amazfit played a prelude to the brand's independence with an Amazfit bracelet designed with Yuhuan. In the masculine wearable device market at that time, it was quite innovative. Later, smart bracelets also began to flourish. .

After several years of development, Amazfit now has 5 stable iterative series. This update is the GTR and GTS series of ace products that are positioned in urban fashion.

Amazfit GTR, you can know the positioning of this product from the name: high-end, full-fit. With such a name, it is eye-catching but inadvertently it also raises people's expectations for the product. Amazfit naturally needs to put more energy into it and let it "coordinate with virtue."

On the latest Amazfit GTR 3, the classic circular shape is adopted. The front is a 1.39-inch retina-level screen with a resolution of 454×454. The higher-level Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is positioned to continue to enlarge the screen, and the black edges are compressed to 3.5mm, and finally achieved a 1.45-inch large display on a body of almost the same size, and the screen-to-body ratio reached 70.6%.

▲ From left: Amazfit GTS 3, GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro

The data on paper is a little pale, but as long as we take a look in person, we can appreciate the weight behind this improvement.

With a larger screen, it also makes sense to have a display platform.

The new products launched at this conference are equipped with the self-developed operating system Zepp OS released at the Next Beat 2021 conference in July. The new system brings more than 100+ dials, including a variety of new dynamic dials and modular dials.

The large screen with the new dial brings the visual impact to a higher level.

Of course, the new system brings not only new dials, but also a number of new monitoring algorithms. Although these algorithm upgrades are invisible, with the daily use of users, even subtle changes can be noticed by interested people. It is precisely in the minutiae that hides the magic that affects the user experience.

For example, with the iterative upgrade of wearable monitoring technology, a watch or bracelet can generate countless data indicators, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, heart health, breathing rate, etc. If each item is measured separately manually, then It takes a lot of time and will make users bored in the long run. Such a product is not convenient.

In view of this, Zepp OS uses a small function: "One-key measurement" to package five health indicators to complete the measurement at one time. The benefits of this are self-evident, but to achieve this function, it is not only as simple as adding a few lines of code at the system level, but also requires hardware upgrades.

▲ The watch in the picture is Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

The new product is equipped with the latest generation of Huami Technology's self-developed BioTracker ™ 3.0 PPG sensor, hidden on the back of the watch is a 6-channel boss. This specification translates to faster measurement efficiency and higher computing power, so the "one-button measurement" can be realized so easily.

In addition to the round dial Amazfit GTR 3/3 Pro, another Amazfit classic watch is a square dial product: Amazfit GTS 3.

Amazfit GTS 3 is basically the same as Amazfit GTR 3 in terms of functions and hardware specifications. However, the watch body is thinner. With a thickness of 8.8mm and a body weight of 24.4 grams, it is usually lighter on the wrist.

Amazfit GTS 3 has a lot of the aforementioned system and software functions, but the screen has become square, and the resolution and size have also changed. Amazfit is equipped with a 1.75-inch screen with a resolution of 390*450, and the display effect is also delicate.

The two series adopt similar configurations, but are presented to consumers in different surface forms, only to cater to the habits of different user groups. Therefore, from the pricing level, Amazfit did not want users to pay for the premium price of the screen form, so the two series The price of the same is 899 yuan, even lower than the official price of the previous generation.

The higher-configured Amazfit GTR 3 Pro has a price of more than three digits, reaching 1099 yuan. This part of the premium is mostly spent on its unique health project-GTR 3 Pro is equipped with PumpBeats ™ Blood pressure monitoring engine, on this basis, in the future, Huami Technology will cooperate with medical institutions to carry out research on the screening of high blood pressure in people with undiagnosed high blood pressure based on wrist smart watches.

Continue to invest and make steady progress in hardware research and development

The emergence of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is actually reasonable.

As early as three months ago, Huami Technology showed off its muscles at the Next Beat 2021 conference: new chips, self-developed systems, PumpBeats ™ Blood pressure detection and monitoring algorithm and a portable MRI.

This has caused a lot of waves in the industry. Some people exclaimed that Huami Technology has gone so far in hardware research and development, while others are looking forward to it, hoping that the blood pressure measurement function will enter the product stage as soon as possible.

It's just that many people didn't expect that this day would come so early.

In the past three years, Huami Technology has invested an average of 410 million yuan in research and development expenses per year. The R&D expenses for the whole year of 2020 will reach 538 million yuan. Looking at Huami Technology’s financial report, it can be understood that the R&D expenses in the second quarter were RMB 160.3 million, a year-on-year increase. 36.8%. If there are no accidents, this year's R&D expenses will break new highs.

Huami Technology has never slowed down at the level of research and development, because in the wearable market, tigers and wolves stand together, and if you don't pay attention, you will miss the opportunity. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro integrates the latest and most comprehensive technology of Huami Technology, and is a new answer sheet that Huami Technology will deliver to consumers.

How many points should this answer sheet give? As far as I am concerned, the new sensors and monitoring algorithms of Amazfit GTR 3 Pro cooperate with each other tacitly. After the Zepp OS system replaces the architecture, it still retains the experience advantages accumulated in the past, and also adds "one-click measurement" and other quite humane features. The customized functions give me a smoother and more efficient use experience in terms of health monitoring, system operation, and software.

Huami Technology answered this paper decently.

Since the development of wearable devices, the biological tracking function carried from the beginning of the heart rate, then to the blood oxygen, ECG, heart health, bioelectricity, blood pressure is regarded by the industry as the next important indicator. Amazfit, backed by Huami Technology, stood out among the major wearable manufacturers, and finally brought blood pressure health research projects on the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. It all depends on consistent investment in technology, and there is no accumulation. All the hardships are willing to come.

Amazfit has been in this wearable field for nearly six years, has a unique understanding of the industry, and constantly innovates, trained Amazfit's outstanding sensitivity to this field, from passively sensing the wind direction to actively predicting the wind direction, this is a quantitative change. The process of qualitative change.

In the future, Amazfit will still be the main force of Huami Technology and a test field for new technologies. Huami Technology's technology is constantly changing, and the market's attention to Amazfit is also steadily leaping.

New name, new starting point

In the past few years, Amazfit once implemented the "surface tactics". The outside world generally believes that Amazfit's strategy of attacking the city has no rules at all. It does not make much sense to blindly add more products to maintain active attention.

However, the seemingly simple "surface tactics" helped Amazfit explore user preferences. At the same time, the product has been continuously improved in the user's voice feedback. Several widely acclaimed series have been retained and iterated year by year.

Now Amazfit has 5 mainstream smartwatch series that are continuously updated, and the entire brand is moving forward steadily.

According to the first quarter data released by IDC in June this year, Amazfit smartwatch shipments have ranked among the top four in the world, and the products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world. In Spain, Russia, Brazil and other countries, the Amazfit brand is a household name. Ranked first in market share.

With the proud market share as an endorsement, Amazfit has the confidence to invest heavily in technology research and development, and in turn, is technically at the forefront of the market, so that a technology brand can stand on the top of the wave and not fall.

Looking back at the domestic market, Amazfit hopes to create another miracle in this land. All the foundations are laid. It seems that only a Chinese name that is easy to read and remember is left.

The just-concluded global launch is an excellent opportunity for Amazfit. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro impresses people with its own strength. On this occasion, it will bring out a new Chinese logo "Yue Me", which will let the domestic and foreign markets Remember this name, remember that Amazfit jumped me from China.

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