On March 15th, the 6 big names in the party that were loud but not on the list, we called them one by one

3.15 The party was too difficult.

Exposure , it is said that the exposure is not strong enough, avoiding the importance is light; if there is no exposure, it is said that it is taking people's money and helping others to eliminate disasters.

The very important reason why conspiracy theories have become the curse of the March 15 party is that some sensational rights protection incidents that have caused the whole network failed to make it to the March 15 party, which is a kind of weakening of its credibility.

In fact, we can't blame the 3.15 party, the show time is so long, shoulder a lot of responsibilities, there is no way to do everything.

Many friends reported that this year's CCTV 3.15 evening party was disappointing, so Ai Faner decided to volunteer for a "3.15 evening party sequel" to see what other rights protection incidents in the past year are worthy of attention.

Listed list

  1. Tesla can't stop the car . The Model 3 owner’s rights protection brake failed, and he was sitting in the front passenger seat to record video, recording the entire process of a Tesla employee driving into the guardrail.
  2. Inferior masks flow into the market . During the epidemic, the supply of masks was tight, and inferior masks fished in troubled waters, not only making money, but also possibly killing them.
  3. ETC charges indiscriminately . The truck driver did not leave the market and was deducted 4,100 yuan. Staff: Impossible, you are talking nonsense!
  4. Fly as you like, or not as you like . There are additional conditions for unlimited and arbitrary flying. It is easy to fly away and difficult to fly back. Flying as you like is not at all.
  5. Accurately harvest young people's rental loans . The long-term rental apartment and the financial small loan company jointly harvested the rent and misappropriated the rent for other purposes. The landlord could not receive the rent, and the young people were swept out with high-interest rent loans.
  6. Bird's nest flavored drinks are transformed into bird's nest . The bird's nest declared by a broadcaster during the live broadcast had become a flavored drink, and the "family members" said they couldn't forgive it.

Tesla that can't stop the car

▲ Picture from: Vlad Tchompalov (Unsplash)

[Keywords] Tesla, brake failure, ABS (anti-lock brake system)

[Netizens questioned] If the road is slippery and there is mud and sand, it can not stop the car?

[Reason for the list] I have been named and interviewed many times, but the sales volume and stock price are surging amidst doubts.

[Summary of the event]

Before the March 15th party this year, a Tesla owner uploaded a rights defense video, once again pushing Tesla to the forefront of public opinion.

The Model 3 owner believed that the brake system of the vehicle had a problem, and asked Tesla staff to experience it in person. In the video, the staff braked first and then braked again according to the owner's instructions, but failed to stop the Model 3 in time, and eventually crashed into the guardrail on the side of the road.

▲ Model 3 personally driven by Tesla staff in the video

Tesla responded: "Combining with the photos provided by the car owner, it can be seen that there are a lot of sand and gravel on the ground, and it is muddy due to a large amount of water. It is preliminary judged that the main cause of the accident is the slippery ground and the amplitude when the car owner first stepped on the brake pedal. Lighter, resulting in longer braking distance."

A car that regards safe autonomous driving as a selling point, but can't stop the car at low speeds, the topic 3.15 is full of hot spots. After the incident, some people thought that the brakes could not be braked because the ABS (anti-lock brake system) was triggered by the point brakes. Many people also questioned, saying, "Which car company does not have (equipped) ABS cars, who will be in the 20th or 30th ( Km) can’t stop at speed”, calling for Tesla to be exposed at the 3.15 party.

On the night before the 3.15 party, Tesla once again responded via Weibo that it had invited an automobile inspection service company to inspect the accident vehicle, and the results showed that the vehicle's braking system was qualified.

On the second day of the 3.15 party, the owner issued a statement stating that in the subsequent tests, the Tesla vehicles were normally parked within a safe braking distance, and at the same time, they recognized Tesla’s test results and no quality problems. .

Strangely, after the statement was issued, the owner deleted the statement and said that he was negotiating a settlement with Tesla.


In recent years, with Tesla’s expansion in the Chinese market, negative public opinions about Tesla have appeared from time to time. Unstoppable, fires, steering wheel failures, etc. have occurred from time to time. Netizens will verbally criticize them every time, but this is not the case. Affected Tesla to hand over beautiful financial reports time and time again, and the stock price rose steadily.

Every time an incident occurs, Tesla’s stylized PR has become a script without suspense. Maybe it’s a bet that everyone will be numb if they curse and curse them?

Catfish are indispensable, but no matter how important the catfish effect is, the catfish cannot be turned into a piranha.

Inferior masks

▲ Mask. Picture from: Daily Economic News (Weibo)

[Keywords] COVID-19, masks

[Netizens questioned] Not only making money, but also wanting to kill?

[Reason for being on the list] The low bottom line is shocking, and it takes human lives as a trifle.

[Summary of the event]

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, masks became a shortage. The price of masks in the gray channel skyrocketed to several tens of yuan each, and transactions were very active. The word mask was once a sensitive word in social software. Sending the word mask is lightly muted. The title is repeated.

The huge profits have caused some unscrupulous businesses to think about the production of inferior masks that do not have the ability to protect them, and then sell them at more than a hundred times the price.

The global epidemic data gives people an insight into the intensity of the new crown virus. If inferior masks enter the market on a large scale, it is tantamount to making money and killing, and the adverse impact is incalculable, so local inspections have been quickly launched.

In February 2020, the Changchun Municipal Market Supervision Administration investigated and punished a technology development company that sold inferior masks, ordered the parties to immediately stop the illegal activities, and imposed a fine of 620,000 yuan. In the same year, 21.047 million fake and inferior masks were seized in Jiangsu, and over 2.05 million semi-finished and semi-finished fake and inferior masks were seized by the Hezhou police in Guangxi.

If the quality of the general daily necessities is not up to standard, everyone should curse a few words and defend their rights. But if the masks are inferior, a patient who has done a good job of protection may not know until his death. It turns out that those inferior masks are killing him.


The domestic epidemic is temporarily under control, and the attention to masks is not so high. Will inferior masks disappear, or will inferior medical devices disappear? not necessarily.

Small inferior masks may be just the tip of the iceberg of inferior medical equipment. Appliances originally used to save people may kill people invisible.

ETC random deduction

[Keywords] ETC, deduction

[Netizens questioned] Simple deduction and difficulty in safeguarding rights?

[Reason for listing] It involves a wide range of aspects

[Summary of the event]

While ETC brings convenience to the majority of car owners, there are also some problems, the most interesting of which is random deductions.

On September 27, 2020, there was a consumer complaint that I received the ETC card deduction information from China Construction Bank on September 26, showing the deduction record of the vehicle passing through the Yumen toll station in Gansu. This is not the first This time, the fee is unclearly deducted.

There are many such cases.

A long-distance driver's truck has been in the local area, but ETC deducted 4,100 yuan and found the corresponding bank for consultation. The staff said: "It's impossible, you are talking nonsense!"

Normal channel rights protection failed. Drivers could only ask the media for help. Public opinion put a lot of pressure on the bank. The final survey results showed that there was indeed a phenomenon of arbitrary deductions, and the corresponding fees were refunded.

Some netizens broke the news: "I haven't been on a highway this month. I received a text message today and deducted two high-speed fees totaling 126 yuan. I need to take two days of leave to apply for a refund." Many ETC users who have been charged indiscriminately mentioned When it comes to the refund, it will be summed up in eight words: difficulties are numerous, and the cost is not low.

Fortunately, these phenomena have attracted the attention of relevant departments. On May 29 last year, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport Sun Wenjian stated that the previous problems such as arbitrary deductions were mainly due to problems in the early stage of the system conversion on January 1. It has been resolved since then.


This incident reflects the common problems in recent years. Some systems or products in the field of people’s livelihood are difficult to meet the minimum requirements of the people. If you pay the bill, can you establish a livelihood system or product evaluation system to minimize the loss caused by BUG?

Fly as you like, or not as you like

▲ Picture from: alexey starki (Unsplash)

[Keywords] COVID-19, aviation industry

[Netizens questioned] If the wool is not made, I am being slapped, but the clown is me?

[Reason for listing] Falsification, exaggerated publicity

[Summary of the event]

During the epidemic, the aviation industry was hit hard. In order to gradually resume business, many airlines have launched packaged flight packages such as "Fly with Your Heart" and "Fly with Happy", promoting that you can fly to the city you want anytime, anywhere.

Many people only discovered after entering the pit that the conditions for using products like "Flying with Heart" are extremely demanding, the ticket exchange is difficult, the experience is not ideal, and the return ticket is difficult to book .

According to Jiemian News, some airlines require passengers to book tickets 7-30 days in advance, and exclude holidays such as National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. Not only that, they also limit the number of reservations for a single flight. For example, China Eastern Airlines stipulates that there are vacant seats. Redemption is only possible under circumstances. Hainan Airlines limits the number of seats that can be reserved for each flight to 20. China Southern Airlines "Happy Flight" stipulates that a maximum of 2 redemptions can be made from the same departure airport to the same arrival airport.

The Consumer Association stated that this infringes on the rights and interests of consumers to a certain extent. In addition, the focus of product promotion is "unlimited times". There is a big gap between the promotion content and the consumer experience, which leaves consumers leaving the company as false. Propaganda impression.


It's the same for small things to see character, and it is also a reason to put it on the enterprise. If the trend of fraud is blown into the aviation industry that pays attention to safety, what else can't happen?

The Dike of Thousand Miles was destroyed in an ant's nest. When the air crash happened, who would have thought that it might be the butterfly effect of a simple false marketing.

Accurately harvest young people's rental loans

[Keywords] long-term rental apartment, rent loan

[Netizens questioned] "Kill the young people"?

[Reason for listing] The social impact is extremely bad

[Summary of the event]

Last year, there was a thunderstorm in Eggshell Apartments. Many young people who used rent loans to pay annual and quarterly rents found themselves being harvested by Eggshell Apartments and small loan companies.

Eggshell Apartments told young people that as long as they use the rent loan to rent a house, they can enjoy a discount of 5-8% for the first month's rent and a discount of 9.5-98% for the whole year's rent. Many young people applied for loans from small loan companies. The small loan companies transferred the fees to Eggshell Apartments at one time, but Eggshell Apartments embezzled the funds for other purposes and failed to pay the landlord on time.

In the end, the landlord found the tenant and asked the tenant to move. There was a violent conflict at the door of the house. "If you change the door lock, I will call the police." "If you install a camera, I will send a lawyer's letter." Some tenants even claimed to be in the room. Suicide to defend rights.

▲ The door of the house has become a "battlefield" for tenants and landlords. Image source: New Commercial Culture (Zhihu)

Homeless young people have lost their rented homes and can only spend the night at McDonald’s and KFC, and have to repay high-interest rental loans on time each month.

According to many media reports, young people have had a hard time defending their rights. People in the eggshell apartment went to empty buildings, the rights defending group was disbanded, and the relevant departments played football. Most tenants had to accept their own plants and repay their loans obediently.


Things similar to long-term apartment rental routines have actually appeared many times. Illegal fund-raising in rural areas more than a decade ago, fund-raising in the past few years to buy shares in "ecological anti", P2P in the first two years, shared bicycles last year, and rent this year Loan, etc., as long as it is profitable, this "empty glove white wolf" routine will change tricks to harvest people who don't know the truth. The wolf behind can be said to eat people without spitting out bones, and even more so that the victims' homes are ruined. , Evolved into a group event.

The social phenomenon reflected by the eggshell apartment thunder is extremely complex, exposing many deep-seated problems, and its impact on young people’s social outlook is extremely far-reaching. It should be paid attention to. It is indeed a pity not to be on the list.

Bird's Nest Turned into Bird's Nest Flavored Drink

[Keywords] live delivery, bird's nest

[Netizens questioned] How do you treat your "family members"?

[Reasons for the list] The live broadcast products are not in the right version, the return of the rights protection is refunded, and the targeted harvesting of the rights protection is not

[Summary of the event]

On October 25, 2020, the anchor of the Simba team "Shi Da Mei" recommended a bird's nest product to fans during the live broadcast. After receiving the bird's nest, some consumers questioned that the instant bird's nest was "sweet water rather than bird's nest" and asked Simba to explain this.

Simba appeared in the cat sister live broadcast room to respond. In order to verify the authenticity of the brand, Simba even opened several cans of new bird's nests for demonstration, and took out a product inspection report to prove his innocence.

Xin Xuan’s official Weibo also issued a lawyer’s statement that the company and "Shi Da Mei" have edited and modified the original video to some Internet users for the infringement of defamatory comments, and will entrust a lawyer to investigate and collect evidence, adopt legal measures, and pursue relevant personnel. Legal liability.

Now the public opinion is deep-fried.

Professional anti-counterfeit Wang Hai produced a test report. The data showed that the so-called bird's nest product is sugar water, and there are more and more questions from the public. Finally, Xin Xuan (Simba Live Team) sent the bird's nest product involved for inspection and found that the bird's nest content of the product was less than 2g, which did not match the brand's promotion. It was a flavored drink instead of a bird's nest health product.

▲ The test report shows that the bird's nest product is actually sugar water. Picture from: Wang Hai

On November 27th, CCTV named Simba. On the same day, Simba acknowledged his responsibility and promised to return one for three and pay 60 million in advance.

On December 8, the Guangzhou Municipal Supervisory Department announced an investigation into the Simba's fake bird's nest incident.

I thought that the incident had come to an end for the time being, but I did not expect that there were news reports that the sister of the person who broke the news about the bird's nest had issued a post stating that her sister was depressed by online violence and had to move.


Live streaming has become a new outlet for business. Is it the trend of consumption upgrades or the trend of large-scale sales of fakes?

Some consumers do not defend their rights when they receive fakes, maybe they are a little helpless in it, the things are not too expensive, rights protection is time-consuming and laborious, and they may not be successful. They will be treated as dumb and lost, and the team that brings the goods live broadcasts. It is through the psychology of everyone that I dare to get bigger and bigger.

It is recommended that the supervision of live delivery of goods refer to the traffic control mode of "swift shooting illegally" and open the Internet channel of "fighting counterfeiting and rewarding" to mobilize the power of the masses.

If businesses really treat consumers as "family", why should they not accept the supervision of "family members"?

May every day be 3.15

Consumers are looking forward to the 3.15 party because it clearly told consumers with actions that the highest will attaches great importance to the rights and interests of consumers and is working hard to solve problems.

But is a 3.15 party enough? Far from enough.

The 3.15 evening party is just a program, it is impossible to cover everything. It is a deterrent symbol of rights protection, in a sense it is a product of symbolic rights protection, but if the supervision is just a program, a party, a show, a gust of wind The phenomenon of public opinion can only expose the lack of normalization of daily supervision.

The 3.15 party that can only make the public relations departments of various companies nervous for one or two days is not a really good way to protect rights. What can truly protect the rights and interests of consumers is the sword of supervision that hangs on the heads of enterprises all the time. This sword must have the flexibility to take into account the actual needs of the market and the agility of "whoever makes a mistake, whoever makes a mistake." It can be easily waved in the hands of consumers anytime and anywhere, reshaping consumers' trust in the market and businesses, every day is 3.15.

We look forward to "Everyday is 3.15" from a slogan to reality. Of course, there is a long way to go, and there is still a long way to go.

If you also want to contribute material to the "3·15 Party Sequel", please write the script in the comment area.

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