OMEN Shadow Elf 10 review: The hexagonal warrior in the gaming notebook

The laptop computer market, which targets students and new employees, will see two waves of replacement every year – the beginning of school season in September and the back-to-school season in February.

Compared with the back-to-school season between 618 and Double 11, the product options available on the market are much smaller during the back-to-school season at the beginning of the year. This is also the time when most people have the most money in a year.

Therefore, at this time of the year, there are often some laptops with good products and outstanding cost-effectiveness on the market. The goal is to occupy the first wave of purchase budgets in the new school replacement wave – OMEN Shadow Elf 10 is one of them.

This long-established gaming laptop series, launched in 2015, has now launched its tenth generation. The gaming notebook category has also moved from niche to mass market, from incremental market to stock competition. The changes in the game category are clearly reflected in the Shadow Elf 10. This is also my deepest impression of this notebook after my recent experience.

The design is restrained and the performance is overflowing

The core configuration of the Shadow Elf 10 we reviewed this time is the 14th generation Intel® Core ™ i9-14900HX processor + RTX 4060 8GB video memory independent graphics card with 140W power consumption, equipped with 32GB high-frequency memory + 1TB high-speed SSD, and a 16.1-inch 2.5K resolution 240Hz high refresh screen.

Shadow Elf 10 overall continues the design of the previous generation. There are no exaggerated lines and light strips. The A and B sides are made of matte-textured composite materials. There are not too many fancy designs. The OMEN logo on the A side is restrained and calm. The C side is anodized metal, with a well-polished touch and a good sense of support, making it easy to use the keyboard and trackpad.

One detail is that the Shadow Elf 10 adopts a top-mounted hinge design, which can leave more space for the heat dissipation module. Combined with the auxiliary air inlet design on the C side, it can effectively reduce the heat accumulation of the whole machine. Compared with the previous generation product, it has better heat dissipation. Much improved. It also supports 180° opening and closing of the screen. The improved damping structure ensures the smooth opening and closing and stability of the screen. The screen can be opened and closed with one hand, which is very convenient.

The entire series is equipped with three narrow sides and a high refresh screen, which is the most conspicuous configuration of the Shadow Elf 10 as a gaming notebook. FPS gamers can spot the difference at a glance. The maximum screen refresh rate of 240Hz ensures high-speed e-sports games such as "Fearless Contract". You can have a smoother and more refreshing experience in the game.

The four-partition RGB backlit keyboard is another symbol that highlights the identity of the gaming laptop. The mid-to-high-end version is also equipped with a numeric keypad. The key size and key travel are relatively comfortable and will not feel loose. It is worth mentioning that the Shadow Elf 10 touchpad is large enough, and the anodized metal palm rest has an excellent texture. Whether it is keyboard typing or touchpad operation, it is very cool and comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that Shadow Elf 10 makes full use of the size advantage of the gaming laptop. It packs a 16.1-inch screen and full-size keyboard into the relatively small body size of 36.9*25.9cm, a gaming laptop, while taking into account Scalability and heat dissipation are still not easy.

Shadow Elf 10 adopts a "two in, four out, six air ducts" heat dissipation design, which can ensure that the device operates at high power and gives full play to its performance advantages. Even at high power operation, there will be no discomfort due to high temperatures.

In addition, the interfaces are also quite rich. The left side is equipped with two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, which support 100W PD charging, USB 4 speed and DP1.4 output. It is a rare luxury configuration among products in the same price range. There is also a two-in-one headset jack. , the right side is equipped with a Type A USB3.2Gen1 interface, and the rear side is equipped with a power interface, RJ45 network cable port, HDMI2.1 and another Type A USB3.2Gen1 interface – for connecting an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor when playing games And the network cable is more than enough.

In the past ten years, the design language of the Shadow Elf series has evolved from flamboyant to restrained. The reason behind this is that the game has gradually expanded from a core player market that emphasizes niche personalization to one that the general public will also consider. Purchase category – gaming notebook designs are getting thinner and lighter, and performance is getting stronger and stronger. Shadow Elf 10 is an excellent student of both – the design is restrained, but the performance is overflowing.

Next, let's take a look at actual performance measurements.

He is a good player in games and an all-rounder in daily life.

Users who follow the Shadow Elf series are usually gamers, so we also selected a number of popular games for testing.

The testing environment for Shadow Elf 10 is as follows:

  • Room temperature: 26℃
  • System version number: 22631.3155
  • Windows system version: Windows 11 Home Chinese Edition 23H2
  • BIOS version: F.05
  • GPU driver version: 551.52
  • All items in HP Support Assistant are updated to the latest
  • OMEN Gaming Hub upgraded to the latest
  • Battery power: 100%
  • Violent mode, graphics card direct connection, automatic fan

Before testing, first take a look at the overall configuration.

With the 14th generation Intel® Core we have on hand ™ Take the configuration of the i9-14900HX processor and RTX 4060 graphics card as an example. The ultra-high processor performance is sufficient for all scenarios that require strong computer processing capabilities. It also has a good gain effect on games when the processor is almost not fully used in daily life.

This year's gaming notebooks continue to use 40 series graphics cards, and the RTX 4060, as the main mid-to-high-end dessert-level graphics card in recent years, uses TSMC's 5nm process, is equipped with the latest Ada Lovelace architecture, supports DLSS 3 and the latest light tracing technology, overall Compared with the previous generation RTX 3060, the performance has been improved by about 15%, and the video memory has been expanded to 8GB, which can handle more complex graphics processing scenarios. The overall energy consumption ratio is also good, and with the blessing of fully released performance, the performance is also quite surprising.

This time, we selected PCMark 10 and 3DMark as test software, and conducted oven tests through AIDA64 and FurMark. The comprehensive test results are as follows:

PCMark 10 is a benchmark test designed for daily PC office needs. It has multiple test items such as charting and tabulation, video conferencing, and image processing. The Shadow Elf 10 in our hands benefits from the 14th generation Intel® Core ™ With the support of i9-14900HX processor, the combat power is +1! Outstanding performance in operational efficiency.

The final score was 8786, which is already a score that far exceeds that of ordinary gaming laptops (usually around 7000 points for gaming laptops). It is sufficient for most daily tasks and can be said to be an all-rounder in office scenarios.

Judging from the running score data of multiple 3DMark scene tests, they are all at an excellent level in the first echelon and can handle most scene tests. In scenes like TimeSpy, the stability of Shadow Elf 10 is also excellent. The CPU and GPU temperatures are basically at the level of 70-80°C, with no overheating. The comprehensive score of TimeSpy scene is 11321 points, which means that it can resolve at 2K Run most games smoothly and with high image quality.

Let's take a look at the baking software FurMark. This is a software that tests the ultimate performance of the graphics card. We chose 1980×1080 resolution for testing this time. After 30 minutes of testing, the graphics card basically stabilized at around 85°C.

Even more stringent is the AIDA64 double-baking test of CPU and GPU, which further tests the device's heat dissipation performance and stability by applying load to the CPU and GPU at the same time. After 40 minutes of testing, the CPU is basically stable at 80°C and the power consumption is around 70W, while the GPU is stable at around 92°C and the power consumption is around 110W.

It can be seen that the heat dissipation design of "two in, four out, and six air ducts" is reliable enough, and there is no uncomfortable heat sensation in the keyboard and palm rest, which means that even with high-intensity games, the experience can be guaranteed.

Of course, no matter what the paper data looks like, the actual performance of the game is the most important.

The first is "Fearless Contract", an e-sports game with high frame rate requirements. Under high-definition settings, the game can run up to 376 frames. The average frame rate remains above 300 frames. The GPU temperature is controlled at 75°C, making shooting a thrilling experience. Laman can always be one step ahead in a fierce battle.

In addition to meeting the needs of mainstream online games, Shadow Elf 10's support for 3A games is also a highlight.

The full version of "Cyberpunk 2077" was just launched last year. The running effect on Shadow Elf 10 is very gratifying. Thanks to the latest technology of the RTX40 series graphics card, it can maintain 80 pixels under the condition of 2K resolution and high image quality with light pursuit. -90 frames, the gaming experience is stable and smooth, the GPU temperature is stable at around 75℃, and combined with the high refresh rate of 100% sRGB color gamut, it can add a lot to the gaming experience.

As the most popular multiplayer online masterpiece during the Spring Festival, "Hell Dire 2" has many problems in game optimization, resulting in poor performance, but Shadow Elf 10 can still maintain a stable image of more than 50 frames at 2K resolution and the highest quality, and the graphics With a slight adjustment of the quality settings, it can run stably at over 60 frames – which is a pretty good experience for a 3A online game that emphasizes particle and smoke effects.

Finally, we also tested Alan Wake 2, the most demanding computer configuration in 2023. As a new benchmark for narrative games, Alan Wake 2 uses a large number of new technologies and puts forward higher requirements for PC configuration, so that the operation of many devices is not ideal.

With the support of high-speed hard drive and memory, Shadow Elf 10 has excellent performance beyond expectations. After turning on DLSS at 2K resolution, you can turn on medium-performance ray tracing effects at medium and high image quality, and run stably at more than 50 frames – you will see a lifelike Liang Falls Town, as if you have entered the world of an American TV series.

It can be said that in terms of performance, Shadow Elf 10 lives up to the word "game laptop". In actual experience, the excellent high refresh rate screen can adapt to various games, such as "Fearless Contract", which has high frame rate requirements. Demanding FPS games are no problem, and the improvement in gaming experience is visible to the naked eye.

It is worth mentioning that during various game tests, the GPU temperature of Shadow Elf 10 did not exceed 80°C during long-term use. All game scene tests were performed with ease, taking into account both image quality and stability, which is enough to prove the tuning of veteran game laptops. Skill.

With excellent performance and screen support, Shadow Elf 10 can already meet the needs of the vast majority of gamers. Even the version equipped with an RTX4060 graphics card is a 3A gaming device that can take into account daily entertainment.

A balanced choice for gaming laptops

Once upon a time, gaming laptops and all-round laptops were two distinct lines. For users, this is a category that does not require too much entanglement – if you don't have a budget of 10,000 yuan, you will not consider gaming laptops, and another reason to choose an all-round laptop is to refuse to be stupid, big and thick.

But now, when gaming laptops are no longer bulky, no longer flamboyant, and no longer unattainable, gaming laptops can also be "hexagonal warriors". Users who compromise and choose all-round laptops can regard gaming laptops as another kind of balance. choice.

Specific to the Shadow Elf 10, this is a game notebook with a brilliant design, rich configurations and low entry barriers. The excellent basic quality is very comfortable whether playing games or watching movies, and the sufficient performance release can also be used for both gaming and In order to meet the needs of work, the appearance design is calm and restrained, but it also retains personalized configurations such as RGB keyboard lights.

In terms of price, Shadow Elf 10 offers multiple configuration options ranging from 6,999 to 13,999 yuan, and you can freely choose the processor, graphics card and storage space. For students, the entry-level model of 6,999 yuan is very good; if you have further requirements for game performance, you can choose the 8,499 yuan version equipped with RTX 4070. This configuration is very cost-effective, and the game can enable higher special effects. It is more comfortable to play; and if you want to take care of tasks such as film and television editing that require high processing performance, you can choose the more energy-efficient 14th generation Intel® Core ™ The i9 processor version can handle most work scenarios.

It can be said that Shadow Elf 10 has a very accurate balance between quality, performance and price. This is also the ten-year heritage of the Shadow Elf brand.

Having said that, computers that are easy to use should not be so widely separated.

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